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A Restaurant without Barriers

A Restaurant without Barriers

Lidia visits Contento, the East Harlem, NY restaurant of sommelier Yannick Benjamin. Paralyzed in a car accident, Benjamin’s restaurant is barrier-free for those with disabilities. He also co-founded Wheeling Forward, a nonprofit that supports and empowers people with disabilities, as well as Wine on Wheels, a sister program that raises awareness and funds for disabled people in the wine industry.
Clip Length 03:32 Premiere: 12/14/21

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Funding for LIDIA CELEBRATES AMERICA is provided by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

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Lidia Celebrates America

About Lidia Celebrates America

In this hour-long Lidia Celebrates America special, Lidia travels from big cities to small pockets of rural America, both in person and virtually, to share the inspiring stories of a diverse group of resilient Americans who have overcome extraordinary odds in their own lives, found purpose in serving their communities, and turned their loss into inspiring accomplishments.

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