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Host Doug Flynn stands outside smiling in a red shirt. A "Check Schedule" button is to the right.Host Doug Flynn stands outside smiling in a red shirt with his hands clasped. A "Check Schedule" button is to the right.

Season 1 Episodes

A Masterpiece by Midnight

S1 E10 Length 1:48:32 Premiere Date 12/15/15

The Adventure

S1 E9 Length 1:54:32 Premiere Date 12/15/15


S1 E8 Length 1:58:35 Premiere Date 12/15/15

Dedicated to Chaos

S1 E7 Length 1:53:09 Premiere Date 12/13/15

Swing: The Velocity of Celebration

S1 E6 Length 1:39:45 Premiere Date 12/15/15

Swing: Pure Pleasure

S1 E5 Length 1:28:38 Premiere Date 12/15/15

The True Welcome

S1 E4 Length 1:58:57 Premiere Date 12/15/15

Our Language

S1 E3 Length 1:46:40 Premiere Date 12/15/15

Louis Armstrong Returns to Europe

Clip Length 02:12 Premiere Date 01/06/12

The Savoy Ballroom

Clip Length 03:53 Premiere Date 01/06/12

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