Real learners deal with real-life issues in these compelling videos that help learners enhance problem solving skills, language development, basic math, and parenting skills. In each video, a real person tells his or her story in a way learners can identify with, learn from, and discuss with others.

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The Lion and the Lioness

Trinidad native Ann Marie Ash lives in the Bedford Stuyvesant area of Brooklyn, New York with her four-year old son, a child she almost lost as a baby. Trained as a hairdresser, she becomes involved in an Even Start program when she enrolls her son in a pre-school program at the Bedford Stuyvesant Early Childhood Development Center. Not only does she earn her GED, she becomes a home educator, sharing what she has learned with other families.

A Better Tomorrow

Tony and Flor Rodriguez live in East Los Angeles with their five children - two boys and three girls. Tony was badly hurt in an industrial accident a year ago. As a result of the financial difficulties that developed, they lost the "dream home" they'd purchased in a suburb.

Cdc #19942

We meet A.J. Nunes at San Quentin Penitentiary where he is serving a sentence for a parole violation related to earlier drug convictions. His wife Donna gives birth to their first child during the time he is in prison. He and some of his fellow inmates become involved in a FATHERS Class sponsored by the Marin Literacy Program - a program that attempts to defeat the cycle of recidivism by helping fathers improve their own literacy skills and learn how to encourage a child's emerging literacy.

Moving On

Single mother Donna Jones escapes an abusive situation and is "adopted" by the town of Lewiston, a small community in central Pennsylvania. Educational, day care, and housing support are coordinated through a local family literacy program at the TIU Adult Education and Job Training Center.

Appalachian Trail

Melissa Durham Hickman is a 23-year old single mother who was born and raised in western North Carolina. Because of a learning disability, school was a struggle for her. She begins to take classes at the garment factory where she works. A failed marriage and two sons later, she becomes part of the Wilkes County Family Literacy Program, and earns her high school diploma.

All in the Family

Imagine a multigenerational family (eight adults, three small children) sharing a three bedroom home, and liking it! Meet the Le family, headed by Xoan Le and his wife Chot Tran, resettled in Tampa, Florida as part of a program to assist Vietnamese POWs. Parents and adult children work or attend school, each contributing toward the maintenance of the household.

My Brothers' Keeper

When you watch Shari Philpot tutor classes of students at the Freedman Parenting Center, it's hard to imagine her as a hardened 11-year old gang member, living on the streets of New York, struggling to protect and feed her two younger brothers.


Jay Jackson and Bonita Charley are passionate about their Native American culture and strengthening the role of family. Jay and Bonita met in New Mexico and have created what they refer to as a "modern Indian family with traditional values and beliefs." We share their rituals, and see them in their daily and professional lives.

Matters of the Heart

Living in Baltimore, Maryland, Kimberly Bertrand struggles to raise her four children, ages 10, 7, 4, and 2. It's not an easy task, especially when three of the four children have Barth Syndrome, an x-linked genetic disorder that results in cardiomyopathy. Kimberly is being encouraged to involve her younger children in Head Start to stimulate their educational growth.

Seasons of Life

Loani Vera began his seasonal trips to the United States as a teenager, and moved his own family from Michaocan, Mexico to Oxnard, California. As a contract worker, he caught the attention of managers at Dullam Nursery. He is now a full- time employee of the nursery while Carmen cares for their children and takes English classes in association with the Migrant Education Program at the Rio School District.

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