Tom Owen's Louisville

Tom Owen

Noted historian and pied piper of Louisville, Dr. Tom Owen captures the essence of the city with walking tours that are lively, funny, poignant, and informative.

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Life in the Old Neighborhood

56:13 | #104

Tom Owen takes viewers back in time to just after World War II when front porches, corner grocery stores and taverns, sidewalks filled with residents and visitors, the neighborhood picture show, and others conveyed a sense of community.

City Center Walk

58:50 | #103

Re-discover the collection of public buildings, monuments, and memorials in the heart of Louisville. Tom Owen weaves memorable tales that expose the strength, humor, irony, and tragedy that shaped Louisville's history.


59:04 | #102

Discover the Portland neighborhood, once an independent town below the Falls of the Ohio, through restored historic properties.

St. James and Environs

58:54 | #101

A Victorian neighborhood comes to life as Tom Owen explores the homes, statues, fountains, and gardens of St. James Court, Belgravia, and Central Park. Old Louisville's grand architecture reveals the story of a city's vibrant past.

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