This series energizes kids ages eight to eleven with math power. Full of cyber-mysteries with eye-popping animation and a sly comic flair, the daily series features the voices of Christopher Lloyd and Gilbert Gottfried.

All Past Episodes

Back to Canalia's Future

28:55 | #1110 | TV-Y

The kids promise to help convince the people in Canalia to change their water-wasting ways.

The Migration Situation

28:55 | #1109 | TV-Y

Bird lovers across Cyberspace arrive at the Migration Celebration, but the birds don't show up!

A Renewable Hope

28:55 | #1108 | TV-Y

Hacker captures the CyberSquad on the Wreaker but needs help when the Wreaker runs out of fuel!

Invasion of the Funky Flower

28:46 | #1107 | TV-Y

Hacker brings an invasive species, the funky flower, to a flower-growing contest in Gardenia.

Housewarming Party

28:55 | #1106 | TV-Y

The Three Pigs build a cottage at the base of Mount Evermore, but Hacker zaps the mountain away!

A Reboot Eve to Remember

28:55 | #1105 | TV-Y

It's Reboot Day! All of cyberspace celebrates a fresh start and the bots make Reboot resolutions!


28:55 | #1104 | TV-Y

Motherboard invites the kids to have a slumber party with Digit in the refurbished Control Central! But a case of sneezes, itchy eyes, and scratchy throats threatens to put a damper on the slumber fun.

A Murky Mystery in Mermaidos

28:55 | #1103 | TV-Y

Digit visits Mermaidos, an underwater cybersite filled with merfolk, to visit his friend Eugene.

Creech's Creature Quandary

28:55 | #1102 | TV-Y

Creech invites her good friends the CyberSquad to Tikiville to show off the amazing new bike path.

Watts of Halloween Trouble

28:55 | #1101 | TV-Y

Matt sets up the farm for his family's annual Halloween Pumpkin Patch Party and he is so excited!

Bottled Up

28:55 | #1005 | TV-Y

Radopolis has a big problem: water bottles. The kids and Slider must find a way to get rid of the heaps of empties and reduce future waste while making sure Radsters stay healthy.

Parks and Recreation

28:55 | #1004 | TV-Y

Kids in glamorous Gollywood have no safe place to play. When they discover an empty lot that can be converted to a park, they have only one opponent: Hacker. The CyberSquad goes up against Hacker at a city council hearing.

A Seedy Business

28:46 | #1003 | TV-Y

The citizens of Factoria have been put back to work at a toy factory where they get free meals. The problem? The benefactor is none other than Hacker, and the meals all come from vending machines. To get the Factorians out of Hacker's clutches, the CyberSquad must show them how to grow their own food.

A Recipe for Chaos

28:55 | #1002 | TV-Y

A popular new restaurant in Castleblanca serves delicious meals, but all the residents have become cranky and tired. The CyberSquad quickly learns the restaurant's food is unhealthy, and Hacker is behind it all. To get Hacker to stop making his unhealthy food, Digit challenges him to a cook-off.

Fit to Be Heroes

28:55 | #1001 | TV-Y

The CyberSquad and their new friend Scanner embark on a quest to build a new Encryptor Chip for Motherboard and cure her virus. With Hacker in hot pursuit, the kids must run, ski, canoe, and climb their way to the end of the mission.

The Cyberchase Movie, Part 2

28:55 | #905 | TV-Y

After teaming up with Ollie to restore harmony in Ecotopia, the CyberSquad learns that rescuing animals isn't their only problem.

The Cyberchase Movie, Part 1

28:55 | #904 | TV-Y

Hacker accidentally triggers a slime geyser, which destroys many animals' habitats inside the nature preserve Ecotopia.

Trash Creep

28:55 | #903 | TV-Y

A giant garbage heap threatens to break through the cybersite's dome. Hacker searches for seeds to grow an army of monster plants.

Going Solar

28:55 | #902 | TV-Y

The power mysteriously goes out at the skate park right before an important, televised skate-off.

An Urchin Matter

28:55 | #901 | TV-Y

The CyberSquad explores why the once-healthy kelp in Big Bay is washing ashore.

