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Antiques Roadshow

Cameras capture tales of family heirlooms, yard sale bargains and long-lost items salvaged from attics and basements, while experts reveal the fascinating truths about these finds.

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Vintage Memphis

56:46 | #2322 | TV-G

Magnificent Memphis treasures from Season 9 include an Elvis Presley outfit, a 1942 Grandma Moses painting, and A. Martin & C.F. Martin guitars.

Vintage Providence 2019

40:26 | #2321 | TV-G

Do treasures from the smallest state have the biggest values? Revisit Season 10 appraisals, including a 1908 Anne of Green Gables first edition, Rudolph & Santa puppets, and a Lyonel Feininger art collection.

Vintage Bismarck

56:46 | #2320 | TV-G

Travel back to Bismarck for updates on Season 10 appraisals like a UND School of Mines collection, a Korean court screen, and Native American pictograph drawings.

Vintage Houston 2019

56:46 | #2319 | TV-G

Everything is bigger in Texas - including updated values of treasures from 2005 such as a 1953 Mickey Mantle All-Star watch, an 1840 Texas Artillery short sword, and an Edith Parsons "Turtle Baby" fountain.

Out of This World

56:46 | #2323 | TV-G

Explore the universe of space-themed treasures, including NASA Space Program autographed photos; a 1737 celestial & terrestrial atlas; and a Star Trek treatment, script, and letters.

Vintage Tampa 2019

56:46 | #2318 | TV-G

Soak up and revisit Sunshine State appraisals from 2005, including a W.S. Starring archive from around 1870, an Isotta Fraschini model car, and an Art Deco star chandelier.

Vintage Reno

56:46 | #2317 | TV-G

Updated appraisals from Reno include a 1951 inscribed Lone Ranger mask, a 1954 Stevan Dohanos cover illustration, and a Cartier cigarette casefrom.

Vintage St. Paul

56:46 | #2316 | TV-G

Discover which marvelous Minnesota treasure has skyrocketed in the market since its original 2004 appraisal, and is now Antiques Roadshow's highest-valued treasure ever.

Churchill Downs Racetrack - Hour 3

56:46 | #2315 | TV-G

Giddy up for great appraisals at Churchill Downs Racetrack, including a Chinese gilt bronze Bodhisattva, CA. 1650, a Nicolai Fechin oil portrait, and an 1861 Fred Kaiffer caved holly sewing box. Which one is valued at $60,000-$150,000?

Churchill Downs Racetrack - Hour 2

56:46 | #2314 | TV-G

Discover first-place finds at Churchill Downs Racetrack, including a 1966 MGM Grinch figure, a Georgian & Victorian mourning jewelry collection, and a Larson Bros. symphonic harp mandolin. Which appraisal is $70,000-$90,000?

Churchill Downs Racetrack - Hour 1

56:46 | #2313 | TV-G

It's off to the races for amazing appraisals at Churchill Downs Racetrack like a Twin Spires painted roof slate from around 1895, a 1943 Picasso ink-on-paper and 1963 letter, and an art deco brooch. One may be worth up to $200,000.

Philbrook Museum Hour 3

56:46 | #2312 | TV-G

Tremendous Tulsa treasures include a Dali "The Art Institute" etching, a 1964 Frank Sinatra letter, and a Mississippian culture effigy pot.

Philbrook Museum Hour 2

56:46 | #2311 | TV-G

Appraisals include Charles Wilda's "The Hour of Prayer" oil, a 1950 Gibson SJ-200 guitar, and a baroque bureau brise.

Philbrook Museum Hour 1

56:46 | #2310 | TV-G

Travel to Tulsa for treasures appraised at Philbrook Museum of Art, including a 2006 J.K. Rowling-signed Harry Potter book, the first "Yield" sign with documentation, and a 1949 Model 4500 Rolex and box.

Hotel del Coronado Hour 3

56:46 | #2309 | TV-G

Fantastic finds include a Dr. Seuss-illustrated program and drawing, Seth Kinman's Colt Model 1851 presentation pistol, and a 1920 John Fery oil.

Hotel del Coronado Hour 2

56:46 | #2308 | TV-G

Discover items appraised at Hotel del Coronado like a 1915 San Diego Exposition poster, a Joan Crawford archive from around 1940, and a Margaret Bourke-White photograph of Gandhi.

Hotel del Coronado - Hour 1

56:46 | #2307 | TV-G

Hotel del Coronado finds include a 1962 Baldessari oil "Sign for Rothko & Albers," a Fortuny Delphos gown, and a "Kitchen Debate" table with a signed Nixon photo.

Ca d'Zan - Hour Three

56:46 | #2306 | TV-G

Highlights include a Nakashima table, a Yankees ring and illustrated baseball, and an Elijah Pierce relief-carved plaque.

Ca' d'Zan - Hour Two

56:46 | #2305 | TV-G

Ca' d'Zan treasures include an 1866 Otto Georgi painting, an Augsburg silver Kiddush cup, and "How Man Learned to Fly" illustrations.

Ca' d'Zan

56:46 | #2304 | TV-G

Travel to sunny Sarasota for standout finds at Ca' d'Zan, the home of circus royalty John and Mable Ringling! Highlights include 1954-1956 Topps baseball cards, a The John Ringling Hotel plate, and a Harry Bertoia bronze.

Meadow Brook Hall, Hour Three

56:46 | #2303 | TV-G

Michigan treasures include a Civil War presentation sword and portrait, Danny Lyon Civil Rights posters, and a copy of The First Men in the Moon signed by Neil Armstrong.

Meadow Brook Hall, Hour Two

56:46 | #2302 | TV-G

Meadow Brook Hall treasures include a Keith Haring archive, Harry Bertoia brooches, and an 1835 "City of Detroit" map.

Meadow Brook Hall, Hour One

56:46 | #2301 | TV-G

Visit the grounds of the historic Meadow Brook Hall in Rochester, Michigan, and learn the story behind beloved family heirlooms, thrift store finds, and more - including a $77,500 appraisal!

Junk in the Trunk 8

56:46 | #2226 | TV-G

Experience all-new and previously unaired appraisals, including a Mercury Atlanta #8 and #9 archive, a Rasht horse cover, and a purple sapphire ring.

Somethings Wild

56:46 | #2229 | TV-G

Uncover an animal attraction to this collection of critters and creatures, including a Colima pottery dog from around 200 BC to 200 AD, a bat-decorated Qing period jade basin, and an Edgar Brandt "La Tentation" snake lamp.

Kooky & Spooky

56:46 | #2227 | TV-G

Celebrate Halloween with thrilling and chilling finds, like a rag doll nicknamed Chucky, a nightmarish Leonora Carrington painting and an eye-catching "Bride of Frankenstein" pressbook.

Celebrating Latino Heritage

56:46 | #2228 | TV-G

Discover amazing items with connections to Latin American history and culture, including a treasure with an updated appraisal of as much as $2.2 million, now the highest-valued items in the entire "Roadshow" archive.

Vintage San Francisco

56:46 | #2225 | TV-G

Discover how standout San Francisco appraisals from 2003 have held up in the market, including an Asscher-cut diamond ring, a Maynard Dixon painting, and a San Francisco Seals-signed baseball.

Vintage Birmingham

56:46 | #2223 | TV-G

Discover memorable finds appraised back in 1999, such as an Austrian "Naughty" cat bronze, a Margaret Mitchell archive, and a Cartier diamond ring.

Vintage Omaha

56:46 | #2219 | TV-G

See how appraisals from 14 years ago have held up including an Edgar Allan Poe daguerreotype, a Teco collection, and a 1907 Frank Lloyd Wright archive.

Vintage Chicago

56:46 | #2222 | TV-G

Reappraisals include a 1908 Chicago Cubs presentation piece, a Tiffany & Co. gold necklace, and a 1904 Henry Woods oil.

Vintage Portland

56:46 | #2221 | TV-G

Standout appraisals from 1998 include one treasure with a new valuation that jumps to $ 70,000-$90,000!

Vintage Savannah

56:46 | #2220 | TV-G

Travel back to 2003 for remarkable finds, including a wedding dress from about 1798, a 1912 Ivan Khlebnikov jewelry casket, and a George William Sotter oil.

Vintage Oklahoma City

56:46 | #2224 | TV-G

Revisit appraisals including Bill Graham handbills, a Galle Marquetry vase made around 1900, and Art Deco travel posters.

Newport, Hour Three

56:46 | #2218 | TV-G

Treasures include a Tiffany & Co. sapphire and diamond ring, a Boston bureau table, and M.C. Escher lithographs.

Newport, Hour Two

56:46 | #2217 | TV-G

Fabulous finds include a Faberge jade snuff bottle, Basquiat oil stick drawing, and General Wharton Civil War archive.

Newport, Hour One

56:46 | #2216 | TV-G

Experience Roadshow history when, for the first time, cameras roll indoors and outdoors! At Rosecliff mansion, see a diamond pin sway in the breeze, a Rohmer doll valued on the patio, and Tiffany vases stun an appraiser in the lavish ballroom.

Green Bay, Hour Three

56:46 | #2215 | TV-G

Discover Green Bay treasures including a Belle Epoque diamond necklace, 1952 and 1954 baseball cards, and a Cheyenne cradleboard.

Green Bay, Hour Two

56:46 | #2214 | TV-G

Amazing finds include a Renaissance-revival poison ring, a 1939 Union Pacific premiere banner, and a Harry Bertoia spray sculpture.

Green Bay, Hour One

56:46 | #2213 | TV-G

Highlights include a 1967 Green Bay Packers "Ice Bowl" sign, a 1636 Rembrandt "Christ Before Pilate" etching, and a Gold Rush diary.

Portland, Hour Three

56:46 | #2212 | TV-G

Uncover West Coast wonders such as a Pablo Picasso "Grand Oiseau Vert" pot, an Ottoman zarf, and a Tiffany Studios "Bookmark" desk set from around 1924.

Portland, Hour Two

41:09 | #2211 | TV-G

Vintage items appraised include a 1942 Oregon State jacket and Rose Bowl trophy, a Ming Dynasty celadon bowl, and Evel Knievel leathers.

Portland, Hour One

56:46 | #2210 | TV-G

Travel to the City of Roses for fantastic finds such as Heller in Pink Tights movie credits, a mid-century modern Eero Saarinen Womb settee, and a Lincoln-inscribed photograph.

St. Louis, Hour Three

56:46 | #2209 | TV-G

St. Louis treasures include a 1920 Grace Ravlin oil painting, a Michael Jackson-signed fedora and photo, and a Tiffany GMT-Master Rolex.

St. Louis, Hour Two

56:46 | #2208 | TV-G

Discover spectacular St. Louis treasures including a Rookwood Shirayamadani black opal vase, an Elijah Pierce preaching stick, and an Ozark Airlines poster.

St. Louis, Hour One

56:46 | #2207 | TV-G

Journey through the Gateway to the West for treasures such as a 1901 "Longest Bearded Man" banner purportedly from the 1904 World's Fair, a book of Chaucer's complete works, and a 15th-century Chinese Bodhisattva gilt bronze.

New Orleans, Hour Three

56:46 | #2206 | TV-G

Fabulous finds include an "Andy Warhol" portrait by Jamie Wyeth, a Chinese gold-splashed bronze wine vessel, and a English Smith & Son tourbillon pocket watch.

New Orleans, Hour Two

56:46 | #2205 | TV-G

Items appraised include a Blade Runner set decoration, Agnes Martin mixed-media abstractions, and a feather golf ball from around 1840.

New Orleans, Hour One

56:46 | #2204 | TV-G

Journey to The Big Easy for hidden treasures including a diamond bracelet and a Van Cleef & Arpels ring, Mardi Gras Comus Krewe parade float watercolors, and Keith Haring subway graffiti art.

Harrisburg, Hour Three

56:46 | #2203 | TV-G

Items appraised include the 1963-1968 NASA archive of Pearl Tucker, a painted "Bucher" box, and a Randy Gumpert baseball archive.

Harrisburg, Hour Two

56:46 | #2202 | TV-G

Interesting finds include a Charles "Heinie" Wagner Red Sox archive, a Carl Schweninger oil, and a 1975 "Yellow Submarine" jacket made for Karen Carpenter.

Harrisburg, Hour One

56:46 | #2201 | TV-G

Celebrate a new season with a first-time visit to Harrisburg. Treasures include a Pennsylvania Dutch coffeepot, an 1892 H. F. Farny painting, and a Rene Lalique necklace.

Junk in the Trunk 7

56:46 | #2126 | TV-G

Discover never-before-aired appraisals from all six Season 21 cities, including an American Folk Art cane, a 1927 Yankees team-signed baseball, and a Vairocana Buddha.

Our 50 States 2

56:46 | #2129 | TV-G

Travel across America and back in time with appraisals of items from all 50 states in the two-part special. Finds include a Green Bay Packers championship group, a Joseph Henry Sharp oil, and a Molesworth lamp and furniture.

Our 50 States 1

56:46 | #2128 | TV-G

Celebrate America's hidden treasures from all 50 states. Special finds include a Thomas Hart Benton oil on tin, a Kentucky sugar chest, and a 1960 inscribed To Kill a Mockingbird.

Vintage Charlotte

56:46 | #2125 | TV-G

Highlights include Spanish earrings and a dragonfly brooch, a Carleton Watkins Yosemite album, and an 1840 Alfred J. Miller painting.

Vintage Kansas City

56:46 | #2124 | TV-G

Kansas City treasures include an autographed Time cover collection, an 18th-century flambe Meiping vase, and a 1957 Roy Rogers contest prize.

Vintage Seattle

56:46 | #2123 | TV-G

Highlights include a 1937 Birger Sandzen landscape, Babe Ruth-signed photos, and WWII work incentive posters.

Vintage Cleveland

56:46 | #2122 | TV-G

Updated appraisals include a 1979 Kent State apology, a Patek Philippe pocket watch, and a Herter Brothers sideboard and table.

Vintage Austin

56:46 | #2121 | TV-G

Highlights include an H. Siddons Mowbray painting, an 1802 Meriwether Lewis commission, and Marilyn Monroe photos.

Vintage Hot Springs

56:46 | #2120 | TV-G

Discover how appraisals from 15 years have changed in the antiques market, including Andrew Clemens sand art, a 1933 All-Star game signed baseball, and a Jasper Cropsey painting.

Vintage Albuquerque

56:46 | #2119 | TV-G

Revisit fan-favorite appraisals from 2002 including a magnificent Tang dynasty marble lion that moves the expert to tears.

Orlando, Hour Three

56:46 | #2118 | TV-G

Interesting items discovered include a 1946 Einstein-signed photo and prints, an Agassiz pendant watch, and a Chinese gold-splashed bronze vase.

Orlando, Hour Two

56:46 | #2117 | TV-G

Vintage and antique items include a 1965 NASA "Corned Beef" archive, a Korean The Water Moon Viewing Guanyin painting, and a 1918 WWI peach can label letter.

Orlando, Hour One

56:46 | #2116 | TV-G

Fantastic finds include Joe Strummer's boots, Ned Hanlon championship pins and cufflinks, and a 1941 Grant Wood "March" lithograph.

Virginia Beach, Hour Three

56:46 | #2115 | TV-G

Virginia Beach's hidden treasures include a 1554 Giorgio Ghisi engraving after Bronzino, a Louis Vuitton steamer trunk, and a 1962 Mercury Capsule antenna.

