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Planned Giving

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Plant the Seed

A Few Simple Steps Today Will Give You Peace of Mind Tomorrow

By preparing an estate plan, you’re safeguarding more than just matters of finances and inheritance, you’re also guiding future health decisions, providing for loved ones, and creating your legacy. A few simple steps today will give you peace of mind tomorrow by ensuring you and your loved ones are well protected. 

Join other loyal KET supporters by requesting your FREE organizer, and then get your estate plan off the ground.

Whatever your stage in life, it’s a good idea to think about and plan for how your affairs will be handled. A few simple steps today can give you peace of mind tomorrow by ensuring that your loved ones are well protected. Your estate plan can also be used to support charitable causes that matter most to you, such as the quality programs and education services offered by KET.

Historically, KET’s funding mix has included state and federal allocations — all subject to economic and political fluctuations — as well as private support. A more stable and predictable funding source is essential to ensure and strengthen KET’s services — services that Kentuckians need, trust and expect. So KET has established the Legacy Circle, our planned giving society, to guarantee in perpetuity lifelong learning opportunities for teachers, students, citizens and future generations.

KET is providing local residents a free personal estate planning booklet. The booklet will allow users to start organizing their financial assets and thinking through their personal and philanthropic goals. Complete the form below to receive your free planning booklet.

More Info:

For more information on how you can benefit Kentuckians in perpetuity through KET, contact Director of Philanthropy Kacie Miller at or 859.258.7228.