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Episode 8

Eliza must decide if she will stay or go back to London, as the team gathers for the annual RFDS fundraising ball. Pete is working at a remote clinic where a seemingly straightforward case of a boy with a concussion escalates into a violent and potentially fatal situation. Pete will have to employ some creative tactics to ensure the safety of everyone involved, including himself.
Season 1 Episode 8 Length 44:41 Premiere: 11/11/21

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Prince in purple clothes playing a guitarPrince in purple clothes playing a guitar

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RFDS: Royal Flying Doctor Service

About RFDS: Royal Flying Doctor Service

Based on remarkable real-life stories, this gripping drama series follows the modern-day heroes of the Royal Flying Doctor Service as they navigate private lives as turbulent and profound as the heart-stopping emergencies they attend to across some of the most beautiful and inhospitable places in the Australian outback.

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Season 1 RFDS: Royal Flying Doctor Service Episodes

Episode 8

S1 E8 Length 44:41 Premiere Date 11/11/21

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S1 E7 Length 42:58 Premiere Date 11/11/21

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S1 E6 Length 45:46 Premiere Date 11/11/21

Episode 5

S1 E5 Length 44:40 Premiere Date 11/11/21

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S1 E4 Length 45:08 Premiere Date 11/11/21

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S1 E3 Length 44:59 Premiere Date 11/11/21

Episode 2

S1 E2 Length 42:01 Premiere Date 11/11/21

Episode 1

S1 E1 Length 43:27 Premiere Date 11/11/21

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