Virginia Beach, Hour Two

56:46 | #2114 | TV-G

Featured finds include a 1964 Cassius Clay twice-signed promotional print, modern Abdullah Qandeel "Red" and "Love" oils, and an early 18th-century Chinese celadon vase.

Virginia Beach, Hour One

56:46 | #2113 | TV-G

Vintage finds include a John Wayne mug collection, a 1977 Frank McCarthy On the Owl Hoot Trail oil, and 1943-1944 Albert Einstein letters.

Salt Lake City, Hour Three

56:46 | #2112 | TV-G

Fantastic finds include Watson & Crick-signed Double Helix books, an Art Deco jewelry suite, and a Japanese Arita porcelain vase.

Salt Lake City, Hour Two

56:46 | #2111 | TV-G

Treasures appraised include a Cartier Art Deco diamond bracelet, a Zee Wo Silver & Cinnabar cutlery set, and a 1959 Number 1 Barbie doll and accessories.

Salt Lake City, Hour One

56:46 | #2110 | TV-G

Vintage finds include an 1844 "Bellows Falls" LDS church hymnal, a 1914 Olaf Carl Seltzer oil, and a 1969 prototype Hot Wheels "Beach Bomb."

Palm Springs, Hour Three

56:46 | #2109 | TV-G

Highlights include Charles Schreyvogel's oil A Lone Horse, Disneyland hand-colored architectural elevations, and a 1982 Bob Mackie beaded gown, made for Brooke Shields.

Palm Springs, Hour Two

56:46 | #2108 | TV-G

Fantastic Palm Springs finds include a 1966 Roy Lichtenstein screenprint, a NASA Apollo archive, and a Tiffany Studios mosaic panel.

Palm Springs, Hour One

56:46 | #2107 | TV-G

Vintage and antique finds include a 1965 Noah Purifoy sculpture, Carroll O'Connor's Archie Bunker coat, and a Franz Bergman foundry Vienna bronze lamp.

Indianapolis, Hour Three

56:46 | #2106 | TV-G

Travel to Indianapolis for hidden treasures including an 1898 Alphonse Mucha JOB poster, a 1974 George Nakashima "Kent Hall" floor lamp, and a 1961 Ty Cobb-signed baseball.

Indianapolis, Hour Two

56:46 | #2105 | TV-G

Discover treasures from Indianapolis including a 1952 Joe Louis-signed whiskey bottle, a Sheraton sideboard, and a 1928 NY Yankees team-signed baseball.

Indianapolis, Hour One

29:53 | #2104 | TV-G

Vintage treasures include a Norman Rockwell charcoal self-portrait, a 1958 signed Indy 500 racing flag, and a Victorian wedding ensemble.

The Civil War Years

56:46 | #2127 | TV-G

Notable finds include a Lincoln Cabinet & Senate signed album, a Walt Whitman war letter, and a hospital steward's uniform.

Fort Worth, Hour Three

56:46 | #2103 | TV-G

Finds include an 1864 Civil War statue hilt presentation sword, a Joe Fortenberry Olympic gold medal, and James Madison's personal seal.

Fort Worth, Hour Two

56:46 | #2102 | TV-G

Treasures include a Felipe Orlando abstract oil, a German baroque lockbox, and a Green Bay Packers championship group.

Fort Worth, Hour One

56:46 | #2101 | TV-G

Celebrate the Season 21 premiere with treasures like a rock & roll poster collection from around 1968, a Delaware Tribe beaded baldric, and an Auguste Rodin "Eternal Spring" bronze.

The Best of 20

56:46 | #2029 | TV-G

Experience favorite appraisals from all 20 seasons, including a Navajo Ute First Phase Blanket, a signed Warhol collection, and a Tang Dynasty marble lion.

Junk in the Trunk 6

56:46 | #2026 | TV-G

Travel to all six cities for never-before-aired appraisals, including a Ty Cobb game-used baseball bat, 18th and 19th-century nephrite belt buckles, and a 1942 Lynn Bogue Hunt painting.

Celebrating Asian-Pacific Heritage

56:46 | #2028 | TV-G

Incredible items with Asian and Pacific Islands origins are appraised, including a Hawaiian kou bowl, a Ghandi presentation spinning wheel and an 1888 Joesph Nawahi painting.

Mansion Masterpieces

56:46 | #2027 | TV-G

Watch as history meets fantasy with treasures fit for a period costume drama, including a 1907 Robert Henri oil painting, a late 16th-century diamond marriage jewel and an English giltwood cabinet-on-stand.

Vintage Boston

56:46 | #2025 | TV-G

Highlights include a violin attributed to Johannes B. Ceruti, an 1836 Joseph H. Davis painting, and a frontiersman's pipe tomahawk.

Vintage Miami

56:46 | #2024 | TV-G

Highlights include a John Lehman stoneware jug from around 1870, a 34-Star Civil War flag, and a Rene Portocarrero painting.

Vintage San Diego

56:46 | #2023 | TV-G

Highlights include a Dr. Seuss "Kangaroo Bird," a Tiffany & Co. yellow diamond pendant, and a 1781 George Washington lifetime print.

Vintage New Orleans

56:46 | #2022 | TV-G

Highlights include a New Orleans art pottery jardiniere, an 1858 map of lower Mississippi, and a 1955 Brooklyn Dodgers World Series ball.

Vintage Indianapolis

56:46 | #2021 | TV-G

Highlights include an autographed electric guitar, a Little Orphan Annie dress, and a 1913 N.C. Wyeth painting.

Vintage New York

56:46 | #2020 | TV-G

Great items revisited include an Emile Galle faience cat, a 1968 Robert F. Kennedy letter, and a Philadelphia candlestand.

Vintage Tucson

56:46 | #2019 | TV-G

Highlights include a revisit of the touching fan-favorite Navajo Ute First Phase blanket appraisal.

Cleveland, Hour Three

56:46 | #2018 | TV-G

Outstanding vintage finds include a "Big Bronco" coin-operated horse, a Bill Watterson archive, and a Tiffany & Co. pendant watch necklace.

Cleveland, Hour Two

56:46 | #2017 | TV-G

Items include an Ohio salt-glazed figural stoneware match stand, an 1863 Civil War grave marker group, and a 1964 Manoucher Yektai oil painting.

Cleveland, Hour One

56:46 | #2016 | TV-G

Discover hidden treasures such as 1920 World Series stubs, a Charles Rohlfs music stand, and an Ohio folk art double portrait, ca. 1838.

Omaha, Hour Three

56:46 | #2015 | TV-G

Travel to Omaha to see fantastic pieces of history, like a Humphreys' homeopathic medicine cabinet, a 1939 Gregoire Boonzaier "View of Cape Town" oil painting, and a mid-19th-century Mormon book archive.

Omaha, Hour Two

56:47 | #2014 | TV-G

Treasures include 1955 Whitey Ford and 1951 Yogi Berra jerseys, a 1863 gilt bronze-mounted gaslight, and a 1887 Seth Whipple oil painting.

Omaha, Hour One

56:46 | #2013 | TV-G

Vintage finds include a 1939 Grant Wood "Fertility" lithograph, a Daytona model Rolex, and Prohibition liquor bottles.

Tucson, Hour Three

56:46 | #2012 | TV-G

Journey to Tucson to see fantastic finds, including a 1994 Pete Seeger original song, an 1889 George Hitchcock oil diptych, and an 1861 Abraham Lincoln presidential pardon.

Tucson, Hour Two

56:46 | #2011 | TV-G

Discover hidden treasures in Tucson, such as a Jackie Robinson archive from around 1938, a 1960 GMT Master model Rolex, and diamond and onyx jewelry, ca. 1920.

Tucson, Hour One

56:46 | #2010 | TV-G

Travel to Tucson to learn more about finds like a 1943 Allen Ginsberg-signed yearbook, an 1884 Anna Pottery temperance snake jug, and an Alfons Walde oil painting.

Charleston, Hour Three

56:46 | #2009 | TV-G

Great finds include a 1890 Frederic Remington watercolor, a 1970 Jimi Hendrix collection, and an 1879 James A.M. Whistler "The Palaces" etching.

Charleston, Hour Two

56:46 | #2008 | TV-G

Treasures include a locally made Francis Sommer astronomical regulator clock, an 1899 Oscar Wilde manuscript poem, and a 1960 Rene Portocarrero "Catedral" oil.

Charleston, Hour One

56:46 | #2007 | TV-G

Items appraised include a Babe Ruth archive, a Japanese Komai iron and gold vase, a Virginia Federal walnut cellarette, and more.

Little Rock, Hour Three

56:46 | #2006 | TV-G

Treasures include a 1985 Charles Schulz Snoopy sketch, Chinese altar garniture, and a 1919 William Faulkner handmade poetry book.

Little Rock, Hour Two

56:46 | #2005 | TV-G

Journey to Little Rock to see fantastic finds, including a 1983 Truman Capote "Playboy" manuscript, a jazz musician photograph archive, and a Mississippian effigy figure.

Little Rock, Hour One

56:46 | #2004 | TV-G

An Olin Travis Ozark hilltop painting, a 1936 Lou Gehrig autograph, and an English giltwood cabinet-on-stand are found in Little Rock.

Spokane, Hour Three

56:46 | #2003 | TV-G

Treasures include a 1938 Snow White banner, a Chinese huanghuali cosmetic case, and an 1860 John J. Audubon chromolithograph.

Spokane, Hour Two

56:46 | #2002 | TV-G

Fantastic finds in Spokane include a 1961-1963 JFK archive, a grotesque face jug, and Gone with the Wind sketches.

Spokane, Hour One

56:46 | #2001 | TV-G

Treasures include a 1919 Belmont Stakes trophy, 1963 The Avengers comics, and two Amadeo de Souza-Cardoso oil paintings.

Treasures on the Move

56:46 | #1935 | TV-G

Items include Art Deco travel posters, a Waltham railroad pocket watch, and a Lewis and Clark map.

Junk in the Trunk 5, Part 2

56:46 | #1933 | TV-G

Appraisals include Fantasia drawings and sketches from 1940, Alvin & the Chipmunks puppets, and Israel Regardie's manuscripts and book.

Junk in the Trunk 5, Part 1

56:46 | #1932 | TV-G

Appraisals include a 1925 San Francisco pictorial map, NASA signed photos, and a Chinese jadeite peach-form bowl from around 1900.

Chicago, Hour Three

56:46 | #1924 | TV-G

Discoveries include a group of Ayn Rand inscribed books, an Edward Borein watercolor, and a 1931 Carnegie hero medal.

Chicago, Hour Two

56:46 | #1923 | TV-G

Interesting items include a 1989 Keith Haring graffiti art, a 1910 Walter Johnson All-Star watch, and a Walt Whitman Civil War letter.

Chicago, Hour One

56:46 | #1922 | TV-G

Great finds include a 1969 "Chicago Seven" signed subpoena, a 1961 Leonora Carrington oil, and a 1976 Playboy Bunny collection.

Albuquerque, Hour Three

56:46 | #1921 | TV-G

Highlights include a 1962 sonic blue Fender Stratocaster, a 1965 Beatles-signed photo and letter, and French filigree earrings, ca. 1775.

Albuquerque, Hour Two

56:46 | #1920 | TV-G

Great finds include a 1969 Jasper Johns flag print and a 1939 inscribed "Pinocchio" book.

Albuquerque, Hour One

56:46 | #1919 | TV-G

Discover the treasures of Albuquerque, including a 1969 Woodstock jacket and program, a silk wedding gown, and a Jane Peterson oil painting.

Vintage Charleston

56:46 | #1926 | TV-G

Highlights include Newcomb College vases, Fred Meyer photographs, and a Leon Julien Deschamps bronze.

Vintage Madison

56:46 | #1930 | TV-G

Highlights include an 1875 Norwegian Hardanger fiddle, Winsor McCay comic art, and an Eanger Irving Couse oil.

Vintage Las Vegas

56:46 | #1929 | TV-G

Highlights include a collection of magic memorabilia, a Shearer chest of drawers, and an album of John Thomson photos.

Vintage Tulsa

56:46 | #1928 | TV-G

Highlights include a Navajo chief's blanket, a Connecticut secretary and chair, and a 1924 Charles Russell watercolor.

Vintage Denver

56:46 | #1927 | TV-G

Highlights include a Bakelite collection, a 19th-century Tabor mining archive, and some Jessie Willcox Smith paintings.

Vintage Sacramento

56:46 | #1931 | TV-G

Highlights include an 1864 Lincoln campaign poster, a Dirk Van Erp lamp, and a Marion Kavanaugh Wachtel oil.

Vintage St. Louis

56:46 | #1925 | TV-G

Highlights include an 1847 Petrus van Schendel painting, a Steiff black bear, and an iron framed Henry rifle.

Charleston, Hour Three

56:46 | #1918 | TV-G

Highlights include an 1875 W.S. Young landscape oil of the Greenbrier River in West Virginia, a collection of Noel Coward "Sail Away" memorabilia, and a Newcomb College vase.

Charleston, Hour Two

56:46 | #1917 | TV-G

Highlights include a collection of Marilyn Monroe stills, a British rainbow spatterware pot, and an 1849 ship's log and register.

Charleston, Hour One

56:46 | #1916 | TV-G

New appraisals include an archive of the Oak Ridge Journal, a Pete Seeger autographed sign, and an 1854 Edward Beyer panoramic oil painting.

Santa Clara, Hour Three

56:46 | #1915 | TV-G

Great finds include a Booker T. Washington archive, a 17th-century Chinese transitional wine pot, and a Eanger Irving Couse painting.

Santa Clara, Hour Two

56:46 | #1914 | TV-G

Highlights include a Lambert magician automaton, a Ray Bradbury archive, and a Fred Myrick scrimshaw tooth.

Santa Clara, Hour One

56:46 | #1913 | TV-G

Highlights include an Italian hotel proprietor's autograph book that includes signatures from John Steinbeck, Leo Tolstoy, Mark Twain; a Margaret Keane "Big Eye" painting; and a collection of 1936-1939 Edward Weston photographs.

Birmingham, Hour Three

56:46 | #1912 | TV-G

Highlights include an autographed first edition copy of Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird, a Titanic photograph and book, and a Rolex military watch with ties to The Great Escape book and film.

Birmingham, Hour Two

56:46 | #1911 | TV-G

Highlights include 1968 letters from a young Bill Clinton, a Lalique hood ornament, and a 1952 John Falter illustration.

Birmingham, Hour One

56:46 | #1910 | TV-G

Highlights include hand-colored Andy Warhol lithographs, a pair of southern dolls, and a Frederic Remington portrait.

Bismarck, Hour Three

56:46 | #1909 | TV-G

Highlights include an original Santa Claus oil and advertisement by Hadden Sundblom, a 1778 letter written by George Washington, and two Irish dragoon swallowtail guidon flags.

Bismarck, Hour Two

56:46 | #1908 | TV-G

Highlights include a miniature Japanese china set, a fashion forward ranchwear outfit, and a Chinese Imperial ceremonial outfit.

Bismarck, Hour One

56:46 | #1907 | TV-G

Highlights include a 1939 collection from the rescue operation of the Navy submarine USS Squalus, a Torino lamp, and two Tlingit Shamanic masks.

Celebrating Black Americana

56:46 | #1934 | TV-G

Highlights include an 1821 U.S. citizenship certificate for a free man of color; an African-American beauty book written by the first American female millionaire; and a trip to the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum.

Austin, Hour Three

56:46 | #1906 | TV-G

Fantastic finds include a scrapbook of World War II photos, an 1875 "Pictorial St. Louis" atlas, and an inherited jade ring with case.

