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Classical Rewind

Classical Rewind

Experience the beauty, romance and dramatic power of musical masterpieces in this visual and auditory joyride through the world of classical hits. Host Martin Goldsmith guides viewers on this fresh and engaging exploration of the world of classical music, with personal reflections from Itzhak Perlman, Joshua Bell and Stewart Copeland of The Police, among others.
Length 50:24 Premiere: 2.27.21

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Classical Rewind

About Classical Rewind

NPR’s “Performance Today”) Classical Rewind takes viewers on an incredible journey to explore the music of the masters. This visual and auditory joyride offers a fanciful look at the classical masterpieces, providing spectacular video of dancers, phantoms, masked men and fireworks to accompany each composition. Goldsmith brings his expertise to the podium, adding insight on the history.

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Classical Rewind

Length 50:24 Premiere Date 2.27.21

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