STEAM - Ideas That Shape Our World

STEAM - Ideas That Shape Our World

The series features lectures from the IdeaFestival in Louisville, which brings some of the world's leading innovators to Kentucky each year for a multi-day slate of presentations.

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William Kellibrew - Beyond Pain and Horror: Rebuilding a Future

55:41 | #211

William Kellibrew, at age 10, witnessed the murders of his mother and brother by his mom's former boyfriend. He was forced to beg for his life at gunpoint. Throughout his childhood, Kellibrew has had to suffer through horrific pain and terror. After ultimately finding his footing he began to share his message and become an advocate for issues surrounding violence, trauma, child abuse. He tells his story.

Scott Hotaling - Humans & the Planet: An Unnatural History

55:48 | #210

Climate change biologist Scott Hotaling discusses his use of ecological and genomic tools, to better understand how biodiversity is and may be impacted on recent timescales. Whether you live in coastal Florida, the mountains of Tibet or Louisville ramifications of this dramatic change will affect all of us.

Busy Burr - Preparing to Show Up.... Unprepared

42:22 | #209

Busy Burr is chief innovation officer and head of Humana Health Ventures and a long-time improv performer. She explores how being comfortable with being "unprepared" has changed how she lives and works. She demonstrates how improv basics can enable a more curious, creative, and rewarding life.

Lars Jan: Visual Transmedia Artist

49:38 | #208

Lars Jan, the son of emigres from Afghanistan and Poland, is a visual artist, director, writer and the founder of Early Morning Opera, a genre-bending performance + art lab, whose works explore emerging technologies, live audiences, and unclassifiable experiences.

Peter Gray - Unleashing the Power of Play

55:37 | #207

Psychologist Peter Gray explores why we need to stop neglecting the dynamics of play and how unleashing the instinct to play will result in happier, more self-reliant and educated children (and adults).

Anshu Gupta - The Trash-Based Economy of the Future

50:27 | #206

Anshu Gupta is the founder of the India-based nonprofit Goonj one of India's leading social entrepreneurs. He discusses how Goonj is creating a parallel economy which is not cash but trash-based, where large quantities of old reusable material become a valuable resource.

Ann Carlson & Ghana ThinkTank - Ideas on the Edge (partnership with Creative Capital)

28:57 | #205

Presenters include performance artist Ann Carlson, whose work takes the form of solo dance/performance, site-specific projects, ensemble theatrical works and performance/video and the Ghana ThinkTank, a worldwide network of think tanks that creates strategies to resolve local problems in the "developed" world. Presented in partnership with Creative Capital.

Rudy Rucker - The Cyberpunk Future is Coming for You

56:24 | #204

Mathematician, computer scientist, science fiction author, and Louisville native Rudy Rucker explores what our near and longer-term tech future might bring.

The Rise Group - To Innovate: Start at Crazy

29:39 | #203

At IdeaFestival 2017, collaboration experts The Rise Group (Kim Massey, Dan Heasman, Gareth Miles) lead a high-energy exercise surrounding the process of solving the complex challenges faced by individuals and organizations in their relentless quest to stay relevant and innovative.

Joe Geoghegan - Field Notes: The Untapped Power of Diversity in a Fractured World

49:44 | #202

In October 2016 Joe Geoghegan and his friend Noah quit their jobs and began an incredible adventure from Louisville to Antarctica. Traveling by his wits, Geoghegan has explored more than a dozen countries and met interesting people. He shares how this type of travel can help facilitate a better understanding among diverse people in an increasingly fractured world.

Emily Dreyfuss: The Age of Disruption

56:36 | #201

Emily Dreyfuss, a senior writer at Wired, discusses how emerging technologies are profoundly influencing and disrupting business, culture, design, and science.

The Art & Science of Serendipity

58:45 | #111

Many discoveries and inventions arise from the convergence of curiosity, accidents and unexpected outcomes. This is not luck but an emergent property of the creative and prepared mind. Science writer Pagan Kennedy explores the role of serendipity behind innovation, inventions and breakthrough thinking.

Video Projection Mapping

55:40 | #110

Visual artist, filmmaker, and pioneer of video projection mapping, Ricardo Rivera integrates projection lighting and storytelling to create compelling experiences. He discusses and demonstrates his groundbreaking work using video projection art as a bridge between architecture, technology, and storytelling.


54:40 | #109

Despite our search for certainty and answers, we live in a world of ambiguity and unpredictability. Author Jamie Holmes explains that creative thinking and innovation rests with the ability to understand and navigate "not knowing" and uncertainty.

Art @ The Edge

54:45 | #108

Suzy Delvalle, New York-based Creative Capital president, brings to Idea Festival a group of artists (Heather Dewey-Hagborg, Jeffrey Gibson, Phillip Andrew Lewis, Shawn Peters) whose unique and sometimes controversial work pushes the edges of the creative envelope.

Does Doing Good Mean Doing Better?

56:10 | #107

In recent years, the conscious capitalism movement has not only been growing, but increasingly arguing that companies that put community, ethics and sustainability at the forefront will out-perform more traditional, profit-driven companies. James Ledbetter, editor of Inc. magazine and, moderates a discussion with Greg Christian, Beyond Green Sustainable Food Partners; Tammy York Day, Delta Dental of Kentucky; and Jeff Senne, PwC.

Alien Minds

54:05 | #106

Susan Schneider, cognitive scientist and philosopher, discusses her work for NASA that delves into the question: If we were to encounter extraterrestrial intelligence and consciousness...what might it "look" like and would we even recognize it?

Future of Higher Education

56:30 | #105

MIT professor Christine Ortiz stepped down as the dean for graduate education in July 2016 to launch a new residential research university that will have no disciplinary departments, no classrooms, no traditional on-ground passive lectures, no majors and no pedagogical distinction between undergraduate and graduate education. She discusses her remarkable new vision for higher education.


56:30 | #104

Incredible advances in medical diagnostics and treatments have contributed to better health for countless people. But recent data demonstrates an emerging downside - too much medicine, too many tests and treatments may be resulting in not more but less health. Otis Brawley, chief medical officer for the American Cancer Society and Harald Schmidt, medical ethicist at the University of Pennsylvania discuss.

Virtual Reality

56:30 | #103

Virtual Reality (VR) is rapidly emerging as perhaps the next big thing in work, entertainment and medicine. Ben Kuchera, senior opinions editor at the video game and technology website, discusses (and demonstrates) VR and where it's headed.

King of the Hill: The Evolutionary Roots of Power and Dominance

57:40 | #102

History is in large part the story of the relentless quest for power. Evolutionary Biologist Lee Dugatkin explores the roots of dominance and power.

Pandemic: Tracking Contagion from Cholera to Ebola and Beyond

53:35 | #101

Award-winning science journalist Sonia Shah explores the history and future of pathogens, including the profound influence of global developments on future trends.

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