Austin, Hour Two

56:46 | #1905 | TV-G

Great highlights include a 1607 Galileo letter, a jewelry collection, and a Chinese cloisonne panel.

Austin, Hour One

56:46 | #1904 | TV-G

Highlights include a spinning wheel gifted to the owner's mother by Mahatma Gandhi, a pin designed by pop artist Roy Lichtenstein, and a custom diamond and platinum Van Cleef and Arpels necklace.

New York City, Hour Three

56:46 | #1903 | TV-G

Highlights include a Tiffany presentation watch, a 1943 Irving Berlin manuscript, and a collection of rare 1903 American Beauty-backed tobacco baseball cards in pristine condition.

New York City, Hour Two

56:46 | #1902 | TV-G

Highlights include a Tiffany Studios mosaic inkwell, a show run from the Beatles' first Ed Sullivan Show appearance along with an autographed photograph of the band, and a Joseph Kleitsch oil painting.

New York City, Hour One

56:46 | #1901 | TV-G

The season premiere includes an unpublished Art Spiegelman book proposal; a headboard from the set of The Godfather, Part II; and an archive of rare photographic baseball cards with a handwritten letter from the 1871-1872 Boston Red Stockings.

Manor House Treasures

56:46 | #1835 | TV-G

Taking inspiration from "Downton Abbey" and other period dramas, this special features a Lord Byron cellarette and portrait, a Louis Vuitton steamer trunk, and a Louis Comfort Tiffany necklace.

The Boomer Years

01:26:46 | #1834 | TV-G

Highlights include a 1956 Elvis "Love Me Tender" standee, a 1958 Martin Luther King, Jr. letter purchased at the estate of a Richard Nixon biographer, and Charles Schulz comic strip art.

Junk in the Trunk 4, Part 2

56:46 | #1833 | TV-G

Great appraisals include a collection of 1898 Mardi Gras invitations, Julia Child's copper pans, and a German violin with a Sartory bow.

Junk in the Trunk 4, Part 1

56:46 | #1832 | TV-G

Appraisals include a Steiff Pushmi-Pullyu Doctor Dolittle character, a Pablo Picasso linocut, and a pair of Italian carved door panels.

Jacksonville, Hour Three

56:46 | #1824 | TV-G

Highlights include a NASA "Mercury 7" signed photo, an 1862 Abraham Lincoln signed document, and a Tiffany & Co. gold necklace.

Jacksonville, Hour Two

56:46 | #1823 | TV-G

Highlights include a Babyland Rag topsy-turvy doll, a diamond Art Deco bracelet watch, and Robert E. Lee's own map of critical battle areas around Richmond.

Jacksonville, Hour One

56:46 | #1822 | TV-G

Highlights include a Laurel and Hardy "Swiss Miss" horn, a 1780 silver presentation cup, and a Thomas Hart Benton oil on tin.

Knoxville, Hour Three

56:46 | #1821 | TV-G

Highlights include a third edition of Gone With the Wind, signed Muhammad Ali training shoes, and a Cartier sapphire and diamond ring.

Knoxville, Hour Two

56:46 | #1820 | TV-G

Highlights include a collection of personal letters from Amelia Earhart, Joseph Delaney drawings, and two Jacob Maentel watercolors.

Knoxville, Hour One

56:46 | #1819 | TV-G

Highlights include a Tiffany pottery vase; a shoe belonging to Robert Wadlow, the tallest human recorded in history; and a Chinese gilt bronze Amida Buddah.

Vintage Des Moines

56:46 | #1831 | TV-G

Highlights include a Rambling Mickey Mouse toy with its original box, Charles Lindbergh memorabilia, and a Samuel McIntire medallion.

Vintage Salt Lake City

56:46 | #1830 | TV-G

Highlights include Napoleonic prisoner-of-war pieces, a Mormon certificate of gratitude, and beaded Kiowa objects.

Vintage Baltimore

56:46 | #1829 | TV-G

Highlights include an Edgar Allen Poe-inscribed book, a Titanic collection, and a Frederick De Wit atlas.

Vintage Toronto

56:46 | #1828 | TV-G

Highlights include a Victorian carved oak bed, a Duiffopruggar-style violin, and a Demetre Chiparus "Starfish" bronze.

Vintage Columbus

56:46 | #1827 | TV-G

Highlights include a trio of Albert Cheuret art deco clocks, a Marx "Roy Rogers" play set, and a valuableThomas Jefferson letter.

Vintage Tampa

56:46 | #1826 | TV-G

Highlights include a fork from the Hindenburg, a costume jewelry hat, and a Louis Comfort Tiffany lamp with a "Rose Helmut" shade.

Vintage Providence

56:47 | #1825 | TV-G

Highlights include a Maurice Brazil Prendergast color monotype, a Cartier ruby and diamond compact, and an Edward Farmer jade and gold box.

Richmond, Hour Three

56:46 | #1818 | TV-G

Highlights include a collection of Langston Hughes-signed first editions, a 1935 Bride of Frankenstein pressbook, and a 1890 Frank Henry Shapleigh oil painting.

Richmond, Hour Two

56:46 | #1817 | TV-G

Highlights include a 1765 Thomas Pitts silver epergne, a Leveille-Rousseau perfume bottle, and a Tiffany & Co. brooch.

Richmond, Hour One

56:46 | #1816 | TV-G

Highlights include a late 19th-century Albert Neuhuys watercolor, a 1982 UNC championship signed basketball featuring Michael Jordan, and an early 20th-century Alice R. H. Smith watercolor.

Anaheim, Hour Three

56:46 | #1815 | TV-G

Highlights include an 18th-century Chinese cinnabar lacquer box, a collection of wanted posters featuring a Butch Cassidy wanted circular, and a shadow box attributed to Joseph Cornell.

Anaheim, Hour Two

56:46 | #1814 | TV-G

Highlights include performance shoes that belonged to Buddy Ebsen, a jade jewelry collection, and a Utrillo oil painting.

Anaheim, Hour One

56:46 | #1813 | TV-G

Highlights include a Marx Brothers prop duck, two sketches by Michael Jackson, and a Frederic Church painting.

Kansas City, Hour Three

20:52 | #1812 | TV-G

Highlights include a 1955 Elvis Presley concert poster, a Marklin "Puritan" toy boat, and a 1919 Leon Gaspard painting.

Kansas City, Hour Two

56:46 | #1811 | TV-G

Highlights include a beauty book by Madam C.J. Walker, an E.G. Wright silver cornet, and a 1920 Onderdonk oil painting.

Kansas City, Hour One

56:46 | #1810 | TV-G

Highlights include an 1891 Kansas City Fire Chief presentation badge, a bold 1796 Chinese bronze censer, and a pristine 1965 Roy Lichtenstein screen print.

Baton Rouge, Hour Three

56:46 | #1809 | TV-G

Highlights include an early 19th-century Louisiana work table, a collection of insightful Civil War Confederate letters, and a Porfirio Salinas oil.

Baton Rouge, Hour Two

56:46 | #1808 | TV-G

Highlights include a Louisiana political poster, paintings by New Orleans artists and Newcomb pottery founders William and Ellsworth Woodward, and a NASA photograph collection.

Baton Rouge, Hour One

56:46 | #1807 | TV-G

Highlights include a French Art Deco ring, a copy of the book The History of Magic with an inscription from Jim Morrison of The Doors, and four Rembrandt and James McNeill Whistler etchings.

Detroit, Hour Three

56:46 | #1806 | TV-G

Highlights include a Charles Schulz signed letter and drawing, letters from Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud discussing Russian ballet dancer Vaslav Nijinsky, and etchings by Edward Hopper and John Sloan.

Detroit, Hour Two

56:46 | #1805 | TV-G

Highlights include Marvin Gaye's 1964 passport, a Petrus van Schendel oil painting, and a signed photo album of President Abraham Lincoln and his cabinet and Senate.

Detroit, Hour One

56:46 | #1804 | TV-G

Highlights include a 1970 Andy Warhol poster, an early 20th-century collection of locally crafted Pewabic pottery, and a working script of The Wizard of Oz.

Boise, Hour Three

56:46 | #1803 | TV-G

Highlights include an 1822 letter from Thomas Jefferson, a rare Babe Ruth Candy Club membership card, and a ruby and diamond necklace.

Boise, Hour Two

56:46 | #1802 | TV-G

Treasures include a mid-century pinup painting by Earl Moran, a complete set of lobby cards from the 1951 film The Day the Earth Stood Still, and an inherited 1922 Edward Hopper etching.

Boise, Hour One

56:46 | #1801 | TV-G

Highlights include a poignant signed note from Mother Teresa, a custom model 1894 Winchester rifle, and a collection of Chinese rhinoceros horn carved libation cups.

Finders Keepers

56:46 | #1720 | TV-G

A Weller Coppertone vase and a collection of Cole Porter and Monty Woolley letters are appraised.


56:46 | #1719 | TV-G

A French Blue John urn that remains largely intact despite multiple gunshots, a New Orleans Chess Table that held strong through Hurricane Katrina, and hotel stationary - bearing the names of three of the four Beatles - that escaped a fiery end are appraised.

Junk in the Trunk 3

56:46 | #1721 | TV-G

This special features a Myrtle Beach guest with a sports collection that would make any Celtics fan turn green with envy, a diamond and platinum ring in Corpus Christi, and a valuable old book with a mysterious past in Rapid City.

Vintage Richmond

56:46 | #1727 | TV-G

Items include a Cartier desk clock, a Royal Doulton bear, 1956 World Series baseballs, a Carnegie autograph album, and a collection of diamond and ruby jewelry.

Vintage Hartford

56:46 | #1726 | TV-G

Items include a 1915 Coca-Cola jigsaw puzzle, an Emancipation Announcement print, and a Tiffany aquamarine glass vase.

Vintage Louisville

36:36 | #1725 | TV-G

A look back at some of the items appraised in Louisville back in 1998. Items include a 19th-century folk art jug, a South Carolina Slave Badge from 1810, and James Dean's high school yearbook.

Vintage Rochester

56:46 | #1724 | TV-G

Items include a painting by Frank Zappa, a van Munster violin, and a Minton vase. One of these items increased more than five times in value and another has dropped by more than $1,000.

Vintage Milwaukee

56:46 | #1723 | TV-G

Items include a Tiffany lamp, which was appraised at $8,000-$15,000 in 1998 and is now valued between $20,000 and $30,000.

Vintage Los Angeles

56:46 | #1722 | TV-G

Items include a Disney animation art, a 1906 Van Briggle vase, and a Tiffany lamp that was first appraised in 1998 at $ 30,000 to $40,000.

Seattle, Hour Three

56:46 | #1718 | TV-G

Notable finds include a late-16th-century diamond and enamel jewel; a moose, elk, and buffalo hide chair; an 1880s Crazy Quilt; and a white Steiff clown bear.

Seattle, Hour Two

56:46 | #1717 | TV-G

Discoveries include a circa 1964 "Star Trek" script and pitch letter, a Civil War dog collar, and Harriet Frishmuth bookends.

Seattle, Hour One

56:46 | #1716 | TV-G

Highlights include a Vladimir Kagan desk used by Kagan himself and an impressive 1874 Francis A. Silva oil painting.

Rapid City, Hour Three

56:46 | #1715 | TV-G

Highlights include a 1760s Chester County Pennsylvania spice chest, two sets of Frank Lloyd Wright blueprints, and a Favrile Fabrique Tiffany desk lamp.

Rapid City, Hour Two

56:46 | #1714 | TV-G

Highlights include TWA travel posters, a 1932 signed photograph of Mount Rushmore, and a Rock-Ola juke box.

Rapid City, Hour One

56:46 | #1713 | TV-G

Notable finds include a suite of furniture by Thomas Molesworth from the famous "Ranch A" and signed military documents of Elvis Presley.

Cincinnati, Hour Three

56:46 | #1712 | TV-G

Highlights include a trophy from the 1908 Belmont Stakes, an early 20th-century toy horse and buggy, a French advertising poster, and an impressive bust of Abraham Lincoln.

Cincinnati, Hour Two

56:46 | #1711 | TV-G

Discoveries include a suit that belonged to chicken magnate Colonel Sanders, a bronze horse sculpture by Solon Borglum, and an 1846 wall map of the western United States.

Cincinnati, Hour One

56:46 | #1710 | TV-G

Highlights include a baseball bat used by Mickey Mantle, art pottery from Cincinnati's very own Rookwood Pottery, and works by locally born and world-renowned artist Edward Henry Potthast.

Myrtle Beach, Hour Three

56:46 | #1709 | TV-G

Discoveries include an 1884 Currier & Ives print; a Pennsylvania folk art whirligig; and a 1936 first edition of Gone With the Wind.

Myrtle Beach, Hour Two

56:46 | #1708 | TV-G

Discoveries include an 1860 letter signed by Abraham Lincoln, a gift of crystals from Marilyn Monroe, and an 1850s South Carolina sword.

Myrtle Beach, Hour One

56:46 | #1707 | TV-G

Appraiser Debra Force discovers a wonderful Joseph Henry Sharp oil painting in South Carolina.

Boston, Hour Three

56:46 | #1706 | TV-G

Discoveries include Civil War photographs, World War II German POW signs, and a circa 1810 South Carolina musket.

Boston, Hour Two

56:46 | #1705 | TV-G

Highlights include a 1950 Selmer alto saxophone, an impressive George Gershwin collection, and 1970s Beatles memorabilia.

Boston, Hour One

56:46 | #1704 | TV-G

Discoveries include a Norman Rockwell collection, an Aldro Hibbard oil painting brought in by the mayor of Boston, and a Red Sox World Series team-signed ball.

Corpus Christi, Hour Three

56:46 | #1703 | TV-G

Highlights include a 1912 portrait by Charles Courtney Curran, a Porfirio Salinas Bluebonnet oil painting, and a 1983 Helen Frankenthaler lithograph.

Corpus Christi, Hour Two

56:46 | #1702 | TV-G

Highlights include vintage flash art at a local tattoo parlor, John Lennon's signature, and a book inscribed by Salvador Dali.

Corpus Christi, Hour One

50:46 | #1701 | TV-G

Highlights include a Diego Rivera oil painting, a 1967 painting by Alexander Calder, a Japanese bronze depicting a mythical figure, and a giant Fisk "Tire Boy" sign.

Greatest Gifts

56:46 | #1620 | TV-G

Items that guests received as presents include a Louis Comfort Tiffany necklace and a Fender bass.

Cats & Dogs

56:46 | #1619 | TV-G

Whether it's a ceramic dog or a painted cat, this special is chock full of appraisals featuring felines and canines. Take a look at an original Hush Puppy mascot, dog portraits, and one "naughty cat" bronze.

Junk in the Trunk 2

56:46 | #1621 | TV-G

Never-before-seen appraisals include a Missouri Regiment Colt Pistol, sapphire and diamonds from Tiffany, and Dr. Seuss' signature.

Vintage Pittsburgh

56:46 | #1627 | TV-G

A gold, silver and ruby bracelet whose value has increased from $6,000 to a current $10,000 to $12,000, while the value of a handsome Victorian sideboard has decreased.

Vintage San Francisco

56:46 | #1626 | TV-G

A modest-looking Eskimo hunting helmet swells in value, while a 1385 English silver spoon declines to $5,000 to $8,000.

Vintage Atlanta

56:46 | #1625 | TV-G

A collection of documents related to golf legend Bobby Jones increases in price, while an 1841 letter by Abraham Lincoln decreases in price.