The Bluebird of Zappiness

28:55 | #805 | TV-Y

In an unlikely twist of events, Hacker and the CyberSquad team up to stop Cyberspace's newest villain, Ledge, and fix Motherboard's virus once and for all.


28:55 | #804 | TV-Y

As Hacker sets out to find the mysterious villain who has "hackerized" Sensible Flats, the team must hone up on rock climbing to escape being hackerized themselves and save the town.

Peace, Love, and Hackerness

28:55 | #803 | TV-Y

When Hacker destroys the Far Out Radio antenna to stop the rebooter bees' favorite music, the team has to find and measure each piece so they can replace the antenna before Cyberspace shuts down.


28:55 | #802 | TV-Y

The CyberSquad must analyze a sneaky ad campaign to decide if the cool new Cyberblades are truly the best choice to help Fluff's team win the prestigious Penguia Cup.

The Hacker's Challenge

28:55 | #801 | TV-Y

With the fate of Solaria at stake, the CyberSquad and their friends must invent quick and easy strategies to solve Hacker's tricky number puzzles.


28:55 | #707 | TV-Y

When Wicked casts a spell on the Pompadorians to make them all adore her, Jackie and Digit must reproduce the only symbol that can break it.

The Deedle Beast

28:55 | #706 | TV-Y

Digit is pet-sitting in Golftopia, taking care of Dewey, a lovable Deedle Beast. But suddenly Dewey starts going berserk on his daily walks. The kids arrive to help, but how do you figure out what's wrong with an animal that can't talk? The kids begin to see a pattern in the critter's odd behavior - and the plot thickens when they realize that Hacker has moved in right next door. What is the King of Chaos up to this time?

Father's Day

28:55 | #705 | TV-Y

Creech's father, Max (Matthew Broderick), is named the Cyberdad of the Year but Hacker tries to spoil the celebration.

Blowin' in the Wind

28:55 | #704 | TV-Y

Hacker goes on tour as a singer and the team looks for his book that can cure Motherboard's virus.

The X-Factor

28:55 | #703 | TV-Y

The team must use the power of multiplication to undo a dome-enclosed cybersite's pollution problem.

The Emperor Has Snow Clothes

28:55 | #702 | TV-Y

Hacker turns the Emperor into frozen a statue and the team must brave a snowstorm to save him.

Gone with the Fog

28:55 | #701 | TV-Y

The CyberSquad is in Gollywood making a movie when Glittertown's top designer, hairdresser, and make-up artist go missing in a dense and unexpected fog.

Episode to Be Announced

28:46 | #0 | TV-Y

Spheres of Fears

28:55 | #610 | TV-Y

In his latest and possibly maddest scheme ever, Hacker traps Digit and the kids in one of the dreaded Spheres of Fears, a mini-galaxy of orbs populated by eerie creatures called Creepers. He wants them out of the way so that Delete, in a diva star turn, can impersonate Motherboard and convince everyone in Cyberspace to cause chaos everywhere. No one can stop him now!

Chaos as Usual

28:55 | #609 | TV-Y

Team Motherboard competes in a slugball tournament where the prize is the key to the city of Memoryville, home to a vast storehouse of Cyberspace data. The kids make the finals-but so does Hacker.

A Perfect Score

28:55 | #608 | TV-Y

Hacker runs into Wicked while on vacation in Solaria, but is upset to learn that she's not traveling alone. When she enters a dance contest with her partner, handsome cyber-surfing champion Nug Grommet, Hacker decides to enter it, too. But who can he coerce into being his partner?

Jimaya Jam

28:55 | #607 | TV-Y

Hacker has discovered an army of awesome creatures he can use to rule Cyberspace, but they are carved in stone on the walls of the Pyramid of Jimaya. To bring the animals to life, he must steal the Sphere of Being, a magical orb closely guarded by three ghosts. How can he distract them so he can steal the Sphere?

