Story in the Public Square

Story in the Public Square

This weekly public affairs series presents stories that shape public understanding of important issues.

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Peter Blanck

27:12 | #218 | TV-PG

While the Americans with Disabilities Act has improved the lives of many since it became law nearly three decades ago, Peter Blanck tells us challenges remain.

Michael A. Cohen and Micah Zenko

29:00 | #217 | TV-PG

Michael A. Cohen and Micah Zenko claim the facts don't show that the world is more dangerous.

Elizabeth Kolbert

29:00 | #216 | TV-PG

Elizabeth Kolbert, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of The Sixth Extinction, describes humanity's impact on the planet and all of its inhabitants.

Kim Wallace

27:16 | #215 | TV-PG

Kim Wallace take us inside the video games industry, its controversies, and its successes.

Sarah Fawn Montgomery

27:11 | #214 | TV-PG

Sarah Fawn Montgomery is a poet and author whose writing explores the stigmas and biases associated with mental illness.

Elisa Kreisinger

29:00 | #213 | TV-PG

Elisa Kreisinger brings humor and a mastery of pop culture to some of today's most pressing issues.

Helen Ouyang

29:00 | #212 | TV-PG

Helen Ouyang, M.D., of the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative and New York-Presbyterian Hospital works to develop effective approaches to humanitarian assistance.

Llewellyn King

29:00 | #210 | TV-PG

Llewellyn King argues that technological change is placing great strain on our democratic societies.

Jeff Jackson

29:00 | #209 | TV-PG

Playwright, songwriter, and author Jeff Jackson explores the intersection of fame and violence in his new novel.

Alice Robb

27:00 | #208 | TV-PG

Poets, rock stars, authors and even mere mortals share a nightly sojourn - a temporary stay -in the land of dreams. Alice Robb argues they are not just flights of fancy, but critical to health and happiness in our waking hours too.

Jason Rafferty

27:00 | #206 | TV-PG

Dr. Jason Rafferty talks about gender definitions.

Karen King

27:36 | #205 | TV-PG

Even for the devout, questions about the earliest history of Christianity can seem lost behind a shroud of history and official church teachings. Karen King traces the power of stories told and untold in the growth of the early church.

Rosella Cappella Zielinski

27:15 | #204 | TV-PG

Rosella Cappella Zielinski has analyzed the costs of war dating back almost two centuries and shares her insights about the enormous cost of war.

Jeffrey Lewis

29:00 | #203 | TV-PG

Jeffrey Lewis disparages recent headlines in a new novel about the U.S.-North Korea nuclear relationship to warn about the potential for miscalculation and nuclear war.

John Kerry

29:00 | #202 | TV-PG

John Kerry discusses his career, how he has fought for peace and other causes for the next generation.

Sr. Helen Prejean

26:41 | #201 | TV-PG

Sister Helen Prejean cautions about the human cost of the death penalty and the innocent victims wrongfully put to death.

Alan Lightman

29:00 | #116 | TV-G

Alan Lightman is a scientist whose personal transcendent experience shapes his view of spirituality.

Mark Blyth

29:00 | #115 | TV-G

Mark Blyth warns that reducing government spending with austerity is a historically dangerous idea.

Padma Venkatraman

29:00 | #114 | TV-G

Novelist Padma Venkatraman explores themes about family and also the use of violence to resist evil.

Edward Luce

29:00 | #112 | TV-PG

Journalist Edward Luce explores the rise of populist politicians on both sides of the Atlantic.

CJ Chivers

29:00 | #113 | TV-PG

Journalist CJ Chivers travels into combat zones to understand the conflicts of the 21st century.

Julian Chambliss

29:00 | #111 | TV-PG

Julian Chambliss discusses the Civil War and its commemoration.

Daphne Matziaraki

29:00 | #110 | TV-PG

Daphne Matziaraki's Academy Award-nominated documentary focuses on the refugee crisis in Europe.

Caroline Orr

29:00 | #109 | TV-PG

Behavioral scientist Caroline Orr uses social media so her scholarship will reach a wide audience.

Tara Copp

29:00 | #108 | TV-PG

Tara Copp made sense of her experience in the Iraq war by understanding her grandfather's service.

Martin Puchner

26:47 | #107 | TV-PG

Martin Puchner is a scholar of the impact that stories have had on minds around the world.

Maddie McGarvey

29:00 | #106 | TV-PG

Maddie McGarvey, a talented photographer who has the courage to go after stories, appears.

Bernard Lafayette

29:00 | #105 | TV-PG

Dr. Bernard Lafayette, Jr., a longtime civil rights activist and organizer, shares his story.

Margalit Fox

29:00 | #104 | TV-PG

Margalit Fox, a staff writer on the Obituaries desk at The New York Times, appears.

Omer Bartov

29:00 | #103 | TV-PG

Omar Bartov delves deep into the experience of one town in Ukraine changed forever by genocide.

Eve Ewing

29:00 | #102 | TV-PG

Eve L. Ewing explores race in American life in her scholarship, art, and poetry.

Dan Barry

29:00 | #101 | TV-PG

In decades of writing for The New York Times, Dan Barry has captured powerful stories, from grown men living in servitude on an Iowa poultry farm to the unnamed children lost to history in Ireland's homes for unwed mothers.

Jacquelyn Schneider

The intermingling of traditional and emerging security challenges demands fresh thinking from a new generation of scholars and practitioners.

Mike Stanton

Mike Stanton recounts the life of Rocky Marciano, who finished his heavyweight championship career with a perfect 49 and 0 record.

Darnisa Amante

Darnisa Amante develops strategies to help organization dismantle racism and build equity in communities, classrooms, and schools.

Michael J. Mazarr

Michael J. Mazarr explores the decision-making and narratives that shaped America's entrance into the Iraq war in 2003.

Lisa Genova

Lisa Genova is a best-selling author (Still Alice; Every Note Played; and more) and a neuroscientist.

Adam Zyglis

Adam Zyglis, is a Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoonist from The Buffalo News.

Maggie Smith

Award-winning poet Maggie Smith is the guest.

Danny Strong

Danny Smith is an Emmy-winning screenwriter and co-creator of Empire on FOX.

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