Basic Video Editing Workshop with Hitfilm Express – (PC’s) – KET Media Lab

Learn basic video editing skills to enhance multimedia projects

You’ll learn how to edit your own videos using easy-to-use editing software in this hands-on workshop. We use a free video editing software in our workshops, and the methods and techniques used translate well across all computer platforms and software. Laptops, software, and other equipment are provided by the KET Media Lab.

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In the Basic Video Editing Workshop, you will learn how to:

  • Edit educational video projects with Hitfilm Express (free for PC’s and Mac)
  • Make titles and graphics
  • Apply transitions and effects
  • Record voiceovers and adjust audio
  • Add special effects such as greenscreen (chromakey) – see the separate greenscreen workshop for more

Our basic video editing workshop will get your started in editing your own videos and provide some special techniques and effects that will enhance student-produced multimedia projects.

Audience: Students, grades 6-12; teachers and staff, all grades
Length: 1 hour
Content Areas: All
Available By Request Year-Round

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