Doc Martin

Doc Martin

A catchy comedy drama that stars Martin Clunes as the brash doctor Martin Ellingham, whose blunt opinions and tactless manner cause mayhem in a small Cornish community.

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All My Trials

46:55 | #808 | TV-PG

In the season 8 finale, Martin stops practicing the week before his hearing, but patients continue to solicit his advice. An American tourist asks Mrs. Tishell for help, and Penhale commissions a bust of himself. Sigourney Weaver guest stars.

Blade on the Feather

46:12 | #807 | TV-PG

Penhale and Morwenna participate in the annual gig race against another town. Louisa buys a new car, and Martin's blood phobia causes a disaster with a patient.

Accidental Hero

46:39 | #806 | TV-PG

Penhale decides to have a police open house to raise community awareness, but the turnout is not what he hoped. James goes through a biting phase, and Morwenna leaves the surgery for a weekend away with Al.

From the Mouths of Babes....

45:36 | #805 | TV-PG

With James teething, Martin and Louisa are desperate for more sleep. In an unusual display of mourning, Mrs. Tishell closes the pharmacy, inconveniencing everyone. Meanwhile, Al needs Bert's help to get the whiskey business back on track.


46:33 | #804 | TV-PG

Morwenna's missionary parents pay her a surprise visit and are taken aback by her relationship with Al. As Louisa starts her new counseling course, Penhale investigates a break-in at the school.

Farewell, My Lovely

46:30 | #803 | TV-PG

Louisa is stressed taking a group of students on a sailing trip. Ruth's decision regarding the farm causes trouble for the Large family enterprises, and Morwenna and Al throw an event to launch Al's new business.

Sons and Lovers

46:28 | #802 | TV-PG

With Janice's departure, Martin and Louisa need to find daycare for James, and they settle on Portwenn Tots. Ruth considers selling her farm, and Al's stress level takes a toll on his body.

Mysterious Ways

46:11 | #801 | TV-PG

In the Season 8 opener, after successfully rekindling their relationship, Louisa and Martin are living together again, but Louisa finds herself juggling too many responsibilities at once. As Portwenn prepares for a wedding, Bert hopes to profit from the festivities.

The Doctor is Out

46:20 | #708 | TV-PG

In the season 7 finale, Annie Winton desperately wants Martin to try and save her husband, who was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Facta Non Verba

45:42 | #707 | TV-PG

After Martin and Louisa tell Dr. Timoney about their failed date night, she questions their ultimate compatibility. Martin has new neighbors.

Other People's Children

45:59 | #706 | TV-PG

Martin and Louisa don't seem to be having much success with their therapy, so Dr. Timoney advises that they should try and take things back to the beginning of their relationship.


44:50 | #705 | TV-PG

After being followed around by Buddy, Martin is determined to find a vet to have him put down. Morwenna, and eventually Louisa, manage to persuade him that it isn't quite that simple.

Education, Education, Education

46:02 | #704 | TV-PG

Louisa and Martin have their first therapy session and are surprised when they are given homework.

It's Good to Talk

45:44 | #703 | TV-PG

Martin has decided he will be the one to move out of the Surgery to allow Louisa the space she needs. Louisa is intrigued to meet Martin's therapist, but is not quite so happy when Dr. Timoney suggests that they should have therapy as a couple.

The Shock of the New

45:55 | #702 | TV-PG

Martin may have met his match with Dr. Rachel Timoney. Louisa's return raises further questions around their relationship. Al welcomes his first fishing guests and Bert decides to try and rejuvenate trade at the restaurant. Morwenna asks Martin for a pay rise and Penhale is excited to receive his new police issue Taser.

Rescue Me

45:51 | #701 | TV-PG

In the season 7 opener, Louisa visits her mother in Spain to get some perspective on her marriage. Martin knows he needs to change and vows to keep his promise to her to see a therapist. Aunt Ruth arranges an appointment for him, but a lifeboat training exercise causes problems for the doctor.


47:43 | #608 | TV-PG

Louisa has shocking news for Martin, Bert and Jennifer's party goes off with a bang, and Al has a business proposition for Ruth.

Listen with Mother

48:08 | #607 | TV-PG

Martin reluctantly agrees to help Louisa hand out awards at her school's sports day. Ruth and Margaret have a showdown. Mike has a shady revelation from his past.

Hazardous Exposure

47:37 | #606 | TV-PG

Martin's mother returns to Portwenn with some interesting news. Penhale spreads pandemonium throughout the village at the drop of the word "asbestos" and Bert has a question for Jennifer.

