Keeping Up Appearances

Keeping Up Appearances

Patricia Routledge stars as Hyacinth Bucket (she asks that you please pronounce it "bouquet") and is obsessed with social climbing. Her long-suffering husband goes along, but her frightfully common, and occasionally downright embarrassing relatives are a continuing source of frustration for her.

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Christmas 1993 - Sea Fever

58:19 | #602 | TV-PG

Hyacinth buys tickets for a holiday cruise on the QE2, but Onslow has won tickets for the same trip.

Christmas 1994 - Angel Gabriel Blue

48:34 | #603 | TV-PG

Daisy informs Hyacinth her that someone has been found in "Daddy's" bed - and it isn't "Daddy!"

The Boy Friend

29:20 | #507

In lieu of an audition, Hyacinth invites Emmet and Elizabeth for coffee and then bursts into "spontaneous" snatches of song.

Country Estate

29:17 | #506

To Richard's distress, Hyacinth wants to attend a country house sale and "mingle with the aristocracy."


29:23 | #505

Hyacinth decides to give Richard skis, despite his having no intention of taking up the sport.

A Riverside Picinic

29:14 | #504

Hyacinth decides to hold a riverside picnic.

Hyacinth Is Alarmed

29:18 | #503

Richard realizes that he has forgotten their anniversary and has no gift for Hyacinth.

The Fancy Dressball

29:04 | #502

While Hyacinth worries about not receiving an invitation to a fancy dress ball, Richard is even more concerned that she wants him to attend costumed as Louis XIV.

Seaside Fun

29:06 | #501

At the seaside, Hyacinth meets two very different people—a travel-weary elderly lady and an amorous Italian pensioner.

A Celebrity for the Barbecue

28:37 | #407

Hyacinth is desperate to keep up with the Barker-Finches, who have a bit of local fame at barbecues.

Please Mind Your Head

28:53 | #406

Hyacinth and Richard spend their first day in the country "retreat" and find that it is indeed very small.

Looking at Properties

28:31 | #405

To Richard's horror, Hyacinth decides to make another attempt to find a country home. This time she asks Elizabeth to help.

Country Retreat

29:09 | #404

Hyacinth wants to buy a small cottage in the country, but her idea of "small" does not match Richard's.

A Celebrity for the Barbecue

28:48 | #403

Hyacinth volunteers Richard's services to help correct a problem with lights at the church hall.

The Commodore

29:13 | #402

Hyacinth volunteers to escort a retired commodore from the train station to the ladies' luncheon.

A Job for Richard

29:12 | #401

Hyacinth plans for Richard to gain a high executive position with a local firm, but he fancies neither the job nor a meeting with the boss.

Christmas 1995 - The Pagent

29:23 | #604 | TV-PG

Hyacinth decides to organize and direct a local pageant titled "Our Town in the Civil War." She naturally casts herself in the starring role.

Christmas 1991 - The Father Christmas Suit

29:42 | #601 | TV-PG

Hyacinth roars into the Christmas season and manages to get Richard into a Father Christmas outfit.

What to Wear When Yachting

29:16 | #307

Hyacinth prepares for a weekend on a cruise by purchasing correct yachting gear for Richard and herself.

The Art Exhibition

29:29 | #306

Hyacinth and Richard are invited to a showing at an art gallery, and she prepares by reading books on art. Then her father shows up.

Richard's New Hobby

29:03 | #305

Hyacinth decides that Richard needs a hobby and gives him a video camera—but later regrets it.

How to Go On Holiday Without Really Trying

29:09 | #304

Hyacinth declares that she cannot stand snobbery, people trying to pretend they are superior.

Violet's Country Cottage

29:21 | #303 | TV-PG

Hyacinth borrows a holiday cottage for a weekend and plans a small barbecue, but the plans get out of hand.

Iron Age Remains

29:11 | #302

Hyacinth forces Richard to participate in a trip to the countryside. Rose is behaving outrageously.

Early Retirement

29:18 | #301

Richard has no hiding place from Hyacinth now that early retirement has been thrust upon him.

A Picnic for Daddy

29:30 | #210 | TV-G

Hyacinth decides to take Daddy out for a picnic, but Daddy decides that he will take her car!

The Three Piece Suite

29:37 | #209

Hyacinth has ordered a suite of furniture and tells everyone it is a replica of one in Sandringham House. But the delivery goes awry.

The Toy Store

29:23 | #208

Hyacinth has to intervene when Daddy slips out and runs up a toy store bill that he cannot pay.

Singing for Emmet

28:15 | #207 | TV-G

Hyacinth still wants to impress Emmet with her singing, especially since he has moved in next door.

Onslow's Birthday

29:23 | #206

Onslow's birthday celebration comes but once a year, but it is still too often to suit Hyacinth.

Problems with Relatives

29:18 | #205

Hyacinth is fearful that her family will cast a pall on the polished image she tries to maintain.

Golfing with the Major

29:23 | #204

Hyacinth decides that she and Richard should have a weekend at a golfing hotel.

The Candlelight Supper

29:28 | #203

Hyacinth plans to impress the head of the local operatic society with her vocal talents.

Driving Ms. Fortescue

29:33 | #202

Hyacinth is thrilled when the wealthy Mrs. Fortescue asks the Buckets to give her a lift into town.

A Strange Man

29:03 | #201 | TV-G

Hyacinth is appalled at her neighbor's behavior.

The Christening

29:10 | #106 | TV-G

Hyacinth enjoys a quiet family christening—for a few minutes, anyway.

Daisy's Toyboy

28:35 | #105 | TV-G

Daddy's encouragement of Onslow jeopardizes Hyacinth's social standing at a church function.

The Charity Shop

29:13 | #104 | TV-G

Problems with the charity shop, Councilor Nugent, Rose's love life, and Daddy have Hyacinth at her wit's end.

Stately Home

29:23 | #103 | TV-G

Hyacinth looks forward to soaking up a little culture at her favorite stately home.

The New Vicar

28:58 | #102 | TV-G

Hyacinth asks the new vicar to tea and, in her usual meticulous fashion, has organized the event down to the last sugar lump.

Daddy's Accident

29:14 | #101 | TV-G

Daddy sustains an injury while chasing the milkwoman on his bicycle. Major Wilton-Smythe offers Hyacinth flowers for her candlelit supper table, but when she arrives at his conservatory to collect them, she also receives unwelcome amatory advances.

The Hostess

29:13 | #510

Hyacinth aims to advise and educate the nation on gracious living, lit by candlelight suppers.

The Rolls Royce

29:14 | #509

Hyacinth loses first prize at the local craft fair. What makes it even worse is that the winner is Lydia Hawksworth, who was so objectionable at one of Hyacinth's candlelight suppers.

A Barbecue at Violet's

29:27 | #508 | TV-PG

Although the musical is fully cast, Hyacinth has yet another plan to obtain a role.

Keeping Up Appearances: The Memoirs of Hyacinth Bucket

00:00 | #0

Daisy comes across Hyacinth's private memoirs and decides that they'll make amusing bedtime reading. And once again, Hyacinth finds that her endless campaign as standard-bearer of good manners and behavior is being used by her social inferiors to humiliate her.

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