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Tomb Diving

Tomb Diving

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Tomb Diving

On the Gebel el Silsila site is a Necropolis. John and Maria have discovered what looks to be a tomb. John wants to check the space for salt damage (the site is regularly flooded by the Nile) so he needs to crawl inside and have a look. The bones and pottery he discovers convinces him he’s in a tomb. Then, he discovers a man made opening at the back of the tomb, leading to another chamber.
Clip Length 01:41 Premiere: 12.28.16

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Egypt's Treasure Guardians

About Egypt's Treasure Guardians

Egypt is home to many of the most famous archaeological treasures on Earth. But, over the last five years, Egypt has suffered a tumultuous revolution, and tourist numbers have plummeted. This show follows a select cast of individuals determined to bring Egypt back from the brink, aiming to discover more of Egypt's history, to keep its heritage safe, and to get tourists to visit the country again.

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