The Practice Around the Corner

47:40 | #605 | TV-PG

Mrs. Tishell returns to the village. Martin has to work out what is wrong with beachcomber Lorna. Al and Morwenna each have an internet dating disaster, and romance is blossoming for Bert.

Nobody Likes Me

47:38 | #604 | TV-PG

Martin is coerced into taking James to playgroup and Ruth is having problems with her new neighbor.

The Tameness of a Wolf

48:02 | #603 | TV-PG

Ruth is invited on Radio Portwenn and attracts an unwanted admirer. Doc and Louisa find a replacement nanny. One of Louisa's pupils pens a damning review of Bert's restaurant in the school magazine.

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?

48:01 | #602 | TV-PG

Martin and Louisa host a disastrous dinner party, the new nanny walks out, and Morwenna advertises for a lodger.

Sickness and Health

48:13 | #601 | TV-PG

Portwenn is buzzing with arrangements for the wedding of the Doc and Louisa. Will they finally tie the knot, or will the villagers have to put the confetti back in the box again?

Ever After

46:13 | #508 | TV-PG

Mrs. Tishell's long-standing crush on Martin takes a dramatic turn. It's now or never for Mrs. Tishell to make her romantic notions of a relationship with the Doc come true.

Cats and Sharks

46:06 | #507 | TV-PG

Bert Large's restaurant business is in financial trouble. Eleanor comes to Bert's rescue with a plan to boost business at the restaurant. She digs in to help but begins to feel ill. Louisa insists she must see the Doc, and Morwenna calls an ambulance. Martin plans to leave Portwenn to resume his career as a surgeon after his baby's christening.

Don't Let Go

46:15 | #506 | TV-PG

Joe Penhale is desperate to keep his ex-wife Maggie and show her he's changed. Aunt Ruth uncovers a chest of family heirlooms when she clears out a barn at the farm, including photos as Martin as a six-year-old schoolboy. Martin sets a date for the baby's christening without consulting Louisa. Tensions begin to rise between them.

Remember Me

46:08 | #505 | TV-PG

PC Joe Penhale has an unexpected visitor in the shape of his ex-wife Maggie. Joe takes her to Large's restaurant, where fellow diner Martin quickly spots that Maggie is showing symptoms of amnesia. Louisa's mother Eleanor catches up with her old school friend Paul, a local fisherman, who takes her out on a date. Morwenna arrives at the surgery with an injured foot. PC Penhale warns Martin and Louisa that if they do not register a name for their baby soon, the state will be forced to step in.

Mother Knows Best

45:59 | #504 | TV-PG

It's Portwenn Fun Day. The event sparks a culinary rivalry between Bert Large, who runs Large's Restaurant, and the landlord of the Crab and Lobster pub. Louisa's mum Eleanor arrives in Portwenn unexpectedly.

Born with a Shotgun

46:29 | #503 | TV-PG

Sleepless nights are taking their toll on Martin and Louisa. Aunt Ruth is dealing with an intruder on the farm who has stolen the hubcaps from her car. The thief is identified as Michael Dunwich, who lives with his mother Shirley on a neighboring farm. Shirley makes an appointment with Martin to discuss the crippling stomach pains she has been suffering.

Dry Your Tears

46:04 | #502 | TV-PG

Martin moves to his former post at the surgery after the departure of Dr. Dibbs, agreeing to stay until a replacement is found. He persuades a reluctant Louisa to move into his house so he can help raise their son, and even suggests they could all move to London. Martin then delivers the eulogy at his aunt Joan's funeral and speaks to her sister Ruth, who proves to be just as cantankerous as he is.

Preserve the Romance

46:26 | #501 | TV-PG

Martin finds his return to London delayed by the birth of his son, and then again by some sad news. Meanwhile he begins to have serious doubts about the competency of the new doctor after she misdiagnoses a patient and dishes out prescriptions for totally inappropriate drugs.

The Wrong Goodbye

50:00 | #408 | TV-PG

Martin and Pauline are surprised by the number of patients coming to see him on the last day before he moves to London. Martin is driving out of Portwenn with the moving men when he sees Tasha fall from the Harbour Day stage. With a little bit of help from a guilty Bert and Al, he is able to diagnose Tasha's medical condition, and is shocked to learn that she is married to taxi driver Tommy, and that he is driving Louisa to her hospital appointment.