Team Spirit

28:55 | #606 | TV-Y

Interest in the annual Mount Olympus Games is lagging, attendance is sagging, and Zeus is not happy. To restore the spirit of competition, he pits Team Motherboard, coached by Digit, against Team Hacker, coached by Wicked, in the Triadditon, a relay-type race made up of an obstacle course, a swim race, and a foot race.

Step by Step

28:55 | #605 | TV-Y

Hacker has inflicted a new virus on Motherboard, and the elusive Dr. Marbles returns-in the company of the ghostly pirate Ivanka-with a possible cure: a powerful cybermineral known as magmalux that's found deep inside a volcano on the cybersite Corsario.

Escape from Merlin's Maze

28:46 | #604 | TV-Y

On the prowl for a new power source, Hacker descends on Frogsnorts School of Sorcery. His scheme? To steal Professor Stumblesnore's wand and harness its awesome magic to energize himself.

Unhappily Ever After

28:55 | #603 | TV-Y

Hacker sneaks into Happily-Ever-Afterville, uncovers the Book of Unhappy Endings, releases them across the site, and crowns himself king. Wicked is so impressed that she becomes his queen, and together they delight as unhappy endings unfold. To rescue the site, the CyberSquad must get the book back from Hacker.

When Penguins Fly

28:55 | #602 | TV-Y

When Hacker traps all the penguins in icy depths, the kids must save them and save their holiday.

Digit's B-day Surprise

28:55 | #601 | TV-Y

To keep their surprise party a surprise, the kids pretend to have forgotten Digit's birthday. Hacker tries to take advantage of the situation by convincing Digit that he is his one true friend. But his real aim is to reprogram the cyboid to gain access to Motherboard.

A Fraction of a Chance

28:55 | #510 | TV-Y

When Matt, Jackie, and Inez get stuck in the vortex of a cyberportal, Digit must find the U.V.O.-the Universal Vortex Opener-to rescue them. When he finds all the portals jammed so that he can't travel anywhere, help comes from a surprising source: Wicked!

On the Line

28:55 | #509 | TV-Y

Digit heads off to dispose of the powerful Network Interface Card, but a sinister cyvulture steals it from him and gives it to Hacker. At a secret location on the Northern Frontier, Hacker uses the NIC to power up his dastardly Transformatron and transforms himself so he can slip into Control Central and replace Motherboard.

Inside Hacker

28:55 | #508 | TV-Y

The kids come up with an ingenious plan to shrink Matt so he can insert a new memory chip into Hacker's H-Drive and turn him from evil to good. The mission goes like clockwork until a force field is activated around the H-Drive. All seems lost ... until Digit remembers a robot Dr. Marbles made that can break through any force field.

Crystal Clear

28:55 | #507 | TV-Y

When Digit's systems go wonky, Motherboard sends him to the caves that house the Synchronizer, the beautiful crystal that keeps all borgs correctly timed. But before he can be put back in sync, a glitch sends him flying the wrong way down a deep, dark chasm.

The Flying Parallinis

28:55 | #506 | TV-Y

Hacker strands Jackie atop Mount Wayupthere, and the rest of the CyberSquad has to act fast to save her. TW, a spunky young member of the Flying Parallinis, agrees to help them search for the elusive Diamond Joe-the mysterious figure who holds the secret to Jackie's release.

The Fairy Borg Father

28:55 | #505 | TV-Y

After a day of getting yelled at and ridiculed, Delete wishes that things were better. To his surprise, a Fairy Borg Father named Zanko appears and grants him nine wishes.

EcoHaven Ooze

28:55 | #504 | TV-Y

When Hacker discovers that the liquid ooze that feeds the animals of EcoHaven also gives him an energy boost, he decides to drain the pond and take the ooze home. While trying to penetrate the fort he has built around the pond, the CyberSquad takes inspiration from an ancient Greek story and builds a giant "Trojan Ducky."

Designing Mr. Perfect

28:55 | #503 | TV-Y

Frustrated that she can't find her Mr. Perfect, the Wicked Witch sets out to make one instead by turning a frog into her Prince Charming. But when she unknowingly transforms Digit instead, her wand, Wanda, secretly alerts the CyberSquad. Then a jealous Hacker compounds their problem by kidnapping the unfortunate Digit.

