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Behringer-Crawford Museum; Rick Hulefeld - Children Inc; NAVIGO

Behringer-Crawford Museum; Rick Hulefeld - Children Inc; NAVIGO

Take a trip through Northern Kentucky history at the Behringer-Crawford Museum (home of the two-headed calf) in its spectacular setting in Devou Park. Meet a real HomeGrown hero, Rick Hulefeld, founder of Children Inc, a nonprofit that has had an incredible impact on the lives of our children. Learn things that will surprise you about early child brain development. Go with us and a group high school students interested in environmental science to the Northern Kentucky Sanitation District where they are getting a special experience thanks to NAVIGO, a unique college and career prep program.
S1 E8 Length 26:42 Premiere: 6.16.16

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Inside Northern Kentucky

About Inside Northern Kentucky

Stories are told about the rich region at the very top of Kentucky - about its people, culture, array of living, working and cultural opportunities, robust economy, colorful history, unique destinations, quirkiness (do you know what goetta is?), challenges, and more.

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