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The Journal: Inequality in America

The Journal: Inequality in America

In the months before his death, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had expanded his focus on racial justice to include reducing economic inequality. On this week's 42nd anniversary of King's assassination, Bill Moyers interviews attorneys Bryan Stevenson and Michelle Alexander to learn how poor and working class Americans have been falling behind and what America must do to fulfill Dr. King's vision.
Season 13 Episode 49 Length 53:38 Premiere: 4/2/10
Host Dr. Wayne Tuckson in a dark shirt and gray jacket on the program set with a "Check Schedule" button.Host Dr. Wayne Tuckson in a dark shirt and gray jacket on the program set with a "Check Schedule" button.

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Bill Moyers Journal provided fresh, alternative insights into the personalities and issues shaping our country and the deeper, more institutional challenges facing us now and in the future.

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