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Saving the Earth from Ourselves 

Greenpeace International Executive Director Kumi Naidoo discusses the politics of climate change and the urgency of environmental activism. As ice sheets melt, the fragile arctic environment, is, ironically, becoming a new frontier for oil drilling -- and activists are putting their lives on the line to stop it. Plus, a Bill Moyers essay on the newly progressive papacy.
Season 2 Episode 38 Length 54:36 Premiere: 09/26/13

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Season 2 Episodes

The Pope, Poverty and Poetry

S2 E52 Length 54:33 Premiere Date 12/27/13

State of Conflict: North Carolina

S2 E51 Length 54:36 Premiere Date 01/03/14

Incarceration Nation

S2 E50 Length 54:31 Premiere Date 12/20/13

Gunfighter Nation

S2 E49 Length 54:33 Premiere Date 12/13/13

Encore: America's Gilded Capital

S2 E48 Length 50:37 Premiere Date 12/06/13

Encore: Wendell Berry: Poet and Prophet

S2 E47 Length 50:37 Premiere Date 11/29/13

Politics in the Age of Casino Capitalism

S2 E46 Length 54:33 Premiere Date 11/22/13

The Path of Positive Resistance

S2 E45 Length 54:36 Premiere Date 11/15/13

How Dollarocracy is Destroying America

S2 E44 Length 54:36 Premiere Date 11/08/13

The Top Secret Trade Deal You Need to Know About

S2 E43 Length 54:36 Premiere Date 10/31/13

Progressives Pick up the Pieces

S2 E42 Length 54:35 Premiere Date 10/24/13

America’s Political Breakdown

S2 E41 Premiere Date 10/17/13

Citizens United: The Sequel

S2 E40 Length 54:36 Premiere Date 10/10/13

Wendell Berry: Poet and Prophet

S2 E39 Length 54:35 Premiere Date 10/03/13

Saving the Earth from Ourselves 

S2 E38 Length 54:36 Premiere Date 09/26/13

Inequality for All

S2 E37 Length 54:36 Premiere Date 09/19/13

The Collision of Sports and Politics

S2 E36 Length 54:35 Premiere Date 09/12/13

What Are We Doing in Syria?

S2 E35 Length 54:36 Premiere Date 09/05/13

Encore: John Lewis Marches On

S2 E34 Length 54:36 Premiere Date 08/27/13

America's Gilded Capital

S2 E33 Length 54:36 Premiere Date 08/22/13

Encore: How People Power Generates Change

S2 E32 Premiere Date 08/15/13

Encore: Taming Capitalism Run Wild

S2 E31 Length 50:37 Premiere Date 08/08/13

Encore: The Faces of America’s Hungry

S2 E30 Length 50:36 Premiere Date 08/01/13

John Lewis Marches On

S2 E29 Length 54:36 Premiere Date 07/25/13

Fighting for Farmworkers

S2 E28 Length 54:36 Premiere Date 07/18/13

Distracted from Democracy

S2 E27 Length 54:36 Premiere Date 07/11/13

Surviving the New American Economy

S2 E26 Length 54:36 Premiere Date 07/02/13

The Faces of America’s Hungry

S2 E25 Length 54:36 Premiere Date 06/27/13

United States of ALEC: A Follow-Up

S2 E24 Length 54:36 Premiere Date 06/20/13

Big Brother’s Prying Eyes

S2 E23 Length 54:37 Premiere Date 06/13/13

Taming Capitalism Run Wild

S2 E22 Length 50:36 Premiere Date 06/06/13

Living Outside Tribal Lines, May 31, 2013

S2 E21 Length 50:36 Premiere Date 05/30/13

Going to Jail for Justice

S2 E20 Length 54:35 Premiere Date 05/23/13

The Toxic Politics of Science

S2 E19 Length 54:36 Premiere Date 05/16/13

How People Power Generates Change

S2 E18 Length 54:36 Premiere Date 05/09/13

The Sandy Hook Promise

S2 E17 Length 54:36 Premiere Date 05/02/13

Trading Democracy for ‘Security’

S2 E16 Length 54:35 Premiere Date 04/25/13

A Mother Fights Toxic Trespassers

S2 E15 Length 54:36 Premiere Date 04/18/13

Living Outside Tribal Lines

S2 E14 Length 54:36 Premiere Date 04/11/13

MLK’s Dream of Economic Justice

S2 E13 Length 54:36 Premiere Date 04/04/13

And Justice for Some

S2 E12 Length 54:37 Premiere Date 03/28/13

What Has Capitalism Done for Us Lately?

S2 E11 Length 54:35 Premiere Date 03/21/13

Ending the Silence on Climate Change

S2 E10 Length 50:36 Premiere Date 03/14/13

What We Can Learn From Lincoln

S2 E9 Length 52:46 Premiere Date 03/08/13

Fighting Creeping Creationism

S2 E8 Length 52:46 Premiere Date 03/01/13

Taming Capitalism Run Wild

S2 E7 Length 56:46 Premiere Date 02/22/13

American Public Television

Clip Length 00:03 Premiere Date 02/15/13

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