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School-Based Decision Making Training

KET offers convenient, self-paced, online professional development for new SBDM council members to meet the November 1 reporting deadline.

Facilitated Course for New SBDM Members

The Intro to SBDM course is facilitated by a certified SBDM trainer and fulfills the six-hour training requirement for new SBDM members. Learners work at their own pace to complete the course, then the facilitator reviews the work and issues a certificate once all course criteria are met, at which time the learner will log back in to download the certificate. Registration is available within one of the below course terms. Learners who don’t complete the course by the final day will need to re-enroll at the start of the next term.

  • Winter:       January 1 – March 21
  • Spring:       April 1 – June 21
  • Summer:     July 1 – September 20
  • Fall:           October 1 – December 21

Cost: $95
Method of Payment: Credit cards are accepted from both individuals and schools; however, purchase orders are accepted only from schools and districts when ordered by school/district personnel—not the SBDM parent members. KET reviews and completes each purchase order, which can take up to two business days. Make purchase orders out to KET, 600 Cooper Drive, Lexington KY 40502 and then forward a PDF copy to pd@ket.org after the order is placed with the invoice number in the subject line.
Invoices: Immediately after the order is submitted, the PDF invoice is sent to the email address provided during the time of checkout. Paper or additional copies are available upon request.
Learner Enrollment: When purchasing for someone else, be sure to check the box, “Check if someone other than yourself will take this course.” After the order is complete, which can take up to two business days, the purchaser will receive an email with a link to enroll the learner with their name and email address.
Course Access: Once enrolled in the course, the learner receives emails containing their username, password, and the course website.

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Experienced SBDM Members Training

Effective July 1, 2019, KET no longer has experienced SBDM member courses available for training credit. For more information about local onsite trainings in your area contact your district SBDM Coordinator or Ashlie Cox with Kentucky Department of Education at 502-564-3791 X 4046.

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