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iPads and Smartphones for Video Production Workshop: Recording and Editing – KET Media Lab

Record, edit, and share videos right from your iPad or smartphone!

Time and expense needed to produce video projects is cut dramatically by using portable devices like iPads and smartphones. The process is also a lot easier to teach at all levels. Workshop participants record and assemble a short edited video project while learning best practices for iPad video production. Note: methods demonstrated can be used with similar Android-based portable devices and apps.

Topics include:

  • iPad and smartphone video recording
  • Apps for video recording and editing
  • Add-on and companion apps for special effects (greenscreen), music,
    backgrounds, and content
  • Recording better video and audio with your iPad
  • iPad and smartphone adapters for tripods
  • iPad external microphones and musical instrument adapters
  • Displaying iPad video on a TV and with a projector
  • Sharing iPad video projects online
  • Example projects (book movie trailers, school news programs)
  • Resources and tutorials

Audience: Students, grades 4-20; teachers and staff, all grades
Length: 1.5-3 hours
Content Area: All

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