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On Story

This series focuses on the inspiration and creative process at the conception of the filmmaking process.

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Script to Screen: A Quiet Place

29:00 | #904 | TV-G

Screenwriters Scott Beck and Bryan Woods dissect their original horror hit A Quiet Place and discuss the process of storytelling with little dialogue and creating tension that keeps people on the edge of their seats.

Avengers: A Conversation with Stephen McFeely & Christopher Markus

29:00 | #903 | TV-G

Writing partners Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely discuss how they were able to juggle a massive ensemble cast, multiple storylines spanning several movies, and still create a cohesive and entertaining film, he highly anticipated Avengers: Infinity War.

The Original Disney Princess: A Conversation with Linda Woolverton

26:48 | #902 | TV-G

In 1991, Linda Woolverton became the first woman to write an animated feature for Disney. Since Beauty and the Beast, Woolverton has gone on to write some of Disney's biggest family films, including The Lion King, 2010's Alice in Wonderland, and Maleficent. In this episode, Woolverton discusses her animated classics and writing tales as old as time.

A Conversation with Larry Wilmore

26:48 | #901 | TV-G

Television producer, actor, comedian, and writer Larry Wilmore talks about comedy - in front of and behind the camera.

Frank Marshall on Producing from the Creative Side

26:48 | #720 | TV-PG

Acclaimed producer Frank Marshall talks about starting his career and the creativity in producing.

Treat Yo Self: A Conversation with Alan Yang

26:48 | #719 | TV-PG

Master of None writer Alan Yang talks about putting stories from his personal life into the show.

From the Golden Age to the Platinum Age: A Conversation with Ed Begley Jr.

26:48 | #718 | TV-PG

Second generation actor Ed Begley Jr. talks about what he looks for when choosing new projects.

Trail Stories: The Making of Lonesome Dove

26:47 | #717 | TV-PG

Producer Suzanne de Passe and screenwriter Bill Wittliff discuss the making of Lonesome Dove.

Deconstructing Jane Austen

26:48 | #716 | TV-PG

Filmmakers discuss the timelessness and relate-ability of Jane Austen's characters.

Psychological Thrillers

26:48 | #715 | TV-PG

Writers of psychological thrillers talk about putting regular people into horrifying scenarios.

Writing Dumb: A Conversation with Bobby Farrelly

26:48 | #714 | TV-PG

The Bobby half of the Farrelly brothers team talks about improv and what makes comedy funny.

Script to Screen: The Revenant

26:48 | #713 | TV-PG

Screenwriter Mark L. Smith discusses adapting The Revenant from book to screen and other topics.

Script to Screen: Motorcycle Diaries

26:48 | #712 | TV-PG

Screenwriter Jose Rivera discusses his approach to bringing Che Guevara's story to the screen.

A Conversation with Jim Sheridan

26:47 | #711 | TV-PG

Screenwriter Jim Sheridan discusses translating Irish situations and accents for American audiences.

Complicated Relationships: A Conversation with Nancy Meyers

26:48 | #710 | TV-PG

Writer/director Nancy Meyers discusses her career and shares stories of her many collaborations.

Deconstructing Billy Wilder

26:48 | #709 | TV-PG

The unique filmmaking style of Billy Wilder and what makes his films relevant today are discussed.

Creed: A New Legend

26:48 | #708 | TV-PG

Writer Aaron Covington discusses how he and director Ryan Coogler came up with the idea for Creed.

Freaks & Muppets: A Conversation with Jason Segel

26:48 | #707 | TV-PG

Jason Segel discusses his career and how he's formed a family of weirdos in film and television.

Queens of Comedy: A Conversation with Paula Pell

26:48 | #706 | TV-PG

With Saturday Night Live and the movies Sisters and This is 40 in her credits, Paula Pell is the queen of comedy. Pell talks about her background in theater, creating characters that stick, and drawing from a funny family.

John Patrick Shanley: Writing for the Stage and Screen

26:52 | #705 | TV-PG

John Patrick Shanley holds a unique position as both playwright and screenwriter. The writer behind Moonstruck, Doubt, and others shares how he pulls from real life and makes every action count toward story.

A Conversation with Marta Kauffman

26:48 | #704 | TV-PG

Marta Kauffman takes viewers into that unforgettable New York apartment and talks about how the phenomenon of Friends came to be, the universal appeal of Grace and Frankie, and working with the network versus Netflix.

Arrested Development to Veep: A Conversation with Tony Hale

26:48 | #703 | TV-PG

From Arrested Development's Buster Bluth to Veep's bag man, actor Tony Hale discusses meeting audience's expectations, getting into character, making out with Liza Minnelli, and the collaborative environment of comedy.

The Jungle Book: Justin Marks on Updating a Classic

26:47 | #702 | TV-PG

Screenwriter Justin Marks shares the bear necessities on updating the classic Disney story to the modern screen.