Vintage Houston

56:46 | #1624 | TV-G

A 19th-century Chinese jade scepter, originally appraised for $1,500 to $2,500, spikes to $50,000 to $80,000, while a 1912 Titanic menu decreases in value.

Vintage Secaucus

56:46 | #1623 | TV-G

A 1900 folk art ship model bought at a yard sale and a gaming table bought for $25 are showcased.

Vintage Phoenix

56:46 | #1622 | TV-G

"Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus," the original 1897 letter to the New York Sun, is appraised.

Minneapolis, Mn - Hour Three

56:46 | #1618 | TV-G

Highlights include an 1863 Ulysses S. Grant letter; a circa 1950 Charles Shulz Li'l Folks original cartoon; and two paintings - one by Victor Higgins, the other by Spencer - purchased together for $5, but valued over $75,000.

Minneapolis, Mn - Hour Two

56:46 | #1617 | TV-G

Highlights include a 1956 Elvis Presley standee rescued from an attic, a portrait sketched by George Gershwin accompanied with letters from the composer to the owner's mother, and a circa 1885 Franz Roubaud oil painting.

Minneapolis, Mn - Hour One

56:46 | #1616 | TV-G

Highlights include a questionable George Elmslie chair that, if authentic, could fetch $50, 000; a 1900 McKinley-Roosevelt poster discovered at a flea market; and a 1976 fancy intense yellow diamond ring.

Atlanta, Ga - Hour Three

56:46 | #1615 | TV-G

Highlights include a circa 1961 Willie Mays jersey and pants; a 17th-century Ming bronze guardian figure; and a circa 1861 Confederate officer's sword, originally belonging to the guest's great-great-great-grandfather.

Atlanta, Ga - Hour Two

56:46 | #1614 | TV-G

Highlights include a circa 1939 copy of Gone With The Wind, signed by the author and the cast; an 1875 Persian turquoise and diamond Victorian bracelet; and a circa 1930 painting by legendary Philadelphia impressionist Mary Elizabeth Price.

Atlanta, Ga - Hour One

56:46 | #1613 | TV-G

Highlights include a decorative egg with a Faberge mark, purchased for $15,000; a 1787 land grant signed by Benjamin Franklin; and a New York Chippendale corner chair, circa 1760, valued between $250,000-$300,000.

El Paso, Tx - Hour Three

56:46 | #1612 | TV-G

Highlights include a 1775 Revolutionary War canteen; an 1834 last will of historic Alamo fighter Ben Milam, rescued from a basement; and a 1787 Debbe Poor sampler - the oldest sampler on record from Andover, Massachusetts - valued at $40,000.

El Paso, Tx - Hour Two

56:46 | #1611 | TV-G

Highlights include a collection of signed Andy Warhol soup cans and pop art; a collection of signed Cormac McCarthy first editions; and a circa 1570 "Lotto" Oushak rug, initially purchased by the owner's uncle for $350, and conservatively valued between $30,000 and $40,000.

El Paso, Tx - Hour One

56:46 | #1610 | TV-G

A 19th-century Fiji split whale's tooth necklace; Andy Warhol's 1966 artist's proof of a print of Jacqueline Kennedy; and a 1937 first edition copy of The Hobbit, with original dust jacket and author J.R.R. Tolkien's signature.

Pittsburgh, Pa - Hour Three

56:46 | #1609 | TV-G

A collection of correspondence between members of the Kennedy family and JFK's former personal secretary, a circa 1928 Art Deco jade sapphire ring, and a 1946 oil painting by Rockwell Kent.

Pittsburgh, PA - Hour Two

56:46 | #1608 | TV-G

A 6.5 carat yellow mine cut diamond ring kept for years in a sock drawer, a North American Indian club and pipe the owner believes belonged to Sitting Bull, and three Charles Darwin first editions.

Pittsburgh, PA - Hour One

56:46 | #1607 | TV-PG

Intimate correspondence between Cole Porter and actor Monty Woolley; a finely knotted circa 1920 silk Kashan rug; and a 17th-century Chinese rhinoceros horn cup, purchased for $1 and valued at $350,000 to $450,000.

Eugene, OR- Hour Three

56:46 | #1606 | TV-G

A circa 1938 Marx car and a battery powered dump truck; a circa 1861 Civil War cavalry guidon that may have been used in the Battle of Shiloh; and the "guardian of Venice," a 1960 jeweled gold moretto valued at $40,000 to $60,000.

Eugene, OR - Hour Two

56:46 | #1605 | TV-G

A circa 1800 New England Chippendale chest-on-chest, an 1846 map of Western America, and an early 20th-century Russian Imperial Officer's sword from the reign of Tsar Nicholas II.

Eugene, OR - Hour One

56:46 | #1604 | TV-G

A collection of signed baseball Hall of Famer Ty Cobb memorabilia; an original Rosemary's Baby drawing by art designer Clem Hall; and a 1919 oil painting by Norman Rockwell.

Tulsa, OK - Hour Three

56:46 | #1603 | TV-G

An 1826 English gadget cane, equipped with both a pistol and a telescope; a vibrant 1931 Oscar Mayer in-store display; and a circa 1600 Ming Dynasty cast bronze guardian figure.

Tulsa, OK - Hour Two

56:46 | #1602 | TV-G

A 1960 first-edition To Kill a Mockingbird with an inscription by Harper Lee; a collection of bronzes that may or may not be Remingtons and Russells; and an extremely rare 1924 Gibson F-5 "Lloyd Loar" mandolin.

Tulsa, OK - Hour One

56:46 | #1601 | TV-G

Highlights include a poignant signed note from Mother Teresa to a wood-carver; a custom model 1894 Winchester rifle; and a collection of late 17th/early 18th-century Chinese rhinoceros horn carved libation cups - grabbing the number one spot in the list of all-time highest value Roadshow appraisals at $1 to $1.5 million.

Forever Young

56:46 | #1521 | TV-G

A celebration of objects for the young and the young at heart. Highlights include original art for a Dr. Seuss lunchbox; a child's shoe autographed by Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig; and a colorful embroidered silk picture, sewn by the owner's great-great-great-aunt in 1819, at the age of 15.

Tasty Treasures

56:46 | #1520 | TV-G

Highlights include a coveted stainless steel 1930s meat serving cart that saw decades of use at a casino in Reno Nevada; a rare toy coffee service made of 18th-century British porcelain; and an heirloom Tlingit Indian oil bowl and ladle, acquired by the owner's great-great-grandfather during a military posting to Sitka, Alaska, in 1877, valued at a jaw-dropping $250,000 to $300,000.

Junk in the Trunk

56:46 | #1519 | TV-G

Highlights include one of a set of six inherited chairs, made 50 years ago by a furniture designer who also did commissions for Aristotle Onassis; a rare and extensive collection of WWII prison camp materials; and a drawing and lithograph by iconic American artist Grant Wood, as well as a trunk containing some of his possessions.

Washington, DC (Part 3)

56:46 | #1518 | TV-PG

Miniature 18th and 19th-century portraits, a 1964 Chrysler Turbine model; a circa 1840 temperance banner, and a circa 1925 oil painting by Jessie Willcox Smith.

Washington, DC (Part 2)

56:46 | #1517 | TV-G

Host Mark L. Walberg interviews Inspector General Brian Miller, an 1813 Congressional sword, a Tiffany & Co. Sinclair mantel clock, and a Charles Schreyvogel sculpture.

Washington, DC (Part 1)

56:46 | #1516 | TV-G

A visit to the U.S. State Department headquarters, a 1958 signed letter by Martin Luther King Jr., a circa 1965 Andy Warhol lithograph, and a hand-wrought Gorham silver tea set.

Biloxi (Part 3)

56:46 | #1515 | TV-G

A suit worn by Olivia de Haviland in the 1943 film Princess O'Rourke; a circa 1890 French industrial clock; and four 1827 watercolor portraits attributed to "The Guilford Limner," a mysterious North Carolina-based artist who never signed his work, valued conservatively at $60,000.

Biloxi (Part 2)

56:46 | #1514 | TV-G

The world of vintage space toys, a 1943 National League signed baseball, a sword used in the Revolutionary War, and a beautifully preserved 1811 silk-on-silk embroidery.

Biloxi (Part 1)

56:46 | #1513 | TV-G

A look at the eccentric pottery of George Ohr; a Walter Anderson linocut, an 1899 "Buffalo Bill" poster; and a 1928 Art Deco, bronze sculpture of dancers from the Russian Ballet.

Billings (Part 3)

56:46 | #1512 | TV-G

A beautifully preserved 1843 artillery sword and belt; a circa 1925 sequined flapper dress and gold lamé coat; and a circa 1925 heirloom collection of ruby, diamond, and jade rings.

Billings (Part 2)

56:46 | #1511 | TV-G

A 19th-century Japanese suit of armor, an 1874 oil painting by noted Swiss artist Luigi Rossi, and a circa 1825 Parisian gilt bronze plateau.

Billings (Part 1)

56:46 | #1510 | TV-G

A 19th-century Chinese jade brush washer, a 1752 English silver coursing trophy, and a long-lost 19th-century Arthur Brown watercolor scene of Yellowstone National Park.

Des Moines (Part 3)

56:46 | #1509 | TV-G

A circa 1856 Des Moines city plan, printed just before it officially became Iowa's new capital; a circa 1838 E.C. Brewster beehive clock; and a circa 1925 round European-cut diamond and platinum ring.

Des Moines (Part 2)

56:46 | #1508 | TV-G

A collection of late-1950s and 1960s Lucy M. Lewis Acoma Pueblo pottery, a 1790 Russian Loutkin snuff box inscribed with the imperial arms of the Romanov dynasty, and an extremely rare 1623 Shakespeare First Folio.

Des Moines (Part 1)

56:46 | #1507 | TV-G

A collection of prized sand bottles by 19th-century Iowa folk artist Andrew Clemens, a late-Victorian gold vest chain and fob, a pair of 1963 and 1966 Green Bay Packers signed footballs, and a rare collection of promotional movie memorabilia from Hollywood's Golden Age.

San Diego (Part 3)

56:46 | #1506 | TV-G

A collection of comics from the 1930s to the 1970s; a set of circa 1915 Cartier cuff links, buttons, and studs; an original Hortus Eystettensis botanical illustration published in 1613.

San Diego (Part 2)

56:46 | #1505 | TV-G

An 18th-century ivory carved crèche, a beautifully preserved banner from George Washington's inauguration ball, and a circa 1900 Turkmenistan rug.

San Diego (Part 1)

56:46 | #1504 | TV-G

Handwritten draft of the 1933 song "Stormy Weather," an heirloom circa 1864 Tiffany cameo, and a turn-of-the-century aristocratic portrait by Robert Henri.

Miami Beach (Part 3)

56:46 | #1503 | TV-G

A rare, Qing Dynasty (early 18th century) vase; a 1956 Gretsch Chet Atkins Model 6120 guitar; and a charming oil painting by popular Victorian artist John George Brown.

Miami Beach (Part 2)

56:46 | #1502 | TV-G

An archive of correspondence and photos, circa 1965, marking the friendship between a cigar-loving Winston Churchill and the guest's Cuban great aunt and uncle; a stunning 1908 example of New Orleans' Newcomb College pottery; and an heirloom collection of vintage diamond rings and a necklace.

Miami Beach (Part 1)

56:46 | #1501 | TV-G

A rare 1960 re-release movie poster for the iconic biker film The Wild One; a George Ohr vase with a surprising secret; and a 1940s mobile by Alexander Calder — grabbing the number two spot in the list of all-time highest value Roadshow appraisals.

Naughty or Nice

56:46 | #1420 | TV-G

Enlivening the year-end holiday season, this lineup of favorite appraisals from past seasons will satisfy everyone's wish list.

Simply the Best

56:46 | #1419 | TV-G

This special showcases objects deemed the finest examples of their kind.

San Jose (Part 3)

56:46 | #1418 | TV-G

A collection of three Great Basin baskets made in Nevada.

San Jose (Part 2)

56:46 | #1417 | TV-G

A painting entitled The Wet Nurse, by the German genre painter Carl Herpfer.

San Jose (Part 1)

56:46 | #1416 | TV-G

A Tlingit bowl and ladle inherited from the guest's great-great-grandfather, who procured them on an 1877 trip to Alaska.

Phoenix (Part 3)

56:46 | #1415 | TV-G

A violin made by the Gagliano family in Naples in the early 1800s and a violin bow made in France in the shop of Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume.

Phoenix (Part 2)

56:47 | #1414 | TV-G

A 1982 bronze maquette by renowned sculptor Henry Moore, an heirloom amethyst jewelry collection, and an early abstract painting by Chuck Close.

Phoenix (Part 1)

56:46 | #1413 | TV-G

A circa 1905 advertising display for waterproof baby pants, a 1797 Chippendale marriage chest, and a collection of original Charles Schulz "Peanuts" artwork.

Denver (Part 3)

56:46 | #1412 | TV-G

Two circa 1958 prototype chairs designed by the guest's father; a salesman's sample canoe; and a 1941 Martin guitar, played by the guest's great-uncle.

Denver (Part 2)

56:46 | #1411 | TV-G

A Dodger's game-used jersey, worn by pitcher Don Drysdale; an heirloom 17th-century Massachusetts armchair; and an heirloom 1817 needlework family portrait.

Denver (Part 1)

56:46 | #1410 | TV-G

A poster of the famous Wright Flyer airplane, a first edition copy of William Faulkner's Sartoris, and an heirloom collection of jewelry that includes a diamond ring crafted by "Jeweler to the Stars" Paul Flato.

Madison, WI - Hour Three

56:46 | #1409 | TV-G

A turn-of-the-century Japanese bamboo sculpture, Edwardian pearl earrings with Art Deco pendants, and an oil painting by noted 19th-century California painter Thomas Hill.

Madison, WI - Hour Two

56:46 | #1408 | TV-G

Photos by American photographer Edward Weston, a table crafted by master furniture maker George Nakashima, and an ornate exhibition piece, made by Tiffany for the 1893 Columbian Exhibition in Chicago.

Madison, WI - Hour One

56:46 | #1407 | TV-G

An Art Deco charm bracelet, an heirloom 1938 Martin D-18, and an angry 1976 letter from Frank Sinatra to Chicago Daily News columnist Mike Royko.

Atlantic City, NJ - Hour Three

56:46 | #1406 | TV-G

A fanciful circa 1900 folk art sculpture, a 1934 New York Yankees team-signed baseball, and an early 20th-century painting by George Bellows.

Atlantic City, NJ - Hour Two

56:46 | #1405 | TV-G

A collection of Enrico Caruso memorabilia, a dress by noted Italian designer Fortuny, and a pair of heirloom boxwood and ivory figurines possibly by sculptor Simon Troger.

Atlantic City, NJ - Hour One

56:46 | #1404 | TV-G

A Walt Whitman memoir inscribed by the author, a late 19th-century bronze and marble statue by French sculptor Albert Ernest Carrier Belleuse, and an oil painting by 19th-century Canadian artist Cornelius Krieghoff.

Raleigh (Part 3)

56:46 | #1403 | TV-G

Items related to Martin Luther King Jr.'s 1966 visit to St. Mark's AME Zion Church in Durham, a circa 1800 Virginia-made table with purported ties to Thomas Jefferson, and a pair of circa 1725 chairs by furniture maker John Gaines.