Do Not Disturb

50:00 | #407 | TV-PG

To solve her farm's money problems, Aunt Joan starts a small bed-and-breakfast business. Pauline's suspicions are confirmed when she steams open a confidential letter addressed to Martin and discovers his contract offer for the London job. Martin deals with the victim of an accident without hesitation, proving to both himself and Edith that his blood phobia is completely cured, and he is now fully able to be a surgeon in London again.

Midwife Crisis

50:00 | #406 | TV-PG

Martin meets Portwenn's new midwife, Molly, who will be looking after Louisa. He finds that cognitive behavioral exercises are a great help with his blood phobia and he is able to take blood from P.C. Penhale without reacting. Martin visits Aunt Joan at her farm, and breaks the news that he is intending to become a surgeon in London again. Martin and Molly have their final stand-off when Louisa develops a temperature which Molly tries to sooth with herbal remedies. Edith has big news for Martin that Louisa overhears - Robert is going to offer him the prestigious surgeon's job in London.

The Departed

50:00 | #405 | TV-PG

Martin is in London to meet with Robert Dashwood, who is leading the selection process for the prestigious London surgeon's job that he has applied for. On the train back to Cornwall, Martin is annoyed to be seated next to one of his patients, a sheep farmer named Jim Selkirk. Jim falls asleep and slumps onto Martin's shoulder - dead from heart failure! Theo, one of Louisa's students, becomes ill in class. His parents, Juliet and Richard Wenn, are certain that their child picked up the illness in Joan's chicken coop during a school field trip. Martin cannot deny it is a possibility and the couple announces their intention to sue Aunt Joan.

Driving Mr. McLynn

50:00 | #404 | TV-PG

Martin is called to Louisa's new home after she has a dizzy spell while shifting furniture. Martin urges her to slow down, but is shocked to learn that Louisa has applied to be her school's head teacher again. Aunt Joan is involved in a car crash with the McLynns, an elegant elderly couple. When P.C. Penhale rushes to the scene and tries to impose his authority, he is ignored by both drivers. Edith visits Martin for some advice on her medical research, and Martin reveals he has applied for the prestigious surgeon's job in London.

Perish Together as Fools

50:00 | #403 | TV-PG

Martin is shocked to find Louisa and Aunt Joan knocking at his door before his office has opened. Louisa has had a medical scare and wants Martin's reassurance that everything is fine. P.C. Penhale has an unexpected visitor - his older brother Sam. Martin notices that Sam has some problems with his memory and coordination. Martin takes Sam's family history, he decides there is a very small possibility that Sam has a rare genetic disease. It turns out that Martin diagnoses a different illness that will change Penhale's opinion of his brother forever.

Uneasy Lies the Head

50:00 | #402 | TV-PG

Martin struggles to deal with the news of Louisa's pregnancy. But Louisa is adamant that she does not want Martin involved. She is hired to teach at the local school, but the headmaster is acting strangely. He has an arm that rises up into the air without him seeming to notice it! At the hospital for a routine check-up, Louisa discovers that Edith is going to be her doctor. She also learns something about Martin and Edith's relationship during medical school that shocks her. Upon returning to school, Louisa discovers that the headmaster has taken her pupils down to the treacherous rock pools of Roscarrock Cove for a nature walk. She alerts Martin and he rushes there to try and save the children.

Better the Devil

45:44 | #401 | TV-PG

Life has become ever more infuriating for Dr. Martin Ellingham since the heart-wrenching decision to call off his marriage to Louisa. Martin has begun to question what keeps him in Cornwall. On a visit to the hospital, Martin is stunned to meet Edith, his old girlfriend from medical school days who is now a top-ranking doctor with a flourishing private practice. Martin learns there is a prestigious surgeon's job opening up in London that is perfect for him if he can overcome his blood phobia. But all Martin's thoughts of the future are turned upside-down when Louisa unexpectedly returns to Portwenn. She wants nothing to do with Martin, but she has big news of her own.

Happily Ever After

47:11 | #309 | TV-PG

Martin manages to offend the local vicar who is due to conduct Martin and Louisa's wedding ceremony by suggesting he has a drinking problem. In a struggle over a bottle of whisky, the vicar stumbles and fractures his pelvis. As the ambulance takes the vicar to hospital, Martin is left with the dilemma of finding a replacement vicar with just three hours to go to the wedding. With less than an hour to go to the ceremony, pregnant bridesmaid Isobel goes into labor. Martin is summoned by Louisa, and on a windswept hill top above Portwenn he delivers a healthy baby boy. Now it's a race against time for Martin and Louisa to get to the church on time.

