You Are Not Alone

You Are Not Alone

Renee Shaw hosts this KET series that features people on the front lines of mental health and emphasizes the importance of healthy, supportive relationships in helping youth overcome mental health challenges. Topics include depression, anxiety, suicide prevention, trauma and toxic stress, stigma, youth advocacy, parental concerns and challenges, the role of schools, and strategies within school settings to address mental health issues.

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Suicide Prevention/Teaching Hope

28:35 | #106

Learn about the risk factors for youth suicide, promising programs at the school level such as Sources of Strength, and things every person can do to help prevent suicides.

Trauma and Toxic Stress

28:20 | #105

Discover what the terms trauma and toxic stress mean, how they impact children, and what schools and communities can do to mitigate the impact of these negative forces.

Depression and Anxiety

28:25 | #104

Depression and anxiety are the two most common mental health problems that young people can face. Learn how to respond to these disorders, specifically when to refer for treatment and what type of treatment is effective. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is highlighted.

Whole Child/Whole School

28:50 | #103

After decades of a relentless focus on standardized tests and other quantitative evaluation methods, schools are recognizing that the mental health needs of their students are equally important. Learn how schools are expanding their focus from academics to whole child learning when KET visits the Pulaski County School District.

Help for Families and Caregivers

28:42 | #102

As their children struggle with mental health problems, parents and caregivers are frequently overwhelmed and unsure about how to respond. This program illuminates the unique perspective and role of parents and caregivers, offers some concrete guidance to parents, and highlights support and advocacy organizations that were created by parents for parents such as Kentucky Partnership for Families and Children and Operation: PARENT.

Youth Speak Out

28:32 | #101

In the spirit of "nothing about us without us," hear directly from young people about their perspective on mental health issues including the challenges facing teens today and the importance of including their voices in finding solutions.

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