Raleigh, NC - Hour Two

56:46 | #1402 | TV-G

A circa 1800 eastern North Carolina bottle case on a stand, an 1812 needlework sampler, and a 1985 Andrew Wyeth watercolor.

Raleigh, NC - Hour One

56:46 | #1401 | TV-G

A 1920 Arts and Crafts desk and lamp, a rare circa 1960 Gibson Double 12 electric guitar, and a set of four Chinese carved jade objects that garner the highest value appraisal in Roadshow history.

Big and Little

56:46 | #1320 | TV-G

A look at unusually teeny treasures and outsize objects, from an heirloom five-carat diamond ring valued at $40,000 to $50,000 to a wall-sized painting by noted American artist John Fery, estimated to be worth $20,000 to $30,000.

Relative Riches

56:46 | #1319 | TV-G

This special edition puts family folklore to the test, demonstrating that the proof is in the provenance. Highlights include a bow and quiver purported to have been made and signed by Chief Geronimo, a carved emerald and ruby ring that would benefit from a bill of sale, and a questionable 1815 Kentucky corner cupboard that might have more value as firewood than furniture.

Hartford, CT - Hour Three

56:46 | #1318 | TV-G

An heirloom early-19th-century Duncan Phyfe dressing table, vintage jewelry by influential 20th-century designer Suzanne Belperron, and a watercolor signed by Katharine Hepburn.

Hartford, CT - Hour Two

56:46 | #1317 | TV-G

A custom-made table purchased from George Nakashima, a rare pre-WWI German toy wagon, and a bronze statue of a medieval Russian warrior by Russian artist Eugene Lanceray.

Hartford, CT - Hour One

56:46 | #1316 | TV-G

A 1963 poster from a Joan Baez/Bob Dylan concert at New Haven Arena, a pair of 18th-century silk shoes purportedly worn by one of George Washington's dance partners, and a collection of 200-year-old Wedgwood pottery buttons.

Grand Rapids, MI - Hour Three

55:45 | #1315 | TV-G

A rare Stickley music cabinet designed by Harvey Ellis, a painting by French artist Edouard Cortes, and a pair of prop spears used in the 1939 classic film The Wizard of Oz .

Grand Rapids, MI - Hour Two

56:46 | #1314 | TV-G

A quilt made of fabric scraps signed by 200 celebrities and dignitaries, a turn-of-the-century cold-air return cover made by Tiffany Glass, and a collection of wooden fish decoys by master carver Oscar Peterson.

Grand Rapids, MI - Hour One

56:46 | #1313 | TV-G

A letter from Grand Rapids native son, Gerald Ford; a pair of earrings made from cufflinks given by Czar Nicholas of Russia; and an 1881 painting by artist Jasper Cropsey.

Chattanooga, TN - Hour Three

56:46 | #1312 | TV-G

An heirloom 18th-century Chippendale tall chest, a unique piece of presidential memorabilia: an "8-ball" presented to Harry Truman in 1948 by the Los Angeles Press Club, and a pristine Lionel train set, circa 1930.

Chattanooga, TN - Hour Two

56:46 | #1311 | TV-G

A 19th-century military over-the-shoulder saxophone, an heirloom Confederate soldier's sword, and a collection of movie marketing memorabilia from the 1920s to the 1980s.

Chattanooga, TN - Hour One

55:45 | #1310 | TV-G

An 1826 Tennessee hunting horn, a Regency cellarette once owned by Lord Byron, and an heirloom necklace with a five-carat diamond.

Wichita, KS - Hour Three

55:38 | #1309 | TV-G

A 1920s Buddy "L" toy sand and gravel truck, a bronze sculpture by Edward Onslow Ford, and an 18th-century surveyor's compass.

Wichita, KS - Hour Two

56:46 | #1308 | TV-G

Coleman Company recreational and military lanterns and stoves, a set of 1914 and 1915 Cracker Jack baseball cards.

Wichita (Part 1)

56:46 | #1307 | TV-G

Glamorous vintage air travel posters; a 1949 payroll check made out to professional baseball rookie Mickey Mantle.

Dallas, TX - Hour Three

56:46 | #1306 | TV-G

Examples of 20th-century modernist silver objects; a Western-themed painting by Saturday Evening Post illustrator William H.D. Koerner.

Dallas (Part 2)

56:46 | #1305 | TV-G

A private collection of more than 1,000 marionettes; an heirloom 18th-century desk whose drawers are stuffed with 300 years of family documents and history.

Dallas (Part 1)

56:46 | #1304 | TV-G

Examples of antique American flags; and an 1847 oil painting by James Henry Beard, featuring statesman Henry Clay as a guest in a tavern.

Palm Springs, CA (Part 3)

56:46 | #1303 | TV-G

The history and collecting of celestial maps, and a 1956 signed photo of a 10-year-old posed between baseball Hall of Famers Jackie Robinson and Roy Campanella.

Palm Springs, CA (Part 2)

56:46 | #1302 | TV-G

A visit to nearby Pioneertown to discuss trophy belt buckles, and Marilyn Monroe's dress from the classic 1959 comedy Some Like It Hot.

Palm Springs, CA (Part 1)

56:46 | #1301 | TV-G

The most valuable object ever appraised on the series, and plein air paintings stolen from a private collection.

Trash to Treasure

56:46 | #1220 | TV-G

Tales of treasures rescued from rubbish heaps, roadsides, dumpsters, and demolition sites.

Politically Collect

56:46 | #1219 | TV-G

A salute to the election and the keepsakes of political battles long past.

Las Vegas (Part 3)

55:14 | #1218 | TV-G

An 1870s Belleek vase made in Trenton, NJ; a pair of beautiful Art Nouveau posters; and a model airplane that starred as a Barranca Airways prop plane in the 1939 film Only Angels Have Wings.

Las Vegas (Part 2)

55:14 | #1217 | TV-G

A charming pottery pig canteen, circa 1865; two pieces of Elvis Presley memorabilia—an autographed album cover and a macramé belt worn by the King; and a scrapbook containing signatures of many of the Civil War era's greatest public figures.

Las Vegas (Part 1)

56:46 | #1216 | TV-G

Drawings by legendary folk musician Woody Guthrie; an heirloom early-19th-century tavern clock made by Aaron Willard; and a five-carat, Asscher-cut diamond ring.

Louisville (Part 3)

56:46 | #1215 | TV-G

At the Louisville headquarters of the Embroiderers' Guild of America, appraiser Nancy Druckman shows Mark a previous era's version of "texting"—girls' embroidered samplers. Finds at the Kentucky International Convention Center include a rare Dirk Van Erp lamp, circa 1910, that was bought for about $100; an exceptionally well preserved 1876 portrait Jumeau doll with all original parts, except hair; and a fortunate Kentucky corner cupboard made of locally grown wood and valued at $8,500.

Louisville (Part 2)

56:46 | #1214 | TV-G

At the Civil War battlefield in Perryville, appraiser Rafael Eledge displays some valuable Confederate belt buckles and offers advice on how to avoid falling for a fake. Convention center finds include a late 18th-century heirloom Kentucky sugar chest; an 1860 rococo revival table whose top sports a painting of Mount Vernon; and a pair of boxing gloves signed by Muhammad Ali—once as Cassius Clay, in 1963, and again as Muhammad Ali 40 years later.

Louisville (Part 1)

56:46 | #1213 | TV-G

Mark and appraiser Mike Gutierrez visit the Muhammad Ali Center to talk about collecting memorabilia of the former world heavyweight champion. At the Kentucky International Convention Center, the finds include a valuable piece of original cover art for the Saturday Evening Post by John Falter, an early 19th-century embroidered silk mourning picture, and an heirloom mint julep cup created by Louisville silversmith William Kendrick.

Spokane (Part 3)

56:46 | #1212 | TV-G

A circa 1900 Louis XIV-style clock; a beautifully preserved 19th-century silk Heriz rug; and an heirloom desk and chair, rarely found together, used at the United States House of Representatives from 1857 to 1873.

Spokane (Part 2)

56:46 | #1211 | TV-G

Featured finds include pottery by 20th-century ceramicists Otto and Gertrude Natzler, a landscape by early 20th-century artist Sydney Laurence, and an heirloom Waltham railroad pocketwatch with a rare winding mechanism and diamond end stone.

Spokane (Part 1)

55:14 | #1210 | TV-G

A 1905 bird's-eye-view map of Spokane, a necklace that flunks a critical test, and a framed photo and letters signed by President Abraham Lincoln.

San Antonio, TX - Hour Three

56:46 | #1209 | TV-G

Memorabilia from a 1957 Buddy Holly and the Crickets concert in England, a Texas painting of bluebonnets by artist Robert Wood, and four unusual Chinese porcelain panels that tell the story of the seasonal rice harvest.

San Antonio (Part 2)

56:46 | #1208 | TV-G

A controversial silver statue of St. Catherine; a 200-year-old heirloom needlepoint sampler; and a massive desk and bookcase, made in the mid-19th-century German-Texan tradition.

San Antonio (Part 1)

56:46 | #1207 | TV-G

A Tang Dynasty pottery horse; a large heirloom Teco vase from Terra Cotta, IL; and a collection of rare World Series programs, including the second one ever published.

Orlando (Part 3)

56:46 | #1206 | TV-G

A circa 1975 aerial photograph of Disney's Florida property before EPCOT was built, a set of heirloom glass goblets by acclaimed 20th-century Austrian designer Otto Prutscher, and a haunting collection of original photographs of John F. Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson.

Orlando (Part 2)

56:46 | #1205 | TV-G

A circa 1835 Regency-style etagere; an animator's plaster model of Geppetto, created for the Disney movie Pinocchio in 1940; and a painting by Fern Coppedge of the renowned early-20th-century Pennsylvania Impressionist school.

Orlando (Part 1)

55:14 | #1204 | TV-G

A photo signed by the entire cast of the hit TV series Bonanza, a sterling silver Tiffany vase, and a collection of etchings and dry points by James McNeill Whistler.

Baltimore (Part 3)

55:15 | #1203 | TV-G

A bench crafted by master woodworker George Nakashima, a unique two-sided painting by B.J.O. Nordfelt, and a 1798 violin with bow.

Baltimore (Part 2)

55:14 | #1202 | TV-G

A World Championship jacket worn by legendary Colts and University of Louisville quarterback Johnny Unitas, a rare 18th-century embroidered English man's vest, and a painting by renowned impressionist landscape artist W.L. Metcalf.

Baltimore (Part 1)

55:15 | #1201 | TV-G

A turn-of-the-19th-century rock crystal watch with an 18th-century movement, an angelfish pin bestowed by Mark Twain on a member of his "Aquarium" group of young female protégées, and a collection of four rare American Indian artifacts.

Unique Antiques

40:10 | #1120 | TV-G

Some of the most outlandish, kitschy, and morbidly fascinating antiques and collectibles of the series' first decade.

Milwaukee (Part 3)

56:46 | #1119 | TV-PG

A Persian rug the owner used to cover furniture in the rain; a stained glass figurine originally commissioned for the owner of horse racing legend Dan Patch; and two milestone game baseballs autographed by Milwaukee Braves legend Warren Spahn.

Milwaukee (Part 2)

56:46 | #1118 | TV-G

A 1772 needlework sampler, a circa 1890 Japanese bronze sculpture, and a ruby and diamond bracelet purchased from Austria's Empress Eugenie in the 1890s.

Milwaukee (Part 1)

56:46 | #1117 | TV-G

A 1952 Fender Esquire guitar; a late 19th-century child's sled in the shape of a swan; and an 18th-century desk and bookcase passed down to the owner from his great-grandfather, a former governor of Connecticut.


56:46 | #1116 | TV-G

It's every collector's dream: turning a modest outlay into a staggeringly high return on investment. This special recalls spectacular windfalls from previous programs.

Salt Lake City (Part 3)

56:46 | #1115 | TV-G

A set of golf clubs once owned by George "Gix" Von Elm, 18th-century Chinese white jade carvings, and a Mormon advertisement on textiles accompanied by a copy of Brigham Young's Invasion Proclamation.

Salt Lake City (Part 2)

56:46 | #1114 | TV-G

A writing desk made by one of the original Mormon pioneers, a mid-19th-century shotgun, and an 1851 first edition copy of The Pearl of Great Price.

Salt Lake City (Part 1)

56:46 | #1113 | TV-G

A folk art quilt depicting scenes from Mormon history, a valuable Utah landscape painting by Birger Sandzen, and an archive of materials documenting the career of Philip Margetts.

Mobile, AL (Part 3)

56:46 | #1112 | TV-G

A Confederate Army belt buckle, a stash of letters and documents from Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and a painted chest from 1850s Virginia.

Mobile, AL (Part 2)

56:46 | #1111 | TV-G

A jersey worn by pro football legend Gayle Sayers, a side chair that may have graced the Lincoln White House, and a rare trio of books containing lithographs of American Indian chiefs.

Mobile, AL (Part 1)

56:46 | #1110 | TV-G

A lap desk given to Martha Washington's granddaughter by the Marquis de Lafayette, a watch that once belonged to Negro Leagues baseball legend Satchel Paige, and a George Ohr vase brought to the show by Ohr's great-grandchild.

Tucson (Part 3)

56:46 | #1109 | TV-G

A rare collection of 1956 Olympics memorabilia, a striking collection of World War II American propaganda posters, and a trio of paintings by 20th-century "outsider" artist Gaston Chaissac.

Tucson (Part 2)

56:46 | #1108 | TV-G

A vibrant 19th-century Navajo chief's blanket, a silver brooch made in the 1940s, and a 1776 French harp.

Tucson (Part 1)

55:14 | #1107 | TV-G

Two Picasso-designed vases, a court affidavit submitted by Jimmy Carter to the state of Maine, and an ornate saddle.

Philadelphia (Part 3)

56:46 | #1106 | TV-G

A pair of paintings by John F. Kensett, a dazzling yellow diamond ring, and a trio of autographed baseballs.

Philadelphia (Part 2)

56:46 | #1105 | TV-G

An Alexander Calder maquette (scale model); a collection of Camera Work magazines, published in the early 20th century by Alfred Stieglitz; and a handcrafted chair by Charles Rohlf.

Philadelphia (Part 1)

56:46 | #1104 | TV-G

A rare 18th-century Pennsylvania spice cupboard, a valuable mid-17th-century needlework piece, and an early-20th-century oil painting by noted Pennsylvania impressionist George Sotter.

Honolulu (Part 3)

56:46 | #1103 | TV-G

A first edition of Jack London's Call of the Wild, a 1915 Hawaiian flag quilt, and a violin and bow purchased in 1921 and kept in storage for 40 years.

Honolulu (Part 2)

56:46 | #1102 | TV-G

An archive of correspondence signed by Queen Victoria, King Kamehameha, and Princess Kailani; a gold Victorian cuff bracelet; and a rare painting of Hilo Harbor by lawyer, legislator, and amateur painter Joseph Nawahi.

Honolulu (Part 1)

56:45 | #1101 | TV-G

In sunny Honolulu, Mark and appraiser Nancy Druckman of Sotheby's explore the long-standing tradition of Hawaiian quilting by visiting the stunning collection at the Queen Emma Summer Palace and sitting in on a quilting class at the 'Iolani Palace.

Roadshow Remembers

57:46 | #1017

Unbelievable objects, unforgettable stories, and unimaginable price tags from 10 years of the Roadshow.

Fame and Fortune

56:46 | #1016 | TV-G

A special edition spotlights objects whose value comes from their association with celebrities, big shots, headliners, and famous faces.