Nowt So Queer

46:13 | #308 | TV-PG

Portwenn is buzzing with the news of the engagement of Dr. Martin Ellingham and Headmistress Louisa Glasson. Mushrooms are the cause of an outbreak of aspergillosis in the village. Bert Large, postman Dave, and restaurant chef Mick Mabley are among the victims. Bert Large's ill health is not his only problem. His restaurant is in financial trouble. Son Al decides it is time to take action to save the business.

The Holly Bears a Prickle

46:19 | #307 | TV-PG

It has taken three seasons, but Doc Martin and Louisa are finally going on their first date. However, in typical fashion, the clumsy doctor manages to ruin the moment with an inappropriate remark, and Louisa ends their affair, leaving Martin shell shocked. The break-up hits Martin harder than he anticipated. But there's one more chance to redeem himself when he gets an urgent call for help from Louisa to treat her friend Holly. As Martin leaves Louisa's house, he realizes he could lose her forever. He pauses on the doorstep and asks her to marry him.

The Admirer

46:37 | #306 | TV-PG

Portwenn looks set to become a hotbed of passion. Louisa Glasson is furious to discover she has a rival for Doc Martin's affections - glamorous divorcee and hotel owner, Carrie Wilson. Can Louisa contain her jealously and claim Martin as her man before Carrie's flirty tactics take effect? On his way to PC Penhale's birthday party, Martin accidentally backs his car into Carrie's dog, killing him. Carrie is distraught by the death of her dog and slaps Martin across the face when he hands her the dog, and tries to apologize.

City Slickers

45:59 | #305 | TV-PG

The Oakwoods, a family of city slickers seeking a new life by the sea, set out to disrupt the tranquility of Portwenn. They manage to gatecrash an intimate dinner Louisa has prepared for her and Martin. With their romantic dinner plans ruined, the disgruntled doctor decides to make a hasty exit leaving Louisa to deal with the neighbors from hell. A car vandal is on the loose in Portwenn. Cars belonging to the doctor, his Aunt Joan, and Bert Large have all been damaged. The doctor reports the vandalism to PC Penhale, but he seems strangely reluctant to investigate. He has to confess he is suffering from agoraphobia and can't leave the police station.


45:58 | #304 | TV-PG

In a life-changing decision, Bert Large abandons his plumbing business to open his own restaurant. The opening of Large's restaurant is far from a success, when Doc Martin, who has a phobia about blood, finds a spot of blood on his plate. To make matters worse for Bert, the following day, the doctor's office is inundated with patients with symptoms of food poisoning, and all claiming to have eaten at his restaurant.

The Apple Doesn't Fall

46:30 | #303 | TV-PG

Portwenn has a new police officer following the departure of PC Mark Mylow after his doomed marriage. His replacement is PC Joseph Penhale, who appears to have an odd affliction which causes him to fall asleep suddenly at strange times. The doctor discovers that he has narcolepsy brought on by a kick to the head from a horse suffered two years earlier. Village plumber Bert Large is having a midlife crisis. His son Al has left the village on his travels round the world and Bert feels left out in the cold. Doc Martin offers no help.

On the Edge (Part 2)

48:32 | #302 | TV-PG

Having failed to restart his relationship with Louisa Glasson, Martin is forced out of the picture with the arrival of her dad, Terry Glasson. Terry has hatched a scheme with a colleague, Jonathan Crozier, to smuggle in some explosives which they want to use to help them in a robbery. Terry decides to back out of the smuggling, and things get even worse for Doc Martin. As he finds himself held hostage, along with Louisa, by a paranoid Jonathan, as he attempts to force Terry to carry out their plan.

On the Edge (Part 1)

44:58 | #301 | TV-PG

Having failed to restart his relationship with Louisa Glasson, Martin is forced out of the picture with the arrival of her dad, Terry Glasson. Terry has hatched a scheme with a colleague, Jonathan Crozier, to smuggle in some explosives which they want to use to help them in a robbery. Terry decides to back out of the smuggling, and things get even worse for Doc Martin. He finds himself held hostage, along with Louisa, by a paranoid Jonathan, as he attempts to force Terry to carry out their plan.


49:09 | #208 | TV-PG

Graham Orchard, a Salvation Army member, arrives in Portwenn to try to trace a missing woman named Emma Lewis. Danny's near death experience with a collapsed lung has made him appreciate his relationship with Louisa. With his wedding to Julie imminent, Mylow is busy making final preparations, including securing life insurance. Mrs. Tishell has been wearing a collar to combat neck pain for years and does not want to remove it. Louisa tells Martin that she has split up with Danny and invites him to join her for a glass of wine.