A Conversation with Jeff Nichols: Bringing History to the Screen

26:46 | #701 | TV-PG

Eriter/director Jeff Nichols talks about bringing a highly charged true story to the screen and finding the personal connection to Richard and Mildred Loving - apolitical people at the center of the landmark 1967 civil rights decision of the U.S. Supreme Court to invalidate laws prohibiting interracial marriage.

LBJ: A Conversation with Woody Harrelson & Rob Reiner

29:00 | #820 | TV-G

Academy Award-nominated actor Woody Harrelson and director/producer Rob Reiner discuss the bio-pic, LBJ.

Script to Screen: Snowpiercer

29:00 | #819 | TV-G

Writer Kelly Masterson dissects the journey of Snowpiercer from graphic novel to script-to-screen.

The Shape of Water: A Conversation with Vanessa Taylor

29:00 | #818 | TV-G

The writer of the film The Shape of Water discusses collaborating with director Guillermo del Toro.

A Conversation with Noah Hawley

29:00 | #817 | TV-G

Screenwriter and producer Noah Hawley explores the creation and execution of a limited series.

Great Adaptations

29:00 | #816 | TV-G

The screenwriters behind Arrival and Kubo and the Two Strings discuss book-to-film adaptations.

Script to Screen: American Gods

29:00 | #815 | TV-G

Executive producer Michael Green discusses adapting Neil Gaiman's novel American God for TV.

Power: A Conversation with Courtney Kemp

29:00 | #814 | TV-G

Showrunner and producer Courtney A. Kemp discusses the power dynamics in the television industry.

Bloodline: A Conversation with Todd A. Kessler

26:48 | #813 | TV-G

Bloodline's co-creator Todd A. Kessler talks about the genesis and development of the popular Netflix series.

Revisiting Westerns: A Conversation with Walter Hill Scott Frank

26:48 | #812 | TV-G

Writer/director Walter Hill and screenwriter Scott Frank explore the great quintessential Western genre.

A Conversation with Robert Townsend

26:48 | #811 | TV-G

Writer, director, producer, actor, and comedian Robert Townsend discusses his multi-faceted and successful career in front of and behind the camera.

The People v. OJ Simpson: A Conversation with Scott Alexander

26:48 | #810 | TV-G

Scott Alexander discusses developing and writing the award-winning series The People v. O.J. Simpson.

A Conversation with Mark Frost

26:48 | #809 | TV-G

Twin Peaks co-creator Mark Frost talks about the impact of the original cult favorite show.

A Conversation with Misha Green

26:48 | #808 | TV-G

Show creator Misha Green talks about her experience as a first-time showrunner and more topics.

Script to Screen: Pete's Dragon

26:48 | #807 | TV-G

Pete's Dragon director and co-writer David Lowery and co-writer Toby Halbrooks are interviewed.

A Conversation with Gale Anne Hurd

26:48 | #806 | TV-G

Award-winning producer Gale Anne Hurd discusses her career and past projects that she worked on.

A Conversation with Dan Gilroy

26:48 | #805 | TV-G

Screenwriter Dan Gilroy discusses the evolution of the Academy Award-nominated Nightcrawler.

Script to Screen: Arrival

26:48 | #804 | TV-G

Screenwriter Eric Heisserer talks about selling Hollywood his adaptation of the movie Arrival, working with director Denis Villeneuve, and the challenges of writing a cerebral sci-fi story about love and loss.

A Conversation with Kenneth Lonergun

26:49 | #803 | TV-G

Academy Award-winning writer-director Kenneth Lonergan compares screenwriting with playwriting.

A Conversation with Keenen Ivory Wayans

26:48 | #802 | TV-G

Entertainment trailblazer Keenen Ivory Wayans talks about his circular path to Hollywood and how In Living Color paved the way for so many artists and subsequent projects.

Lady Bird: A Conversation with Greta Gerwig

26:46 | #801 | TV-G

Academy Award-nominated filmmaker and actress Greta Gerwig, director of Lady Bird, appears.

A Conversation with Jason Reitman

26:48 | #615 | TV-PG

Writer/director Jason Reitman, whose credits include Thank You for Smoking, Up in the Air and Juno, discusses his journey from novice filmmaker to indie stalwart.

Saving Mr. Banks: Script to Screen

29:00 | #614 | TV-PG

Director John Lee Hancock and writer Kelly Marcel discuss how the script for Saving Mr. Banks was successfully transformed onto the screen.

Charles Burnett: Film As A Means for Social Change

29:00 | #613 | TV-PG

Charles Burnett shares his career development process in narrative and documentary filmmaking.

America Ferrera on the Storyteller's Responsibility

29:00 | #612 | TV-PG

America Ferrera talks about her early roles in film and television including the hit show Ugly Betty.