Providence, RI (Part 3)

56:46 | #1015 | TV-G

Mark visits the Providence Jewelry Museum in nearby Cranston and discovers that Rhode Island was once the costume jewelry capital of the world.

Providence (Part 2)

56:46 | #1014 | TV-G

Dollhouse furniture by Tynie Toys; original production puppets from the 1964 animated film Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer; and a 1908 1st-edition copy of Anne of Green Gables.

Providence, RI (Part 1)

56:46 | #1013 | TV-G

A folk art weathervane; a 1786 diary; and a rifle, powder horn, and log book attributed to Welcome Mathewson.

Bismarck, ND (Part 3)

56:46 | #1012 | TV-G

Appraiser Ken Farmer takes Mark to a farm where the main crop is agriculture-related collectibles. At the Civic Center, appraisers assess a Victorian convertible bathtub; a valuable Dakota-language Bible purchased for almost nothing; and a presentation script of the Academy Award-winning 1935 movie The Informer, signed by director John Ford and cast members and valued at $4,000-$5,000.

Bismarck, ND (Part 2)

56:46 | #1011 | TV-G

In a one-room schoolhouse at the Buckstop Junction historic village, appraiser Karen Keane teaches a lesson in school-related antiques and collectibles. Show-and-tell items at the Bismarck Civic Center include a painting of a Northern Pacific Railroad train that may once have graced a Fargo railroad station; Civil War-era photos of Morgan's Raiders; and a collection of University of North Dakota pottery, some made by the owner's mother and grandmother when they were students, valued at $5,500-$7,500.

Bismarck, ND (Part 1)

55:15 | #1010 | TV-G

Mark and appraiser Suzanne Perrault dig up a wealth of information about the University of North Dakota's School of Mines pottery program and how valuable these 20th-century pieces have become. Appraisers at the Bismarck Civic Center unearth a valuable set of samurai swords brought back from Japan in 1898 by the owner's grandfather, late-19th-century journals from a country store near Grand Forks documenting life in the early stages of North Dakota statehood, and a mid-19th-century heirloom Bennington pottery lion valued at $4,000-$8,000.

Los Angeles (Part 3)

56:46 | #1009 | TV-G

Appraiser Caroline Ashleigh shows Mark a collection of vintage rhinestone-studded, Western-style garb created by the late Nudie Cohen, outfitter to the stars. Back at the convention center, appraisers round up a rare collection of barbershop shaving mugs, bought for "two bits" each in the 1930s; a valuable assortment of Anna Richards Brewster paintings purchased for a fraction of their value; and a collection of original Charles Schulz Peanuts artwork, given to the owner by Schulz, estimated to be worth $150,000 to $200,000.

Los Angeles (Part 2)

56:46 | #1008 | TV-G

Mark visits the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences library with movie memorabilia expert Rudy Franchi. Appraisers assess a painting of the French Riviera by 20th-century American artist Louis Aston Knight; a colorful Art Deco poster collection of Monte Carlo coquettes; and a rare collection of Academy Awards ephemera, including a 1961 ballot, a 1972 program with autographs of such headliners as Raquel Welch and Shirley Jones, and an Oscar statue that was never awarded.

Los Angeles (Part 1)

56:44 | #1007 | TV-G

When the program cruises into L.A., Mark hits the beach with appraiser Gary Sohmers in search of surfing collectibles. At the Los Angeles Convention Center, the waves of gnarly finds include a rare 18th-century Goanese ivory doll; a Russian porcelain charger made for the Romanov imperial family; and a circa-1785 Massachusetts shelf clock built by Aaron Willard, brother of renowned clockmaker Simon Willard, with an estimated value of $125,000-$150,000.

Houston (Part 3)

55:46 | #1006 | TV-G

Mark and appraiser Gary Piattoni talk NASA collectibles while visiting the Houston Space Center. Appraisers at the Reliant Center encounter a magical collection of Wedgwood Fairyland Lustreware, a watch that once belonged to Mickey Mantle, and a romantic English Regency rosewood settee with an estimated value of $9,500.

Houston (Part 2)

55:46 | #1005 | TV-G

Appraiser Beth Szescila leads a tour of Houston's Bayou Bend, the extraordinary museum and gardens that once were the home of famed philanthropist and antiques collector Ima Hogg. Finds back at the convention center include an early 19th-century box desk made by a renowned supplier to the British royal family; a valuable collection of lithographed orange crate labels; and a 1959 replica of artist Edith Parson's early 19th-century Turtle Baby bronze sculpture, valued at $35,000 to $40,000.

Houston (Part 1)

56:46 | #1004 | TV-G

Mark visits Houston's Beer Can House-a local home where even the curtains, wind chimes, and sculptures are made out of cans-to talk with appraiser Andy Ourant about these collectible containers. At the Reliant Center, appraisers evaluate a scrimshaw walrus tusk depicting the Almira, America's longest-working whaling ship; a collection of rare, unopened packs of Topps football cards from 1958 featuring such legends as Johnny Unitas and Bart Starr; and a book of Mexican War battlefield illustrations worth $45,000-$50,000.

Tampa, FL (Part 3)

56:46 | #1003 | TV-G

At the Ringling Circus Museum in Sarasota, FL, appraisers Noel Barrett and Nicholas Lowry amaze and astound with displays of circus toys and posters. Treasures appraised at the convention center include a 1750s classic black walnut Philadelphia dressing table; a 1900s Tabriz carpet woven in the classical style of the late 16th and early 17th centuries; and a second painting by acclaimed 19th-century marine artist James E. Buttersworth, which could draw $80,000 to $100,000 at auction.

Tampa, FL (Part 2)

56:46 | #1002 | TV-G

At Tampa Bay's Tournament Players Club, appraiser Leila Dunbar shows a range of golf collectibles. The finds back at the convention center include two outstanding pieces of Marblehead art pottery dating from 1910; a collection of colorful pre-war German and Japanese character canes used as carnival prizes; a set of Sioux artifacts, including a pair of breastplate decorations worn by powerful chiefs in the 1870s; and an original copy of the first book ever printed in Wyoming, with an auction value of $100,000 to $150,000.

Tampa, FL (Part 1)

56:46 | #1001 | TV-G

New host Mark L. Walberg and appraiser David Rago explore the world of cigar-related collectibles in Tampa's Ybor City, a historic district once known as the "cigar capital of the world." At the Tampa Convention Center, appraisers discover an autographed scrapbook documenting Joe DiMaggio's 1941 hitting streak, a marriage license issued to Davy Crockett for a wedding that never took place, and a painting by acclaimed 19th-century marine artist James E. Buttersworth that narrowly escaped serious damage during a hurricane and is valued at $250,000-$500,000.

Tomorrow's Antiques

55:48 | #917 | TV-G

Appraisals from the archives celebrate the rockin' '50s, psychedelic '60s, and funky '70s, demonstrating that it's not just 100-year-old antiques that are worth collecting for fun and profit. The featured oldies but goodies include a 1955 Dodgers World Series baseball ($4,000-$6,000), a portfolio of Ansel Adams photographs ($30,000-$50,000), a paper Campbell's Soup dress ($1,500), and a costume worn by Elvis Presley ($15,000-$100,000).

Wild Things

56:15 | #916 | TV-G

A special edition revisiting the most memorable animal-themed antiques and collectibles showcased over the years. The warm and fuzzy discoveries include a pair of Steiff stuffed animals, a tortoise footstool and companion hare with jointed head and squeaker; a 19th-century Charles van den Eycken painting of cavorting kittens; and a sculpture depicting the elusive "kangaroo bird" created by the legendary Dr. Seuss in the 1930s.

Portland, OR (Part 3)

56:16 | #915 | TV-G

A traditionally carved Hawaiian koa wood bowl so large that it probably belonged to royalty—and so exemplary that even the repaired cracks increase its value; a 1904 dog show trophy whose art nouveau design is rendered in hammered copper, silver, and stag horn; and an original print of the map that revolutionized our understanding of the American landscape—the Lewis and Clark report of 1814, conservatively valued today at $45,000.

Portland, OR (Part 2)

56:46 | #914 | TV-G

A bronze Japanese altar set, elaborately decorated with mythical creatures, from the Taisho period, circa 1915; a German artist's landscape sketchbook chronicling his travels through the Alps around 1862; and a little girl's shoe, accompanied by documentation from 1928 showing that the footwear once bore the autographs of Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig.

Portland, OR (Part 1)

56:17 | #913 | TV-G

In the "City of Roses," Portland, OR, appraisers sniff out a 3rd grader's rare, circa-1820 set of Sunderland figurines representing the seasons; an original radio transcript from the naval base on Oahu detailing the events of the invasion of Pearl Harbor; and an enormous 1896 lithograph poster depicting frolicking bathers at the legendary Sutra Baths of San Francisco, valued at an equally enormous $15,000-$20,000.

Reno (Part 3)

56:46 | #912 | TV-G

Lara and Brad Witherell visit the Liberty Belle Saloon, owned by the descendants of Charles Fey, who invented the first three-reel, automatic-payout slot machine. Appraisers evaluate a saddle given by John Wayne to a good friend and business partner; a turn-of-the-century diamond-encrusted gold Cartier cigarette case that was traded for three breakfasts in a small-town diner; and an 1856 book by famed German herbalist Mattioli containing prints made from the actual plants, estimated to be worth a healthy $25,000.

Reno (Part 2)

56:17 | #911 | TV-G

Appraisers Rudy Franchi and Ken Farmer talk about fire and firefighting collectibles. Finds at the Reno Sparks Convention Center include a sterling silver Victorian tea set crafted in 1854 by English silversmiths Samuel Hayne and Dudley Cater, an early-20th-century Duffner and Kimberly leaded-glass lampshade, and a toy train with a live steam engine and working coach doors made by the German Marklin Company—a true marvel valued at $8,000-$10,000.

Reno (Part 1)

56:17 | #910 | TV-G

Finds unearthed at the Reno Sparks Convention Center include a pair of meticulously painted mid- to late-19th-century Meissen cherub figurines; an original Edison Company cylinder phonograph from 1906, complete with custom-made art deco wooden case and matching papier-mâché horn; and an elaborately tooled 1890s Walker Visalia riding outfit, originally designed for General John Koster of the California State Militia and valued at $25,000.

Memphis (Part 3)

56:17 | #909 | TV-G

Finds include an exquisitely carved turn-of-the-century carousel horse head, a hothouse flower composition painted by Victorian English watercolorist George Kilburn, and the obligatory (at least in Memphis) Elvis collectible—a spangled costume which, if authenticated as being from the King's 1968 comeback tour, could be worth $100,000.

Memphis (Part 2)

56:17 | #908 | TV-G

An 1882 cast-iron monkey cap-shooter, one of the rarest ever made; a late 19th-century Tibetan wedding necklace beautifully decorated with pearls, turquoise, and a Chinese zodiac coin; and a collection of pocket-sized pieces of art, better known as match safes, worth a striking $20,000.

Memphis (Part 1)

56:46 | #907 | TV-G

Nancy Druckman of Sotheby's shows Lara how to talk to the animals with the help of highly collectible antique duck calls and duck decoys. At the Memphis Cook Convention Center, appraisers assess a collection of 1920s French perfume bottles with the original silk cases, two of which were crafted by René Lalique; a Confederate States stamped brass belt buckle; and an 1820s Simon Willard clock so rare that, even missing some parts, it's worth $75,000 to $100,000.

Omaha, NE (Part 3)

56:17 | #906 | TV-G

Lara and expert Richard Wright pay homage to America's Corn Belt by savoring some sweet summer corn and some equally sweet corn-themed collectibles. Meanwhile, at the Qwest Center Omaha, the mouth-watering finds include a circa 1770 Chippendale desk complete with Civil War-era documentation; a 1920s Gibson mandolin with silver and abalone inlay; and an incredibly rare daguerreotype of the mysterious Edgar Allan Poe, worth $30,000 to $50,000.

Omaha, NE (Part 2)

56:17 | #905 | TV-G

The Durham Western Heritage Museum immerses Lara in Omaha's railroad history and train collectibles. Meanwhile, appraisers assess a 1967 Andy Warhol-inspired paper dress with a Campbell's soup can pattern, an extremely rare WWII Flying Tigers insignia flag, and an original movie poster of Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's that has skyrocketed in value over the last 20 years.

Omaha, NE (Part 1)

56:46 | #904 | TV-G

Lara and Noel Barrett revisit the history of the heartland with a collector of antique steam-powered tractors. At the Qwest Center Omaha, the bumper crop of artifacts includes an impeccably preserved paper and celluloid toy marionette theater from pre-World War II Japan; a Wild West-era elk antler trophy chair, the biggest ever seen on the program; and a fascinating collection of letters and drawings chronicling the contentious relationship between the owner's feisty great-grandmother and the architect hired to remodel her house—Frank Lloyd Wright.

St. Paul, MN (Part 3)

56:17 | #903 | TV-G

Life-long angler Ken Farmer shows Lara some collectible fishing lures and carved fish decoys. At the St. Paul RiverCentre, the catch includes a 1957 Fender Stratocaster guitar with trademark two-tone sunburst; early flight memorabilia, including authentic photos of the Wright Flyer from 1903; and a museum-quality Sioux woman's blanket, made by the owner's great-great-grandmother circa 1840 and now estimated to be worth $60,000 to $75,000.

St. Paul, MN (Part 2)

56:16 | #902 | TV-G

A pristine 1948 Babe Ruth caricature watch, a unique collection of autographed Marilyn Monroe photos shot in Milwaukee, and a rare piece of local history—a 1951 Minnesota Millers baseball uniform worn by Willie Mays, valued at $60,000 to $80,000.

St. Paul, MN (Part 1)

56:17 | #901 | TV-G

Lara visits the Antique and Classic Boat Society at Lake Minnetonka and the workshop of professional restorer Todd Warner to learn about the "jewel" of antique motorboats—the runabout. At the St. Paul RiverCentre, the experts assess an unusually elaborate 1904 Gustav Stickley armchair; a rare and extremely valuable matching pair of Maria Martinez pots; and a one-of-a-kind 1914 Patek-Philippe pocket watch featuring a perpetual calendar, chimes, and phases of the moon—and estimated to be worth a whopping $250,000.

Roadshow's Greatest Finds

56:15 | #814 | TV-G

A salute to the absolute cream of the crop: the rarest, finest, and most valuable items among the half-million-plus evaluated over the years. They include a long-overlooked Navajo chief's blanket, valued at $350,000-$500,000; an 18th-century demi-lune table bought at a yard sale for $25 and estimated to be worth $200,000-$300,000; and an heirloom sword with a solid gold handle that was presented to a U.S. general by the president, valued at $200,000.

Roadshow Favorites

56:16 | #813 | TV-G

A special edition reliving some of the most memorable—and emotional—discoveries of the series' first eight years. Highlights include an original luncheon menu from the Titanic, estimated to be worth $75,000 to $100,000; an Alaskan Eskimo helmet purchased at a flea market and held together with tape, valued at $65,000 to $75,000; and a "Tiffany" vase whose value leaves its owners speechless.

Savannah (Part 3)

56:16 | #812 | TV-G

A 100-year-old bronze birdbath, a Swiss automaton watch passed down in the same family for five generations, and a Newcomb Pottery chocolate set worth $50,000 to $60,000.

Savannah (Part 2)

56:16 | #811 | TV-G

An Alabama Indestructible Doll patented by Alabama native Ella Smith in 1912; an eight-gallon alkaline pottery jug used for grand celebrations circa 1839; and a museum-quality quilt, hand-crafted by African-American slaves and valued at $40,000 to $60,000.

