Fit 2 Stitch

Fit 2 Stitch

Fit expert Peggy Sagers shares her vision for creating a garment that fits perfectly.

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Fit 2 Stitch

26:46 | #613 | TV-G

Peggy shares gems she learned after graduation that will help viewers with fashion design projects.

Fit 2 Stitch

26:46 | #612 | TV-G

Peggy gives viewers an overview of the leather industry and the many options with added trims.

Fit 2 Stitch

26:46 | #611 | TV-G

Great tips, including grain line play, methods of sewing, and sewing machine care, are shared.

Fit 2 Stitch

26:46 | #610 | TV-G

Peggy demonstrates to viewers how to take a basic blouse and do some easy pattern making.

Fit 2 Stitch

26:46 | #609 | TV-G

Peggy turns a pillowcase into a favorite blouse.

Fit 2 Stitch

26:46 | #608 | TV-G

Peggy explains the difference between grading and fitting and why both are so important to good fashion design.

Fit 2 Stitch

26:46 | #607 | TV-G

Peggy discusses pattern rules - her favorite subject in design school.

Fit 2 Stitch

26:46 | #606 | TV-G

Peggy reviews the history of color and why the use of color as a designer is so important.

Fit 2 Stitch

26:46 | #605 | TV-G

Peggy teaches the importance of line, focal point, color, and proportion, as it relates to the body.

Fit 2 Stitch

26:46 | #604 | TV-G

This episode is about bespoke or custom tailoring. Peggy shares great details with viewers.

Fit 2 Stitch

26:46 | #603 | TV-G

Peggy shows viewers how to take the design ideas in the their heads and put them on paper.

Fit 2 Stitch

26:46 | #602 | TV-G

Peggy gives viewers a look inside the fiber industry that will change how they look at fabrics.

Fit 2 Stitch

26:46 | #601 | TV-G

Peggy's guest shares timeless tips on how to design and make your own fashion collection.

Historical Lace

26:46 | #513 | TV-G

Today's sewing machines can make lace in different colors and patterns in a matter of minutes.

Garment Finishing Touches

26:50 | #512 | TV-G

Quickly take a garment from old and plain to new with rommets, brads, snaps, zippers and ribbons.

Making Your Own Swimsuit and Lingerie

26:53 | #511 | TV-G

Peggy demonstrates how easy, fun and inexpensive it is to make your own bras, slips, and swimsuits.

The Modern Jean Jacket

26:48 | #510 | TV-G

Peggy explains why all of the unique parts of the jean jacket have made it such a perennial favorite.

The Wrap Dress

26:50 | #509 | TV-G

Peggy will share all of the secrets of the wrap dress design and how to get the perfect fit.

The Modern Blouse

26:52 | #508 | TV-G

Peggy shares the most important Fit Tips for blouses and demonstrates easy sewing methods.

The Sweater Girl Era

26:49 | #507 | TV-G

Peggy reviews some of the latest sweater styles and shares Fit Tips on how to get the best look.

The Modern Skirt

26:51 | #506 | TV-G

The Modern Skirt has come a long way baby! Peggy demonstrates how to get a great fit.

The Modern Jean

26:51 | #505 | TV-G

How we got to the Modern Jean is a fascinating chapter in American fashion history.

The Modern Pant

26:47 | #504 | TV-G

Peggy shares the history of slacks with the help of a guest from the company that invented them.

The Riding Jacket: From Yesterday to Today

26:49 | #503 | TV-G

Peggy shares the story of the riding jacket's evolution from the 1800s to the present.

Capes, Wraps and Trench Coats: From World War I to Today

26:47 | #502 | TV-G

Peggy shares the history of capes and wraps and looks at the evolution of the classic trench coat.

The Technology of Sewing and How It Has Evolved

26:46 | #501 | TV-G

Host Peggy Sagers explains how cutting edge technology has moved the sewing world forward.

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