Gary Ross On Drive and Inspiration

29:00 | #611 | TV-PG

Writer/Director Gary Ross discusses his film trajectory from co-writing the iconic film Big to approaching and adapting Seabiscuit on screen as well as working on historically depicting his new film Free State of Jones starring Matthew McConaughey.

Se7en: Script to Screen with Andrew Kevin Walker

29:00 | #610 | TV-PG

Screenwriter Andrew Kevin Walker dissects his bleak thriller masterpiece, Se7en and working with director David Fincher to create the cult classic film.

Chris Cooper: A Conversation On Acting

29:00 | #609 | TV-G

Academy Award-winning actor Chris Cooper discusses his acting career in both film and television.

Awkward Black Girl: A Conversation with Issa Rae

29:00 | #608 | TV-PG

Director/producer Issa Rae discusses the unique challenges that surround creating independent webseries.

Carl Reiner: A Conversation with a TV Legend

29:00 | #607 | TV-PG

Comedy titan Carl Reiner looks back on creating The Dick Van Dyke Show and how it evolved over the course of five seasons.

Daredevil: Behind The Screen

29:00 | #606 | TV-PG

Christos and Ruth Fletcher Gage discuss the process of adapting the Marvel comic Daredevil for television.

The Path of an Action Writer: A Conversation with Robert Kamen

29:00 | #605 | TV-PG

Robert Mark Kamen looks back on his long-time working relationship with Luc Besson and his approach to writing description, violence, and well-developed characters in films such as The Fifth Element, The Transporter, and the Taken franchise.

Rodrigo Garcia On Writing Relationships

29:00 | #604 | TV-PG

Rodrigo Garcia contemplates the importance of writing honest relationships in his work.

Zombies and Groot - Bringing Comics to Life

29:00 | #603 | TV-PG

Nicole Perlman and Angela Kang explore navigating a male-dominated industry as female genre writers.

Norman Lear - A Retrospective

29:00 | #602 | TV-PG

Norman Lear transformed a genre known for play-it-safe humor into a platform for how Americans experience social issues. Lear remembers a few of his favorite episodes and how he created some of the most beloved television characters.

John Singleton's Classic Influences

25:58 | #601 | TV-PG

John Singleton, the youngest and first African American filmmaker to win an Academy Award for his work on Boyz in the Hood, discusses his process, influences, and inspirations.

Better Call Saul: A Conversation with Peter Gould

26:46 | #514 | TV-G

Peter Gould, writer, producer, and director of Breaking Bad and co-creator of its spinoff Better Call Saul discusses shifting gears, schemes, and swindles within the world of Saul Goodman pre-Walter White.

Justified: Inside The Writers' Room

26:34 | #513 | TV-G

Writers from the hit show Justified discuss adapting Elmore Leonard's short story for television.

Scott Frank: A Screenwriter's Design

26:45 | #512 | TV-G

Get Shorty writer Scott Frank reflects on his diverse career writing thrillers and pulp films.

Tommy Lee Jones: Bringing The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada to life

26:46 | #511 | TV-G

The writer, director, and actor discusses making the film The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada.

Groundhog Day: Deconstructing The Comedy Classic

26:46 | #508 | TV-G

Danny Rubin, co-writer of Groundhog Day, discusses the unconventional romantic comedy.

Indie Filmmaking in Hollywood: A Conversation with Jay Duplass

29:00 | #507 | TV-G

Director Jay Duplass recollects his journey with brother Mark Duplass onto the DIY indie film scene.

The Left and Write: Politically Driven Narratives

26:46 | #506 | TV-G

House of Cards creator Beau Willimon and The West Wing writer Eli Attie are interviewed.

Selling Non-Fiction to an Audience: A Conversation with Terry George

26:46 | #505 | TV-G

Writer and director Terry George reflects on the art of fictionalizing fact as a storytelling vehicle.

Deconstructing The Fly

26:46 | #504 | TV-G

Mick Garris and Alvaro Rodriguez deconstruct the shock and suspense of David Cronenberg's The Fly.

John Ridley: A Conversation

26:46 | #503 | TV-G

John Ridley reflects on his beginnings and the inspirations that have shaped his screenwriting.

Fargo & True Detective: Television Anthologies

26:46 | #502 | TV-G

True Detective director Cary Fukunaga discusses the rise of the television anthology series.

Mad Men: A Conversation with Matthew Weiner

26:46 | #501 | TV-G

Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner dissects the culture, identity, and status quo of the show.

Jonathan Demme and Paul Thomas Anderson: A Conversation

26:46 | #414 | TV-G

The filmmakers look back on the vision, style, influences, and creative passion for Demme's The Silence of the Lambs, Stop Making Sense, Rachel Getting Married, and Something Wild.