A Clean Sweep

28:55 | #502 | TV-Y

The kids must invent a "confetti cleaner" to stop Hacker's plan to take over Radopolis.

The Halloween Howl

28:55 | #501 | TV-Y

In an effort to make Wicked jealous, Hacker takes over the Mayor's Castle for a candlelight dinner with Erica Ram. When the Mayor returns and wants him out, Hacker brings the castle's stone gargoyles to life to capture and imprison the Mayor. The kids and Digit must master division to rescue the Mayor and deal with the gargoyles.

A Tikiville Turkey Day

28:55 | #410 | TV-Y

When Hacker steals the legendary Egg of Benedicta, the lush landscape of Tikiville wilts and turns brown. The CyberSquad's attempt to recover the egg fails, and the kids hatch a new plan to replace it instead.

A Broom of One's Own

28:55 | #409 | TV-Y

When Wicked puts a CyberSquad Seal of Approval on her new "Wickedy Brooms," it's up to Matt, Jackie, Inez, and Digit to make sure that the brooms are as good as she claims. The brooms pass the test-but Wicked doesn't, and the kids must race to Control Central to foil her scheme to take over Hacker's turf.

A Crinkle in Time

28:55 | #408 | TV-Y

Digit and the kids head for a mysterious cybersite called Ticktockia to rescue Slider, but then discover that they've fallen into a trap set by Hacker.

The Case of the Missing Memory

28:55 | #407 | TV-Y

Under the guise of a peace mission, Wicked arrives at Control Central with a handful of bad guys. But when someone steals Motherboard's precious Memory Integrator, Digit and the kids must figure out what they know, what they don't know, and what they need to know.

A Change of Art

28:55 | #406 | TV-Y

Heartbroken after losing to the kids yet again, Hacker throws himself into sculpture and starts giving his work away. The problem is, wherever one of his artworks turns up, the power goes off.

Measure for Measure

28:55 | #405 | TV-Y

Hacker reveals his Transformatron, which can change anyone into anything-except that the kids still have the Network Interface Card he needs to make it work. Meanwhile, the kids find a map that leads them to Coop (Tony Hawk), Slider's long-lost father, and discover that he has been a victim of magnetite. Before they can measure out the antidote, Hacker grabs both Slider and the NIC.

Past Perfect Prediction

28:55 | #404 | TV-Y

Convinced that the last piece he needs to activate his powerful new machine is hidden in Slider's garage, Hacker threatens to evict the teenager unless he pays off an old debt. The kids decide to reopen the garage to raise the money, but quickly discover that there's more to running the business than meets the eye.

Penguin Tears

28:55 | #403 | TV-Y

Hacker's search for the legendary Prism of Penguia, the next piece of his mysterious machine, takes him to snowy Cyberia. While trying to stop him, Digit and the kids are trapped in an icy cave and must master the principles of bouncing in order to break out.

The Icky Factor

28:55 | #402 | TV-Y

Hacker is building another dastardly device, and the Electric Eel of Aquari-Yum is to be its power source. To get the eel, Hacker traps its guardian, cyberslug Icky, far from home. The kids and Digit must use the concept of factoring to rescue Icky.

Balancing Act

28:55 | #401 | TV-Y

The CyberSquad helps student sorcerer Shari Spotter finish her film about Frogsnorts Sorcerers Academy-despite the attempts of the villainous Hacker to deplete the shooting budget.

Starlight Night

28:55 | #312 | TV-Y

On Starlight Night, the annual holiday when all the stars in Cyberspace are refreshed for the new year, Hacker concocts a scheme to darken them forever instead. He sends Buzz and Delete to stop the production of new star circuits by kidnapping inventor Archimedes, and the kids have only hours to rescue him.

Shari Spotter and the Cosmic Crumpets

28:55 | #311 | TV-Y

Digit and the kids help Shari Spotter of Frogsnorts School for Sorcerers make magical Cosmic Crumpets, racing to finish before Hacker crashes the Sorcerer's Ball and becomes the most powerful magician in Cyberspace.

