Knit and Crochet Now

Knit and Crochet Now

Hosted by lead designer Lena Skvagerson and crochet editor Connie Ellison, today's foremost designers show how to create beautiful patterns and textures and use color in new ways.

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Slouchy Hats

28:01 | #913 | TV-G

Rohn Strong presents a slouchy slipped hat and Vanessa Wilson demonstrates a fan lace stitch.

Winter Wonderland

28:01 | #912 | TV-G

Lena Skvagerson adds whimsy to your holidays with a knitted, mini mittens and hats garland.

Basic Baskets

28:00 | #911 | TV-G

Rohn Strong makes simple, garter stitch baskets in 3 sizes, each with an interesting twist on the bottom!

Rectangular Throw Pillows

28:01 | #910 | TV-G

Pillows are one of the easiest ways to freshen up decor. Melissa Leapman presents a mitered pillow.

Playtime Pals

28:01 | #909 | TV-G

Jenny King crochets an irresistible mermaid doll. Lena Skvagerson presents a hound's-tooth block.

Contempo Cardigans

28:01 | #908 | TV-G

Melissa Leapman showcases a knitted, mosaic trimmed cardigan. Intarsia color work is highlighted.

Teddy Bear Blankets

28:01 | #907 | TV-G

Rohn Strong shows how to knit a teddy bear blanket and Lena Skvagerson highlights a cable block.

Stylish Shawls

28:01 | #906 | TV-G

The knitted crescent shawl, bloom texture stitch, and a versatile striped shawl design are featured.

Snuggly Slippers

28:01 | #905 | TV-G

Rohn Strong creates cable cuffed boots and Vanessa Wilson highlights a lace texture stitch.

The Cocoon Craze

28:01 | #904 | TV-G

Melissa Leapman gets started with the royal rib turtleback, the accessory for layering. Lee Sartori is back with the boyfriend cocoon.

Seasonal Wreaths

28:01 | #903 | TV-G

Rohn Strong gets us ready for the holidays with a beautiful knit holly wreath. Vanessa Wilson demonstrates a fabulous fall crochet wreath with amazing autumn colors.

Teeny Circular Cardis

28:01 | #902 | TV-G

Lena Skvagerson starts us out with a knit, polka dot, circular cardigan. Crochet expert Jenny King demonstrates a cute and colorful mini me cardigan.

Avant-Garde Afghans

28:01 | #901 | TV-G

Melissa Leapman creates a reversible afghan featuring a different design on each side. Vanessa Wilson creates a square featuring the shell stitch.

Tunics a la Mode

28:01 | #812 | TV-G

From the bottom up, Ellen Gormley crochets an easy-fitting top with wide sleeves and a trendy hood.

Wildlife Buddies

28:00 | #813 | TV-G

Knit a cute koala! Lena Skvagerson knits all the pieces and adds fuzzy tufts to the ears.

Snug-Bug Baby Blankets

28:01 | #811 | TV-G

Vanessa Wilson uses only her hands to knit a quick baby blanket with chunky yarn and adds a border.

Hunky Dory Hats

28:01 | #810 | TV-G

Knit a colorful beret with Meredith Crawford using a feather and fan stitch pattern.

Outfits in the Round

28:01 | #809 | TV-G

Melissa Leapman knits the moss stitch to add a flounce border to a cardigan. Vanessa Wilson crochets a colorful vest.

Fanciful Shawls

28:01 | #808 | TV-G

Starting with a garter stitch, Kristen Mangus knits a cable lace edging to create an elegant shawl.

Top Down Sweaters

28:01 | #807 | TV-G

Ellen Gormley crochets a lacy, casual, pullover with a Bruges lace neckline and no seams.

One of a Kind Totes

28:01 | #806 | TV-G

Kristen Mangus makes an adorable raspberry stitch bag that is knit on a loom.

Sweet Baby Cardigans

28:01 | #805 | TV-G

Lena Skvagerson shows how to make a charming baby sweater by knitting sideways.

Snuggly Slipper Boots

28:01 | #804 | TV-G

Melissa Leapman knits cozy boots with a folksy Fair Isle pattern and a heel construction.

Contrasting Cowls

28:01 | #803 | TV-G

Meredith Crawford combines brioche stitches with cables to knit a colorful cowl.

Blooming Afghans

28:01 | #802 | TV-G

Kristen Mangus knits an autumn-inspired afghan with a lush pattern of leaves and berries.

Lacey Look Cardigans

28:01 | #801 | TV-G

Melissa Leapman makes a button-front cardigan with a lacey bodice that is knit in one piece.

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