Savannah (Part 1)

56:46 | #810 | TV-G

At the Savannah International Trade and Convention Center, discoveries include a brightly colored Andy Warhol poster made for a film festival at Lincoln Center in 1967; a hand-woven cotton wedding dress circa 1786; and a charming folk art pastel of a child with a dog, worth between $40,000 and $45,000.

Oklahoma City (Part 3)

56:16 | #809 | TV-G

A painted punch bowl in the popular Picard pattern; some very cool Lucite "Jelly Belly" pins by Trifari; and a collection of master promoter Bill Graham's handbills chronicling the 1960s San Francisco music scene, worth an impressive $28,000 to $30,000 for the set.

Oklahoma City (Part 2)

56:46 | #808 | TV-G

An extensive collection of French Art Deco travel posters that survived the German occupation of Paris during World War II; a Handel lamp declared a "neo-classical delight"; and a rare example of a Thomas Jefferson peace medal, offered to American Indian tribes along their route by Lewis and Clark and now valued at $40,000 to $50,000.

Oklahoma City (Part 1)

56:46 | #807 | TV-G

At the Cox Business Services Convention Center, appraisers corral a number of exciting items, including an elephant table crafted during the Aesthetic Movement of the 1870s, a coveted 1937 Martin guitar, and an unusually large and rare Galle vase worth $60,000-$80,000.

San Francisco (Part 3)

56:46 | #806 | TV-G

At the Moscone Convention Center, the day's finds include a remarkable set of autographed pictures of the hottest Hollywood starlets of 1942, including Veronica Lake, Rita Hayworth, and Lucille Ball; a 1920s Art Deco engagement ring with a perfect azure-cut diamond; and a Picasso-designed souvenir jug worth $5,000.

San Francisco (Part 2)

56:16 | #805 | TV-G

Highlights include an original Ansel Adams photograph of Mission San Juan Batista, a whimsical sculpture of three nymphs and a satyr by French artist Pierre Laurel, and a pair of 17th-century chinoiserie-style scent bottles that could fetch $30,000 to $50,000 at auction.

San Francisco (Part 1)

56:46 | #804 | TV-G

Treasures brought to the Moscone Center include an impressive collection of American military campaign medals; a valuable 18th-century hand-painted herbal book by Elizabeth Blackwell; and a startlingly naturalistic 19th-century French Pallisyware platter featuring a fish, a snake, and insects, with an appetizing value of $2,500 to $3,500.

Chicago (Part 3)

56:16 | #803 | TV-G

Appraisers net a boatload of rare objects, including two trunks and a ringmaster's hat from the original Ringling Brothers Circus; an 18-carat gold Tiffany necklace from the mid-1800s; and a French Bru Doll, complete with stylish wardrobe—estimated to be worth $12,000 to $20,400.

Chicago (Part 2)

56:16 | #802 | TV-G

Local treasures from the Windy City: a map of Chicago after the Great Fire of 1871, autographed baseballs from Comiskey Park, and pieces of Tiffany Studios glass rescued from the Marshall Field's store and now valued at $35,000 to $45,000.

Chicago (Part 1)

56:46 | #801 | TV-G

Appraiser Simeon Lipman answers questions about collecting baseball memorabilia and gives an overview of local baseball history at the Chicago Historical Society. The lineup of finds at the Navy Pier Convention Center includes a rare Beatles "butcher" album cover; a Russian magnifying glass commemorating the 300th anniversary of the Romanov dynasty; and a 1749 portrait of Harvard College President Rev. Edward Holyoke accompanied by a "Newport" chair built in Boston, with a combined value of $85,000 to $100,000.

Charlotte, NC (Part 3)

56:46 | #718 | TV-G

At the Charlotte Convention Center, the discoveries include a rare and valuable Stickley sideboard of massive proportions, a lovely Wedgwood fish service dated 1882, and a family heirloom baseball signed by legendary hitter Ty Cobb and scoring an estimated value of $10,000 to $15,000.

Charlotte, NC (Part 2)

56:46 | #717 | TV-G

More North Carolina finds, including a unique turn-of-the-century jeweled dragonfly brooch, a charming early 19th-century chest of drawers crafted in the state, and a collection of carved wooden folk art objects and tools bought for $52.50 and now valued at $15,000.

Charlotte, NC (Part 1)

56:46 | #716 | TV-G

At the Charlotte Convention Center, experts turn up a prized collection of original comic strip artwork from the 1930s through the 1960s; a valuable color lithograph designed and signed by Marc Chagall; and a gold- and jewel-handled sword presented by the president to Major General William O. Butler after the Mexican War of 1846-1848, now valued at $200,000.

Hot Springs, AR (Part 3)

56:46 | #715 | TV-G

More Arkansas discoveries: a cache of limited-edition 1930s-era labor union buttons, a pristinely preserved 19th-century German doll, and a unique piece of Arkansas history: a hand-made patchwork quilt showing a map of the state circa 1903, now estimated to be worth $2,000 to $3,000 on the local market.

Hot Springs, AR (Part 2)

01:00:00 | #714 | TV-G

More finds from the Hot Springs Convention Center include a magnificent, signed portfolio of Ansel Adams photographs; a logbook containing minutes of the Arkansas Territorial Legislative Council from 1825 to 1829; and a newly discovered painting by renowned Hudson River School artist Jasper Cropsey, valued at $150,000.

Hot Springs, AR (Part 1)

56:46 | #713 | TV-G

At the Hot Springs Convention Center, appraisers examine an eclectic array of objects, including a valuable collection of Beatles memorabilia and a Japanese cast-bronze elephant sculpture that could bring a hefty $10,000 to $15,000.

Kansas City (Part 3)

56:46 | #712 | TV-G

Collectors arrive with a well-preserved Roy Rogers holster set, a beautifully beaded 1840s Native American bandolier bag, and an elegant early 19th-century Federal sofa estimated to be worth $10,000.

Kansas City (Part 2)

56:46 | #711 | TV-G

Treasures from the Kansas City Convention Center include a carte-de-visite album from 1860 featuring photographs of Civil War generals, Sojourner Truth, and other notables of the era; a beautifully hand-painted and gilded 18th-century Sevres box; and a colorful Czechoslovakian art-glass chandelier made between the world wars and estimated to be worth $5,000 to $6,000.

Kansas City (Part 1)

56:25 | #710 | TV-G

Appraisers at the Kansas City Convention Center encounter a vase made for the Imperial household of China between 1736 and 1795; a wild collection of memorabilia, including a T-shirt with bullet holes, documenting the life and antics of Beat Generation writer William Burroughs; and an 1880s Pennsylvania dry sink, made of poplar and decorated with a fantastic painted-grain finish, estimated to be worth $8,000.

Cleveland (Part 3)

56:46 | #709 | TV-G

Appraisers uncover more unique finds at the Cleveland Convention Center, including a letter of apology signed by plaintiffs in the shooting of four students by National Guardsmen at Kent State University, an uncharacteristic early Thomas Moran landscape painting, and some Herter Brothers furniture valued between $100,000 and $150,000.

Cleveland (Part 2)

56:16 | #708 | TV-G

Appraisers at the Cleveland Convention Center examine glass and tiles salvaged from the wreckage of the fire-damaged Louis C. Tiffany estate, a tilt-top table from the mid-1700s made of American tiger maple, and an original framed photograph of the maiden voyage of the Goodyear blimp—now valued at $5,000 to $7,000.

Cleveland (Part 1)

56:46 | #707 | TV-G

At the Cleveland Convention Center, appraisers encounter a 19th-century enameled watch made in Switzerland; a hard-to-find piece of Frackelton stoneware dating back to 1902 and engraved for a wedding gift; and an original watercolor bird's-eye view of 1851 Cleveland, valued at $12,000.

Seattle (Part 3)

56:46 | #706 | TV-G

More from the Washington State Convention Center, including a vase from the Arts and Crafts era, Walrath pottery, a pair of chairs attributed to Boston cabinetmaker Samuel McIntyre, and a collection of World War I aviation objects from the squadron of legendary pilot Jimmy Doolittle.

Seattle (Part 2)

56:16 | #705 | TV-G

Collectors present a valuable collection of photos signed by baseball legend Babe Ruth, a 1940s art pottery set of Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and an intricately carved partner's desk—meant to be used simultaneously by a navigator and a draftsman.

Seattle (Part 1)

56:46 | #704 | TV-G

Appraisers at the Washington State Convention and Trade Center discover an array of fascinating objects, including a mid-18th-century French rococo double snuffbox, an elegant mid-19th-century enameled pocket watch, and a crazy quilt with links to the great Seattle fire of 1889.

Albuquerque (Part 3)

56:46 | #703 | TV-G

Collectors present an array of treasures, including a handsome New England-made grandfather clock dating from the early 19th century, a collection of 18th-century portrait miniatures with cases and engravings by Paul Revere, and a pair of desirable landscapes by 19th-century painter James Hope.

Albuquerque (Part 2)

56:16 | #702 | TV-G

Appraisers examine a post-Revolutionary War canteen and a diary account of the Revolution kept by a member of the Massachusetts Militia; an original 1908 illustration by Arthur Rackham, celebrated British children's book illustrator; and a pear-shaped, pear-wood tea caddy.

Albuquerque (Part 1)

56:46 | #701 | TV-G

Experts at the Albuquerque Convention Center spot a number of interesting finds, including a very collectible and striking Teco ceramic vase; an autograph book inscribed by the infamous Younger brothers, compatriots of Jesse James; and a magnificent Tang Dynasty marble lion statue.

New Orleans (Part 3)

56:46 | #621 | TV-G

Appraisers find an assortment of treasures, including an elaborate box of games, a massive rococo-style secretary/bookcase, and a rare set of Newcomb metalwork candlestick and oil lamps.

New Orleans (Part 2)

56:46 | #620 | TV-G

Appraisals include a rare 19th-century Florentine marble-top game table, a book about the U.S. Constitution that belonged to the family of Jefferson Davis, and a well-preserved Howdy Doody doll.

New Orleans (Part 1)

56:16 | #619 | TV-G

At the Morial Convention Center, the diverse items brought for appraisal include a pair of exquisite Lalique sculptures; a carved wooden medallion, or "gang board," from the Civil War-era frigate Cincinnati; and an unusual decorative ceramic pot made by a New Orleans art pottery club.

Miami (Part 3)

56:46 | #618 | TV-G

Appraisers encounter a slew of antiques with interesting stories, including a pair of German-made porcelain figurines with toy bicycles in tow, a 19th-century glass vase bought at a Paris flea market, and a vintage silver champagne bucket that was once featured in an ad for the maiden voyage of an Israeli ship line.

Miami (Part 2)

56:46 | #617 | TV-G

Appraisers at the Coconut Grove Convention Center share collectors' excitement as they uncover a number of unusual objects, including Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls dating to 1918 and 1919, a lifetime season pass to baseball's American League circa 1910, and an impressive glazed pottery jug in the shape of a face.

Miami (Part 1)

56:16 | #616 | TV-G

Dan visits the home of pioneer Ralph Monroe, "The Barnacle," and learns about South Florida when it was nothing but swamp and hardwood forest from the beach to the Everglades. At the Coconut Grove Convention Center, experts appraise a wide variety of artifacts, including a unique turn-of-the-century bronze sculpture/early electric lamp; a rare, blue Blackberry-design Lalique perfume bottle; and a delicate 18th-century Federal-style gaming table.

Indianapolis, Indiana, Hour Three - 100th Episode - Indianapolis Convention Center

56:46 | #615 | TV-G

Appraisers at the Indianapolis Convention Center unearth a unique Russian porcelain basketwork bowl commissioned by Catherine the Great, a pair of masterfully hand-crafted mallard duck decoys, and original illustrations by science fiction pioneer Frank Paul.

Indianapolis, In, Hour Two, Indianapolis Convention Center

56:46 | #614 | TV-G

Appraisers examine a variety of prized possessions, including a 1920s-era Little Orphan Annie Halloween costume, an Empire-style marble-top table handcrafted in Italy, and a rare portrait of a dog.

Indianapolis, In, Hour One, Indianapolis Convention Center

56:46 | #613 | TV-G

At the Indianapolis Convention Center, appraisers show off an exotic 19th-century French bronze sculpture, a German Bible printed near Philadelphia in 1776, and a rare N.C. Wyeth painting.

San Diego (Part 3)

56:46 | #612 | TV-G

Collectors arrive with a number of distinctive objects, including an ivory and diamond ring featuring a portrait of Charles I of England, an 18th-century chest-on-chest, and a wacky Dr. Seuss "kangaroo bird" sculpture from the 1930s.

San Diego (Part 2)

56:46 | #611 | TV-G

Appraisers are inspired by several items, including a collection of sheet music and personal effects that once belonged to jazz pianist James P. Johnson, a pair of 18th-century Sheffield candlesticks, and a rare yellow-diamond Tiffany pendant.

San Diego (Part 1)

56:46 | #610 | TV-G

Appraisers discover a number of fascinating objects at the San Diego Convention Center, including a collection of costume designer Edith Head's personal sketches, photographs, and other memorabilia; a collection of hand-painted Austrian plates; and an 18th-century child's writing desk.

Boston (Part 3)

56:46 | #609 | TV-G

Collectors arrive at the Bayside Expo Center with armloads of items for appraisal, including an antique French fashion doll with clothing and accessories; memorabilia from the Lilliputian Opera Company, including a Tom Thumb tuxedo; and a delightful folk-art cat carved from a single piece of wood.

Boston (Part 2)

56:46 | #608 | TV-G

Appraisers at the Bayside Expo Center find an 18th-century French tureen, a trunk full of turn-of-the-century Coast Artillery uniforms, and a rare certificate of citizenship for a free person of color.

Boston (Part 1)

56:46 | #607 | TV-G

Appraisers at the Bayside Expo Center encounter a remarkable Hummel figurine of an F-84 bomber, a rare and valuable 18th-century frontiersman's tomahawk, and a bronze Egyptian sculpture dated 664 to 304 B.C. that still holds the remnants of a falcon mummy.

New York (Part 3)

56:46 | #606 | TV-G

A signed, circa 1935 copy of James Joyce's Ulysses, illustrated by Henri Matisse; a handmade codfish weathervane that graced a New Jersey fish market in 1883; and an exquisitely well-preserved collection of turn-of-the-century art poster reproductions.

New York (Part 2)

56:46 | #605 | TV-G

Crowds flock to the Javits Convention Center with a wealth of historical treasures, including a Jesse Arms Botke painting with an original Stanford White frame, patriotic folk art in the form of a 13-star flag, and a delightful collection of vintage luggage stickers.

New York (Part 1)

56:46 | #604 | TV-G

Appraisers at the Javits Convention Center discover an array of fascinating objects, including a stunning Chinese Imperial robe; unique memorabilia from the punk rock band the Ramones; and a rare Philadelphia candlestand table, circa 1765.

Tucson (Part 3)

56:46 | #603 | TV-G

From the Tucson Convention Center, an eclectic array of treasures, including a valuable silver service made in the 1890s; two season passes for the first professional season of the Cincinnati Red Stockings Baseball Club, America's first professional baseball team; and a vibrant 19th-century Persian village rug.

Tucson (Part 2)

56:46 | #602 | TV-G

Experts at the Tucson Convention Center spot a number of interesting finds, including two wooden Delamond dolls, a lovely Art Deco bronze sculpture, and a trio of 18th-century leather fire buckets.