The Snelfu Snafu (Part 2)

28:55 | #310 | TV-Y

The CyberSquad must find a way to bring Motherboard back to power and oust Hacker. Slider's new invention, the "Syncolator," may be the answer-but some of the expensive parts are missing, and the kids' funds are limited.

The Snelfu Snafu (Part 1)

28:55 | #309 | TV-Y

The long-lost encryptor chip, the one computer component that can bring Motherboard back to full power, turns up for sale on the popular cybersite U-WANT, U-BID. The kids save up money and manage to outbid Hacker for the precious chip. But when they implant it into Motherboard, Hacker takes over Cyberspace!

Be Reasonable

28:46 | #308 | TV-Y

Hacker returns to the Cybrary to wreak revenge on Ms. Fileshare and succeeds in trapping the kids when they try to rescue her. They must make their escape before he steals one of the Cybrary's most valuable books-the one that explains the most secret inner workings of Motherboard.

A Perfect Fit

28:55 | #307 | TV-Y

The bad guys bring the metal monster Gigabyte to a remote, Mayan-style pyramid on cybersite Jimaya so that the rays of the sun can energize him. The kids must work their way past a variety of obstacles and then find a way to block the sunlight.

The Grapes of Plath

28:55 | #306 | TV-Y

A terrible cyberglitch afflicts the young prince of the Crab Kingdom, and Hacker is determined to exploit the situation. Can the CyberSquad cure the prince before all is lost?

The Creech Who Would Be Crowned

28:55 | #305 | TV-Y

The CyberSquad is summoned to Tikiville to stop Hacker from winning a race that would allow him to take over the cybersite. Matt and Jackie tease Inez about her big vocabulary, and she splits from the group and teams up with Hacker's opponent, Creech. The kids try to overcome their differences while using their knowledge of direction and distance to help Creech win the race and restore her family's rule of Tikiville.

A Piece of the Action

28:55 | #304 | TV-Y

Digit disappears while visiting his friends the Scritters, so Motherboard sends Matt, Jackie, and Inez to investigate. They discover that Hacker is gathering magnetite to fill up a rocket capable of erasing all of Motherboard's memory disks. Can they stop him before he gathers enough magnetite to launch the rocket?

A World Without Zero

28:55 | #303 | TV-Y

Discouraged by a poison pen campaign devised by Hacker, Mister Z decides to leave Gollywood, taking his zeroes with him. The sudden disappearance of the number 0 causes confusion and chaos, and the kids and Digit try to get Mister Z back by showing him that he does indeed have a value.

The Borg of the Ring

28:55 | #302 | TV-Y

The long-lost Totally Rad Ring of Radopolis is found ... but almost immediately swiped by Hacker. The kids race to reclaim it, then must work together to place it in the exact center of the Circle of Supreme Safety. Along the way, they meet a mysterious teenborg named Slider. He seems nice, but whose side is he really on?

EcoHaven CSE

28:55 | #301 | TV-Y

Someone has stolen the legendary cyberbeast Choocroca from cybersite EcoHaven, and the only clue is the culprit's footprint. Using forensic science and the principles of "body math," the CyberSquad has to sleuth out who took Choocroca and rescue the massive beast.

Trick or Treat

28:55 | #214 | TV-Y

Hacker lies his way into Motherboard Control Center and slips a mysterious frog into the air duct. As the creature grows into a grotesque alien, the Cybersquad must enter the system and track it down before Motherboard is destroyed.

A Time to Cook

28:55 | #213 | TV-Y

First prize in the Fearless Chef cooking contest is the Magnetic Magnotube-the last piece Hacker needs for a machine that will disable Motherboard forever. So he decides to ensure his own victory by kidnapping his competition. Digit takes Hacker on in the kitchen while the Cybersquad sets out to rescue the real Fearless Chef.

The Guilty Party

28:55 | #212 | TV-Y

The game is afoot when Hacker returns to Poddleville with a peace offering: a magnificent statue of the mayor. But has someone stolen the key to Hacker's recharger chair? Like Sherlock Holmes and Watson, the kids and Digit set out to sleuth out what's really going on-and the more they investigate, the deeper the mystery gets.

