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"I Rise"

"I Rise"

In the fourth episode of PBS American Portrait, go inside the lives of people working to create an antiracist American future. They film themselves doing the hard work, confronting the obstacles and achieving the small victories that could add up to real change in the movement for racial justice.
S1 E4 Length 54:51 Premiere: 1.26.21

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PBS American Portrait

About PBS American Portrait

PBS American Portrait, a national storytelling project aligned with PBS's 50th anniversary celebration, invites America to participate in a national conversation about what it really means to be an American today. To answer this question, PBS and its partners are collecting photos, videos and text submissions from across America to capture the state and spirit of our nation. Share your story now.

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Season 1 Episodes

"I Rise"

S1 E4 Length 54:51 Premiere Date 1.26.21

"I Keep"

S1 E3 Length 54:52 Premiere Date 1.19.21

"I Work"

S1 E2 Length 54:50 Premiere Date 1.12.21

"I Dream"

S1 E1 Length 54:49 Premiere Date 1.5.21

Remix: For My People

Clip Length 06:58 Premiere Date 1.26.21

A Playwright Hopes To Start A Dialogue About Race

Clip Length 04:02 Premiere Date 1.26.21

Confronting The History Of Racial Violence In America

Clip Length 02:28 Premiere Date 1.26.21

Ending Police Brutality In Utah

Clip Length 04:39 Premiere Date 1.26.21

Episode 4 Preview

Preview Length 00:30 Premiere Date 1.26.21

People Share The Importance Of Self Care

Clip Length 01:41 Premiere Date 1.26.21

An Activist Shares Their Journey

Clip Length 03:03 Premiere Date 1.26.21

A Student Advocates To Keep Police Out Of Schools

Clip Length 04:17 Premiere Date 1.26.21

An Activist Fears For Her Family's Safety

Clip Length 01:02 Premiere Date 1.26.21

Making Schools Safe For All Students

Clip Length 09:44 Premiere Date 1.26.21

A Housing Rights Activist Shares Her Story

Clip Length 08:27 Premiere Date 1.26.21

Extended Preview | PBS American Portrait

Preview Length 02:12 Premiere Date 1.8.20


Generation Nation: A PBS American Portrait Story

Length 25:53 Premiere Date 10.26.20

Family of Us: A PBS American Portrait Story

Length 25:56 Premiere Date 8.2.20

In This Together: A PBS American Portrait Story

Length 25:53 Premiere Date 5.8.20

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