Welcome Back for News
Quiz's 30th Season!

This summer, we said good-bye to our long-time News Quiz producer, who retired from KET after many years of service. For the first three weeks of our 30th season, as we adjust to this new reality, KET will be airing special editions of News Quiz featuring evergreen stories from the last three years.

Then, starting September 25, KET will begin airing new episodes that feature a fresh take on the quality content that News Quiz offers Kentucky schools. After airing, each episode is available at the News Quiz website.

As always, thanks for using News Quiz in your classroom! For 30 years, it's been our privilege to be a trusted current events source for Kentucky teachers and students.

Kentucky's Governor's Mansion

Explore Kentucky's Governor's Mansion in a new PBS LearningMedia collection that chronicles the mansion's history and includes a film telling the building's story from the perspective of Kentucky children. Media galleries include images of architectural details, furnishings, and paintings.

Health Three60
Focuses on Sleep

If sleep is food for the brain, then American brains are starving. On the next Health Three60, Renee Shaw and guests examine the risks of insufficient sleep on health and learning, explain the important differences between chronic sleep deprivation and insomnia, and highlight the need for policies that support better sleep. Watch "Sleepless in Kentucky" online now.

Math at the Core

Engage your students with this comprehensive collection on PBS LearningMedia. Math at the Core: Middle School features over 400 math resources that appeal to a variety of students.

Each resource is aligned with one or more of the Math Common Core State Standards, and all middle school math standards are covered.

The collection features 50 resources produced by KET, including 17 updated videos and interactives about proportional reasoning, 14 new animations and games about fraction multiplication and division, and 12 new riddle-based interactives about number lines and Cartesian graphs.

Get to Know Noh

Introduce your students to an intriguing form of traditional Japanese drama with these five KET-produced videos on PBS LearningMedia.

Traditionally an all-day performance, Noh theater features a play from each of five categories: God, Warrior, Woman, Deranged, and Demon. Each category has a specific mask and costume.

Five videos explore Noh theater history, mask making, Noh music, a student performance, and incorporating Noh into the classroom.

KET Young Writers
Contest Winners

Thank you to all who entered this year's KET Young Writers Contest! We had more than 500 entries and enjoyed reading each and every one! The first-, second-, and third-place stories from all grade levels are now available to view on the contest website.

KET EncycloMedia

Now bigger and better, KET EncycloMedia is home to three digital repositories: Discovery Education, KET ED On Demand, and KET Teachers' Domain.

Kentucky iTunes U, KY.P20 - NXGL

Check out our resources on Kentucky iTunes U, a partnership among KET, KDE, and the UK P-20 Innovations Lab.

Explore Education Resources

Download the 2013/2014 Education Resources book to learn more about what KET offers:

Media Lab Workshops

Media Lab Learn about free multimedia workshops for students and educators presented by KET staff in our new Media Lab in Lexington.

KET School Video Project

Share your videos online! Kentucky schools can now upload student-produced videos directly to KET's new online video upload service. More information, easy-to-follow instructions, and video examples are at the KET School Video Project website.

Education Blogs

For regional information, news, and tips and trends for teachers, check out KET's Education Blogs. The blogs include:

Making a Difference

Do you ever wonder how educators like yourself use KET resources in their classrooms? Visit our Making a Difference page to find out! We are currently featuring Latin course facilitator Katherine Magnuson who is using KET's Distance Learning courses to build a new Latin program at Christian Academy of Louisville.