The Wedding Scammer

28:55 | #211 | TV-Y

The kids must make their way through an intricate series of puzzles to free the daughter of a king. Al Roker guest stars as reporter Sam Vander Rom.

Raising the Bar

28:55 | #210 | TV-Y

Hacker, disguised as the Vermin Vexer, releases a mysterious bug into the main Cybrary, and the young heroes come to the aid of Ms. Fileshare, the Cybrarian (Jasmine Guy).

Double Trouble

28:55 | #209 | TV-Y

Hacker invades Shangri-La, imprisons Master Pi, and goes looking for the Good Vibration-the source of peace and happiness on the cybersite-just as the kids and Digit arrive to try to stop him.

A Whale of a Tale

28:55 | #208 | TV-Y

Hacker abducts Glowla, a beautiful cyberlady who generates pure energy, by reprogramming her trick whale, Snout. When Snout goes on a rampage looking for her, Digit and the kids must find Glowla and stop the whale before he destroys R-Fair City.

The Eye of Rom

28:55 | #207 | TV-Y

Hacker steals the powerful Eye of Rom from Binky the Cat's pyramid, placing the Ancient Egypt cybersite in jeopardy. The kids and Digit set out to retrieve the Eye, but the journey is packed with a maze of gambits that force them to first do and then undo a series of complicated steps.

Mother's Day

28:55 | #206 | TV-Y

It's Mother's Day in Cyberspace-and Hacker is determined to ruin it for everyone, especially Motherboard, by derailing the train that picks up the rare and colorful Madre Bonitas, a beautiful flower that can be harvested only on this one day. It's a race against time as the kids and Digit try to repair the breaks in the line and save Mother's Day.

All the Right Angles

28:55 | #205 | TV-Y

Motherboard mistakenly sends Hacker a treasure map that leads to the secret of legendary cyber-pirate Ivanka the Invincible's invincibility. The kids must find the secret treasure before Hacker does by using their skill with angles to read the strange map, which contains only riddles about twists and turns.

True Colors

28:55 | #204 | TV-Y

A supposedly "reformed" Hacker runs for election against Motherboard, claiming to have done five good deeds and promising to turn over a new leaf. Can the kids prove that his claims are false, or will Hacker be elected the new ruler of cyberspace?

Harriet Hippo and the Mean Green

28:55 | #203 | TV-Y

Hacker infects Motherboard with a new virus that causes her to make cyber-citizens do bad things. To make the antidote, Digit and the kids have to find and mix several ingredients and combine some strange fractions: 2/5 of the Electro-Root, 2/8 of the Healing Stone, and 1/3 of a box of Hacker's wig gel.

Totally Rad

28:55 | #202 | TV-Y

Hacker takes over the Radopolis cybersite, declaring himself king. To dethrone him, the kids challenge his hired hands to an Olympic-like skateboard competition. But there's a catch: High-scoring tricks need as much area as possible, and the configuration of the field's perimeter mysteriously keeps changing. Can the kids match their performance to the shifting arena?

Hugs and Witches

28:55 | #201 | TV-Y

On Valentine's Day, Hacker captures Doctor Marbles and Lady Ada Lovelace, placing them inside a time machine Ada herself invented. The kids and Digit must decipher a series of poems left behind by Lady L to free them from the time machine before it time-travels to the netherworld of cyberspace—never to return!

Out of Sync

28:55 | #126 | TV-Y

Hacker disrupts the Music of the Spheres, which controls and protects the balance and harmony of the Mount Olympus cybersite, and throws the site into utter chaos. The kids and Digit have until sunset to make the sound of the music right by re-creating the melody and finding the missing element in the pattern.

A Battle of Equals

28:46 | #125 | TV-Y

Hacker tampers with the satellites that keep everything free from cyber-static cling and pollutes all of Cyberspace with dangerous static. The kids use balance scales and equations to restore the satellites and save Motherboard.

