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"Does She Want Us?": A Family Breaks Down

"Does She Want Us?": A Family Breaks Down

Two young brothers and their mother have a painful phone conversation after she failed to show up for them at family court. How does this moment impact these young men decades later? Learn how traumatic stress in children can impact the rest of their lives in “Broken Places.”
Clip S1 E1 Length 01:43 Premiere: 4.1.20

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Broken Places

About Broken Places

"Broken Places" explores why some children are severely damaged by early adversity while others are able to thrive. By revisiting childhood trauma victims we profiled decades ago, we learn how their experiences shaped their lives as adults.

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Season 1 Episodes

Broken Places

S1 E1 Length 55:06 Premiere Date 4.6.20

"Does She Want Us?": A Family Breaks Down

Clip Length 01:43 Premiere Date 4.1.20

How Does Early Adversity Affect the Brain?

Clip Length 02:31 Premiere Date 4.6.20

Preview | Broken Places

Preview Length 00:30 Premiere Date 4.6.20

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