Out of the Woods

46:57 | #207 | TV-PG

Mark Mylow intends to marry beautiful Julie Mitchell. For his stag night, Mark wants to camp out in the woods under the stars accompanied by his Best Man, Al Large. An adder bites Mark's ankle and he suffers a potentially fatal allergic reaction. While Al is in the woods, his dad Bert tries to fix up his flat. Meanwhile, it appears the beaches of North Cornwall are being stormed by legions of poisonous fish intent on terrorizing the teenage population of Portwenn.

The Family Way

46:38 | #206 | TV-PG

Dr. Ellingham's parents, whom he hasn't spoken to in seven years, make a surprise visit to Cornwall to stay with their son. Christopher Ellingham is a suave surgeon, oozing charm, nothing like his son, and the villagers are soon taken in by his charisma. But his wife Margaret seems oddly quiet and reserved. Martin worries that she might be ill. Danny collapses, barely able to breathe. Louisa calls Martin who diagnoses a collapsed lung.

Always on My Mind

46:52 | #205 | TV-PG

Irate husband Phil Pratt accuses Dr. Ellingham of killing his wife Helen when he comes to their house to treat her. Then a horrific accident on the farm leaves Mr. Pratt desperately needing the doctor to save his life. Joan finds him trapped under a tractor, where he has been all night. A new teacher at Portwenn primary school, Tricia Soames, has sore hands. The doctor soon realizes that Tricia is showing all the signs of obsessive compulsive disorder. Meanwhile, things are looking up for PC Mylow on the romance front.


46:44 | #204 | TV-PG

There's concern in Portwenn that local radio presenter Caroline Bosman has a drinking problem. PC Mylow has romance on his mind. He's been bowled over by the pretty, blonde newcomer to Portwenn, Julie. Meanwhile, Martin has an odorous problem with one of his patients. Vernon Cooke stinks so much nobody can bear to be in the same room. Martin has the unpleasant task of trying to discover the cause.

Blood is Thicker

46:54 | #203 | TV-PG

Bert Large has been hiding a heartbreaking secret from his son Al, which threatens to jeopardize their close relationship. Martin visits the Flint brothers at the remote country home they share with their father Victor and mother Doreen. Wallace and Paddy Flint have been suffering chronic stomach disorders, and a blood test confirms they have salmonella poisoning. But there's something else odd about this family. Meanwhile, PC Mark Mylow has had to deal with his domineering sister's arrival in Portwenn.

In Loco

46:42 | #202 | TV-PG

Louisa seeks a promotion at Portwenn Primary School. Bert Large tests out his culinary skills on the villagers. He's taken over the fish and chip shop while owner Mrs. Cronk is in the hospital.

Old Dogs

46:00 | #201 | TV-PG

Dr. Martin Ellingham is still as clumsy as ever when it comes to forming relationships with the opposite sex. Just when things were beginning to look rosily romantic between him and pretty school teacher Louisa Glasson, he makes a terrible faux pas.


47:05 | #106 | TV-PG

The tourist season has arrived in Portwenn. Disgruntled by the invasion of holidaymakers, Martin grimaces as he makes his way through the crowds. Then he notices an attractive woman, and stops to stare at her chest! Martin actually tries to warn the woman about the dangers of sunbathing for fear of skin cancer.

Of All the Harbors in All the Towns

46:55 | #105 | TV-PG

An old flame of Martin's Aunt Joan sails back into her life and whisks her off her feet. But her suitor, John Slater, is seriously ill with a life threatening heart condition, as Doc Martin discovers when he insists on running tests on him.

The Portwenn Effect

47:00 | #104 | TV-PG

Louisa invites Martin to the Portwenn Players Dance. Martin makes a house call to the park ranger, Stewart James.

Sh*t Happens

46:50 | #103 | TV-PG

Dr. Martin announces on his new radio show that there is something dangerous in the public pool.

Gentlemen Prefer

46:43 | #102 | TV-PG

When Martin fires Elaine for her inefficiency, he becomes universally disliked in the village.

Going Bodmin

47:06 | #101 | TV-PG

As Martin moves in and meets the locals, he realizes that adjusting to village life is not going to be smooth sailing. In his sharp suits and flashy car, he's a fish out of water.

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