Size Me Up

28:55 | #124 | TV-Y

To give himself time to launch a new virus at Motherboard, Hacker traps the kids in a cybersite from which escape seems impossible. The kids first find themselves in a land of giants, then become giants themselves in a land of little people. They must cope with the disparities of scale and size and use their brainpower to escape and warn Motherboard.

Fortress of Attitude

28:55 | #123 | TV-Y

In an attempt to force cybersites to surrender to him, Hacker starts broadcasting his loud and obnoxious voice from a massive statue of himself. The kids and Digit head for the Northern Frontier to try to silence the statue, using their skills at measuring length to make their way up through its booby-trapped interior and find the mouth controls.

Model Behavior

28:55 | #122 | TV-Y

To protect themselves from Hacker's constant attempts to capture cybersite Happily-Ever-After, the King and his fairy-tale subjects construct a glass Skywall. But Hacker unfolds a scheme to crack open the Skywall using the Wicked Witch's Voice, and the kids must construct a model of the situation to outwit him.

Less Than Zero

28:55 | #121 | TV-Y

The Leaders of Cyberspace gather to talk about what to do about Hacker, who turns the tables on them by hiding them within the building. The kids discover that the only way to move between floors is to scale the building's outside walls, so they turn the building into a giant ruler to keep track of the floors. To deal with the floors below ground, they have to tap into the power of negative numbers.

Trading Places

28:55 | #120 | TV-Y

The kids learn to trade, barter and create a monetary system to rebuild their crashed cybercraft.

Send in the Clones

28:55 | #119 | TV-Y

Hacker's plan to clone himself so he can wreak havoc throughout Cyberspace goes haywire when his newly invented Clonitron clones Delete instead. But he takes advantage of the mishap by sending the Delete clones to take over R-Fair City. The kids do the math to keep track of the number of clones; Cy Clone, a famous clone catcher sent to the site by Motherboard, vacuums up the clones; and Digit tries to get the Clonitron away from Hacker.

Problem Solving in Shangri-La

28:55 | #118 | TV-Y

While being held captive by Hacker on a ship, the kids are taken prisoner by a peaceful but mysterious Zen Master. He devises a game of strategy to test their problem-solving skills, with freedom as the prize for the winner. The kids discover that each of them has a different way of solving problems and decide to work together to defeat Hacker and gain everyone's freedom.

Return to Sensible Flats

28:55 | #117 | TV-Y

Something is amiss with the bliss of Sensible Flats: The reservoir is dry, the town is out of water, and people are moving away as fast as they can. But why? When the kids and Digit use line graphs to reveal the true story of what happened, all lines lead to the town's newest resident-who just happens to be Hacker.

Codename: Icky

28:55 | #116 | TV-Y

In the watery depths of Aquari-yum, the kids and Hacker search for a giant cyber-slug that feeds on pure energy. Hoping to use the slug to attack Motherboard's circuitry and disable her once and for all, Hacker plants a listening device to tap into the communications systems of the vessels in which Digit and the kids are traveling. Realizing that Hacker can overhear their conversations, the kids devise a series of codes so they can send messages in secret.

Find Those Gleamers!

28:55 | #115 | TV-Y

Hacker challenges Jackie, Matt, and Inez to a contest on cyberwide television. Hoping to prove that he's not as powerful or smart as he seems, the kids return to Topsy-Turvy Island on the Northern Frontier for the contest. Their task is to power up a Mini-Wreaker using cyber-fireflies of varying power before the island turns inside out at sunset. The kids must use algebraic equations to determine how many Gleamers they'll need.

Cool It

28:55 | #114 | TV-Y

Determined to destroy Motherboard any way he can, Hacker clogs up her cooling system. Digit brings the kids in to help fix her, but the special cryoxide coolant she needs is found only in Castleblanca-and the supply is closely monitored. To bring back exactly enough cryoxide for Motherboard, the kids have to figure out the volume of her tank. In the process, they discover the importance of standard units of measure.


28:55 | #113 | TV-Y

The kids use geometrical shapes to locate Professor Archimedes, whose chip an save Motherboard.