Tucson (Part 1)

56:46 | #601 | TV-G

Appraisers discover a wonderful piece of Japanese- and Art Nouveau-influenced pottery from 1895, a beautifully crafted 18th-century sideboard, and a rare Navajo blanket made between 1840 and 1860. While in Arizona, Dan looks at some vintage aviation equipment at the Pima Air and Space Museum and visits the Davis-Monthan Air Force Base.

Las Vegas (Part 3)

56:46 | #522 | TV-G

A look at Liberace's dazzling array of clothes, jewelry, cars, and pianos, as well as expert appraisals of a wooden carpenter's chest and a 19th-century Russian enameled icon of a saint.

Las Vegas (Part 2)

56:46 | #521 | TV-G

Experts appraise a pendulum clock made in Holland in the late 1600s, a distinctively engraved Revolutionary War powder horn, and a collection of magicians' memorabilia from the 1920s and 1930s that includes a program signed by Houdini.

Las Vegas (Part 1)

56:46 | #520 | TV-G

Appraisers inspect a print advertisement featuring the "Budweiser Girl," a 1930 limited-edition copy of Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland, and a beautiful 13-piece sterling silver vanity set.

Sacramento (Part 2)

56:46 | #519 | TV-G

Appraisers discover a number of unique items, including a pair of bronze horses, a working Wedgewood stove from the 1930s, and a linen sea bag with beautiful hand-embroidered needlework that is valued at $30,000 to $50,000.

Sacramento (Part 1)

56:46 | #518 | TV-G

Appraisers uncover a wealth of noteworthy items, including an 1864 campaign poster supporting the Union ticket of Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Johnson; a kachina doll given to the owner's father by Navajo and Hopi Indians; and a Marion Kavenaugh Wachtell painting, bought at a church bazaar as a vacation memento, now valued at $30,000 to $40,000.

Tulsa, Oklahoma, Hour Three - Tulsa Convention Center

00:00 | #517 | TV-G

Appraisers encounter a pocket watch designed by a French watchmaker for sea captains who needed the dual-time-zone feature, a rare Native American cradle board, and an 18th-century chest of drawers.

Tulsa, Oklahoma, Hour Two - Tulsa Convention Center

00:00 | #516 | TV-G

Appraisers find a cylindrical calculator patented in 1881, an earthenware amphora from early Rome, and a hand-painted place card from a Hollywood party featuring the autographs of all the celebrity dinner guests.

Tulsa, Oklahoma, Hour One - Tulsa Convention Center

00:00 | #515 | TV-G

Experts appraise a turn-of-the-century gambling wheel, a collection of mourning jewelry created out of human hair, and a desk that once sat in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Madison, Wisconsin, Hour Three - Alliant Energy Center

00:00 | #514 | TV-G

Appraisers discover a handsome Stickley dining room table and chairs, a Chinese blanket designed to cover a child's wooden saddle, and a hand-drawn comic strip illustration from 1909.

Madison, Wisconsin, Hour Two - Alliant Energy Center

00:00 | #513 | TV-G

Appraisers examine a folding parasol that was a gift to the owner's grandmother from Queen Victoria, a museum-quality silver and gold incense burner, and a very rare pipestone and horn table.

Madison, Wisconsin, Hour One - Alliant Energy Center

00:00 | #512 | TV-G

Appraisers spot a printed broadside announcing South Carolina's secession from the union; an ash spinning wheel manufactured in Waitsville, WI; and an eight-string Norwegian fiddle.

Denver, Colorado, Hour Three - Denver Convention Complex

00:00 | #511 | TV-G

Extraordinary finds from the Mile-High City include an elegant mahogany and brass lap desk, a finely beaded Native American saddle throw, and a collection of unusual Art Deco Bakelite objects.

Denver, Colorado, Hour Two - Denver Convention Complex

00:00 | #510 | TV-G

Appraisers discover a rosewood baseball bat from the pre-professional era, a turn-of-the-century cast-iron bank, and an extensive collection of documents from one of Colorado's great 19th-century mining towns.

Denver, Colorado, Hour One - Denver Convention Complex

00:00 | #509 | TV-G

Collectors show up with an array of valuable antiques, including a stunning Tiffany lamp with an all-important original patina, a Van Briggle vase, and a late-18th-century hand-turned maple bowl and pounder.

Austin, Texas, Hour Two - The Austin Convention Center

56:46 | #508 | TV-G

Appraisers uncover a collection of African-American dolls, a hall stand originally owned by a notorious Austin resident, and a letter written by Ulysses S. Grant in 1868 accepting the Republican nomination for the presidency.

Austin (Part 1)

56:46 | #507 | TV-G

A striking pair of Chinese headdresses intended to ward off evil spirits, a scrimshaw domino set, and an extensive collection of rock 'n' roll memorabilia from the 1960s and early '70s.

Charleston, South Carolina, Hour Three - Charleston Area Convention Center

00:00 | #506 | TV-G

Significant discoveries include a rare 19th-century bronze sculpture; a set of surveyor's instruments from the 1800s; and a chair created for the world's most famous "Siamese twins," conjoined brothers born in Thailand in the early 19th century.

Charleston, South Carolina, Hour Two - Charleston Area Convention Center

00:00 | #505 | TV-G

Appraisers identify a Hawaiian ukulele played by the owner's grandfather in the 1930s, an outstanding 19th-century basket, and a unique collection of folk-art puppets.

Charleston, South Carolina, Hour One - Charleston Area Convention Center

00:00 | #504 | TV-G

Special finds at the Charleston Area Convention Center include a set of Jackie Gleason's monogrammed golf clubs, a 1763 Massachusetts broadside about the French and Indian War, and a hand-hammered silver bowl from the 19th century.

St. Louis (Part 3)

00:00 | #503 | TV-G

Collectors bring in ribbonwork clothing created by members of the Miami tribe from northern Indiana, a turn-of-the-century medical chest containing tins for 288 different herbs, and a rare repeating rifle.

St. Louis (Part 2)

00:00 | #502 | TV-G

Appraisers discover an antique Budweiser tin, a toy bear, and a well-preserved 18th-century needlepoint scene worked on silk.

St. Louis (Part 1)

00:00 | #501 | TV-G

Experts spot a number of valuable items, including two exquisite Japanese ivory carvings, a hand-colored map of Missouri printed in 1822, and a painting by a Belgian artist.

Des Moines (Part 2)

00:00 | #416 | TV-G

A vintage Wurlitzer jukebox, a Tiffany vase, and a unique Chinese box and horn.

Des Moines (Part 1)

00:00 | #415 | TV-G

Experts encounter a startlingly realistic Black Forest carving of a dog, a moving letter written by Mark Twain, and a propeller from one of Charles Lindbergh's biplanes.

Salt Lake City (Part 2)

00:00 | #414 | TV-G

Appraisers find an important Mormon document, a mechanical bird cage, and a bronze statue of Napoleon.

Salt Lake City (Part 1)

00:00 | #413 | TV-G

Appraisers spot a unique piece of human hair jewelry, a diamond and pearl tiara ring, and a collection of Native American beadwork.

Toronto (Part 2)

00:00 | #412 | TV-G

Appraisers find a Canadian Mounties doll, a vintage Rolex watch, and a fascinating weight in the shape of a bird.

Toronto (Part 1)

00:00 | #411 | TV-G

Experts find a handsome silver tea set, a rare golf club, and a bronze, ivory, and marble statue.

Baltimore (Part 2)

00:00 | #410 | TV-G

Appraisers find a French Revival-style Victorian painting, a book signed by Edgar Allan Poe, and a rooster weathervane.

Baltimore, MD (Part 1)

00:00 | #409 | TV-G

Appraisals include an 18th-century tea table, railroad memorabilia, and paintings.

Providence, RI (Part 2)

00:00 | #408 | TV-G

Experts appraise a Dr. Evil doll, a collection of Persian prints, and a French mantel clock.

Providence, RI (Part 1)

00:00 | #407 | TV-G

Treasures include an unusual collection of Boy Scout neckerchief slides, a stoneware jug, and a jade and gold jewelry box.

Tampa, FL (Part 2)

00:00 | #406 | TV-G

Appraisers uncover a bejeweled baseball cap, a valuable set of andirons, and a magnificent Tiffany lamp.

Tampa, FL (Part 1)

00:00 | #405 | TV-G

Experts uncover a valuable toy clown, a distinctive clock, and an elaborate metal bird sculpture.

Birmingham, AL (Part 2)

00:00 | #404 | TV-G

Appraisers find a rare collection of Gone With the Wind memorabilia, an old Bible, and a miniature Chippendale chest.

Kansas City

00:00 | #111 | TV-G

Persian rugs, a Thomas Hart Benton painting, Tiffany vases, and a visit to the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art.

Birmingham, AL (Part 1)

00:00 | #403 | TV-G

Experts find a late 19th-century crazy quilt, valuable toys, and an unusual gold ring.

College Park, MD

00:00 | #110 | TV-G

Silver, furniture, a quilt from the 1850s, and some Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis memorabilia. Chris visits the National Colonial Farm.

Columbus, OH (Part 2)

00:00 | #402 | TV-G

Collectors appraise a vintage football poster, a giant Steiff teddy bear, and Art Deco clocks.

Concord, MA

00:00 | #109 | TV-G

Art Nouveau jewelry, Colonial- and Federal-style furniture, and 19th-century Chinese watercolors.

Columbus, OH (Part 1)

00:00 | #401 | TV-G

A book containing a number of documents, including a letter and document penned by Thomas Jefferson, is appraised at a breathtaking $100,000.


00:00 | #108 | TV-G

Appraisers find a Dürer engraving and a 19th-century Canadian Native American costume.


00:00 | #107 | TV-G

Experts find Art Deco pieces, African-American memorabilia, and a flag with a historic connection to President McKinley.

Southfield, MI

00:00 | #106 | TV-G

Appraisers find an example of Duncan Phyfe furniture and an important watercolor painting.

San Antonio

00:00 | #105 | TV-G

A set of dueling pistols and a collection of turn-of-the-century dolls.


00:00 | #104 | TV-G

Silver jewelry, fine furniture and paintings, and Pennsylvania Dutch pieces.

Hartford, CT (Part 1)

00:00 | #315 | TV-G

Appraisals of antique games and toys, paintings, furniture, and historic documents.

Portland, OR (Part 2)

00:00 | #314 | TV-G

Silver, historic documents, books, and decorative items.

Portland, OR (Part 1)

00:00 | #313 | TV-G

Native American artifacts, art glass, furniture, and collectible household items.

Louisville (Part 2)

00:00 | #312 | TV-G

Civil War memorabilia, classic toys and books, and fine furniture.

Louisville (Part 1)

00:00 | #311 | TV-G

Folk art pieces, furniture, historic documents, a rare stoneware jug, and a builder's model frame used to sell barns at the turn of the century.

Houston (Part 2)

00:00 | #310 | TV-G

Antique toys and guns, plus a guitar autographed by Jimi Hendrix.

Houston (Part 1)

00:00 | #309 | TV-G

Period photos, World War II memorabilia, and a menu from the last luncheon served aboard the Titanic.


00:00 | #203 | TV-G

A Bern Bears hall stand, a Rookwood pottery vase, and original illustrations for the Dick and Jane reading primers.

Rochester, NY (Part 2)

00:00 | #308 | TV-G

Finds include a rare Shirvan rug that the owner inherited from his former college landlady.

Rochester, NY (Part 1)

00:00 | #307 | TV-G

A nine-foot-tall fireplace mantel and an ornate rack that appraisers believe was carved from one piece of elm.

Milwaukee (Part 2)

00:00 | #306 | TV-G

A Speedy Alka Seltzer figure from a 1950s advertising campaign and a beautiful chair designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

Greenwich, CT

00:00 | #113 | TV-G

Chris visits the 1732 Bush-Holley House, and experts appraise a 60-year-old Yankee home run baseball and an unusual collection of European maps.

Milwaukee (Part 1)

00:00 | #305 | TV-G

A carving of birds and a rare Chippendale chair.

Durham, NC

00:00 | #112 | TV-G

Silver, porcelain, musical instruments, autographed photos of Buffalo Bill and Annie Oakley, and a historic football.

Los Angeles (Part 2)

00:00 | #304 | TV-G

A stunning silver and glass compote plate and a brewing company advertising print from 1901.


00:00 | #103 | TV-G

Fine English furniture and Native American and other regional pieces.

Los Angeles (Part 1)

00:00 | #303 | TV-G

A visit to the Gamble House, built by heirs of the Procter and Gamble fortune, and appraisals of a rare clay piglet and a miniature portrait.

Richmond, VA (Part 2)

00:00 | #302 | TV-G

Classic toys, silver, pottery, and firearms.

Richmond, VA (Part 1)

00:00 | #301 | TV-G

Political memorabilia, jewelry, folk art, and more, including a folk art rooster from a turn-of-the-century dairy display.

San Francisco (Part 1)

00:00 | #206 | TV-G

Collectors bring a fascinating array of objects to be appraised, including a rare Eskimo hunting helmet and a toy carousel.


00:00 | #213 | TV-G

Appraisers find a rare Native American composition book and a delightful Scottish "tea machine." Chris visits Ryman Auditorium and talks about the tradition of live country music performances there.

Atlanta (Part 2)

00:00 | #205 | TV-G

Civil War memorabilia, including an original Confederate flag; fine furniture; and decorative art.

Phoenix (Part 2)

00:00 | #212 | TV-G

A rare and valuable Tiffany lamp and a vintage lunchbox.

Phoenix (Part 1)

00:00 | #211 | TV-G

Appraisers find an 18th-century spice cabinet and a famous letter to the editor regarding Santa Claus. Chris visits the collection of Native American art at the Heard Museum.

Atlanta (Part 1)

00:00 | #204 | TV-G

A letter from Abraham Lincoln, a 19th-century dental set, and Weller Pottery painted tiles.

Secaucus, NJ (Part 2)

00:00 | #202 | TV-G

Tiffany vases, ledger books from the 18th-century Benjamin Franklin Society, and an early 19th-century carved wooden cake board.


00:00 | #210 | TV-G

A folk-art whirligig, an heirloom sampler, and a tour of the Art Deco buildings built for the Texas Centennial Exposition of 1936.

Secaucus, NJ (Part 1)

00:00 | #201 | TV-G

A Federal-style card table, a Thomas Edison electric pen, and Ernest Hemingway documents.

Pittsburgh (Part 2)

00:00 | #209 | TV-G

Chris visits the Pittsburgh Regional History Center, and specialists find a Civil War-era saxhorn and a signed and dated Gibson L-5 guitar.


00:00 | #101 | TV-G

In Chicago, appraisers examine silver, American furniture, paintings, and toys and games.

Pittsburgh (Part 1)

00:00 | #208 | TV-G

Chris reviews Pittsburgh's role as the center of the steel industry. Appraisers find a finely crafted silver libation set and a Queen Victoria commemorative parasol.


00:00 | #102 | TV-G

Native American artifacts, silver, and jewelry; Oriental imports; and Civil War militaria.

San Francisco (Part 2)

00:00 | #207 | TV-G

Appraisers look at a collection of early movie memorabilia and a unique set of 18th-century Spanish nativity figures.

Hartford, CT (Part 2)

00:00 | #316 | TV-G

Appraisals of art glass, clocks, silver, and musical instruments, plus a tour of Mark Twain's home, an architectural and designer's showplace.

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