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“The Hillbilly Shakespeare” (1945 – 1953)

Episode 3 | See how the bluegrass sound spreads in post-war America, and meet honky-tonk star Hank Williams, whose songs of surprising emotional depth are derived from his troubled and tragically short life.
Season 1 Episode 3 Length 1:53:15 Premiere: 9/15/19

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Explore the history of country music – from its roots in ballads, hymns and the blues to its mainstream popularity – and meet the unforgettable characters and storytellers who made it “America’s Music.” Directed by Ken Burns.


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Episode 3 Preview | “The Hillbilly Shakespeare”

Preview Length 00:30 Premiere Date 9/15/19

Ralph Stanley: The First Song Mother Taught Me

Clip Length 03:13 Premiere Date 9/15/19

Hank Williams: The Songwriter and Performer

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The Carter Scratch, Travis Picking, Doc Watson

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John McEuen: Earl Scruggs’ Banjo Style

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Don Maddox: The Most Colorful Hillbilly Band in the World

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Loretta Lynn Describes Her Songwriting Philosophy

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Making the Film | PBS Previews: Country Music

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Why Country Music

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Trailer | Country Music: Live at the Ryman Concert

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A Look Ahead

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