Of All the Luck

28:55 | #112 | TV-Y

Convinced that his failure to defeat Motherboard is simply a result of bad luck, Hacker collects the Ten Lucky Charms of Cyberspace. It works, and his luck changes-which is bad luck for everyone else. Motherboard sends the kids and Digit to Hacker's hideout in the Northern Frontier, where they use logic; Venn diagrams; and understanding of the words and, or, and not to free the Charms.

A Day at the Spa

28:55 | #111 | TV-Y

Hacker finds the Krystal of Kalmoor, the powerful orb that will give him eternal power and let him roam Cyberspace forever, creating havoc without ever having to recharge his power. When the kids and Digit arrive to retrieve the Krystal, they are stymied by a series of switches, levers, and buttons. Faced with the challenge of too many choices, the kids discover the value of lists, tables, and tree diagrams.

The Secrets of Symmetria

28:55 | #110 | TV-Y

In his passion for order, Dr. Marbles has created Symmetria, a harmonious cyberplace where everything is made symmetrical by a symmetrizer. Hacker steals the machine and reprograms it so that he can undo symmetry. The kids must master the properties of symmetry before Hacker destroys beauty, balance, and harmony throughout all of cyberspace.

Clock Like an Egyptian

28:55 | #109 | TV-Y

The kids must measure the passage of time and find Dr. Marbles in a pyramid guarded by a Mummy.

And They Counted Happily Ever After

28:55 | #108 | TV-Y

Hacker kidnaps the king and demands a ransom of golden eggs. But the Wicked Witch casts a spell that takes away everyone's ability to count, making it impossible for the fairy-tale folk to gather the required large number of eggs. With the safety of the king at stake, the kids must help everyone understand the role of place value in our number system before time runs out.

The Poddleville Case

28:55 | #107 | TV-Y

The diabolical Hacker wreaks havoc when he steals the power pods of Poddleville, a cybercity filled with patterns. Our heroes must use math and logic to crack the double pattern that unlocks the Poddles' cyberpower vault before Hacker and his henchmen do.

Zeus on the Loose

28:55 | #106 | TV-Y

When the kids fail to stop Hacker from stealing Pandora's box in mythological Greece, they must solve a riddle and complete an increasingly difficult series of challenges from Zeus-all while confronting a variety of mythological creatures-to earn a second chance. In the course of their adventure, Matt, Jackie, and Inez discover that a fraction is a problem in sharing.

Sensible Flats

28:55 | #105 | TV-Y

The Cyber-Team is transported to a Wild West site to determine whether Hacker has taken a larger piece of land than he is allowed. Hacker is in jail and the trial is about to begin, but is his homestead {really larger than what Judge Trudy will allow? The kids must figure out how to measure the area of his irregularly shaped property to find the answer.

Snow Day To Be Exact

28:55 | #104 | TV-Y

Hacker steals the powerful sunisphere from Solaria, causing the cyberworld's sunny vacation paradise to be covered in snow. During a fun-filled chase across the snowy terrain, the kids must use the power and speed of estimation to recover the glowing orb from Buzz and Delete before the temperature reaches zero and the site freezes over forever.

R-Fair City

28:55 | #103 | TV-Y

Disguised as a gypsy, Hacker lures Digit to a fantastic cyber amusement park and holds him captive. When the kids arrive, they analyze the games of chance, figure out which ones are fair, and use what they learn to find Hacker and try to beat him at his own game before it is too late.


28:55 | #102 | TV-Y

Hacker takes Dr. Marbles to Castleblanca, a cyberspace version of Transylvania, to carry out his plan of transferring Marbles' brainpower into a newly built robot named Megabyte. Summoned by Motherboard, the kids and Digit have to figure out which of the hundreds of castles Marbles is imprisoned in. To solve the problem, they must master the art of collecting, organizing, and graphing data and then draw conclusions from what they find.

Lost My Marbles

28:55 | #101 | TV-Y

A day at the library turns into a cyberventure when Jackie, Matt, and Inez learn that Hacker has kidnapped Dr. Marbles, the only person who can save Motherboard from an evil virus. The rescuers learn to use a map as a mathematical tool as they navigate across a cyber island in search of Marbles-then try to escape before a huge earthquake turns the island inside out.

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