Greaser's Palace: A Conversation with Jonathan Demme and Paul Thomas Anderson

26:45 | #413 | TV-G

Filmmakers Paul Thomas Anderson and Jonathan Demme pay tribute to Robert Downey Sr.'s cult classic, Greaser's Palace.

Neo Noir: The Modern Day Film Noir

26:45 | #412 | TV-G

Shane Black and Brian Helgeland discuss the modern day Neo Noir - a genre-bending response to the Film Noirs of the 1940s and 50s.

Deconstructing Dog Day Afternoon

26:45 | #411 | TV-G

Screenwriters Robin Swicord and Peter Craig examine the film, Dog Day Afternon.

Philadelphia: A Look Back

26:45 | #410 | TV-G

Ron Nyswaner recounts the social impact of his screenplay, Philadelphia.

Rectify: Ray McKinnon On Characters & Culture

26:45 | #409 | TV-G

Ray McKinnon, creator of the Sundance Channel's breakout hit, Rectify, details how to capture the personality of a culture.

Men In Black: A Conversation with Ed Solomon

26:46 | #408 | TV-G

Men in Black writer, Ed Solomon, explores the genesis of the movie and its journey from pre-production through post.

Unforgiven: Deconstructing An Anti-Western

26:45 | #407 | TV-G

Kirk Ellis and Robert Knott explore the Clint Eastwood/David Peoples classic, Unforgiven.

Thelma & Louise: A Conversation with Callie Khouri

26:44 | #406 | TV-G

Callie Khouri reflects upon her experience working with Ridley Scott and writing the classic female buddy film.

Time Travel and the Filmmaker's Trek

26:45 | #405 | TV-G

Masters of weaving time travel into the fabric of film dissect the elements that make for a believable "operating system" when writing a comprehensible timeline for a screenplay.

House of Cards: A Conversation with Beau Willimon

26:45 | #404 | TV-G

House of Cards creator Beau Willimon discusses writing for Netflix and narrative power struggles.

Alien: Deconstructing A Sci-Fi Classic

26:46 | #403 | TV-G

Veteran screenwriters John August and Ashley Miller discuss the tension, pacing, and craftsmanship of Alien.

Frank Darabont: Filmmaker's Journey

26:46 | #402

Frank Darabont, writer and director of such classics as The Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile, and The Mist, discusses adapting works by Stephen King and keeping his characters at the core of the story.

Breaking Bad: A Conversation with Vince Gilligan

26:45 | #401 | TV-G

Vince Gilligan, creator of the AMC hit series Breaking Bad, reflects upon the show's hyper-serialized storytelling, along with his inspirations and influences.

Heroes and Anti-Heroes: Loving The Villain

29:00 | #309 | TV-G

The voices behind The Devil Wears Prada, Bridesmaid, and Rachel Getting Married deliberate how the most impressionable characters - both good and evil - are compelling because of their flaws, complexities, and personal truths.

The Evolution of Funny: TV Comedy with Larry Wilmore

29:00 | #308 | TV-G

Larry Wilmore, creator of The Bernie Mac Show, reflects upon different forms of comedy, followed by two short films about courage and endurance: Love, Emily and 036.

James Franco: A Look Inside 127 Hours

29:00 | #307 | TV-G

James Franco reveals his unique experience working on 127 Hours followed by the Voice Over, about a few extreme situations that literally take your breath away.

A Conversation with Damon Lindelof, Co-Creator of Lost and Co-writer/Producer STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS

29:00 | #306 | TV-G

The co-creator of the series Lost has also co-written Prometheus and Star Trek Into Darkness.

Constructing Comic Book Movies

26:45 | #305 | TV-G

The creative minds behind The Avengers and X-Men: First Class discuss heroes and villains.

Elements of Great Horror

26:46 | #304 | TV-G

Professional horror writers explore how great drama lies at the core of the most frightening films.

Re-Imagining The Classics

26:46 | #303 | TV-G

The writers of re-imagined classics and popular franchises such as Ghost, Charlie & The Chocolate Factory, Twins, and Snow White and the Huntsman appear.

Explosive Action!

26:47 | #302 | TV-G

The writers behind Wanted, The Bourne Ultimatum, Con Air, and Snitch discuss action scenes.

A Conversation with Chris Carter, Creator of the X-Files

26:47 | #301 | TV-G

Television writer Chris Carter reveals the secret behind the creation and success of The X-Files.

On Story

26:46 | #112 | TV-G

Alvaro Rodriguez, Shane Black, Randall Wallace, and John Turman discuss developing and understanding heroes and villains in the films Rambo, Lethal Weapon, and Braveheart.

On Story

26:46 | #111 | TV-G

John Wells, William Broyles, Jr., and Herschel Weingrod discuss reflecting the real world in the films Jarhead, The Company Men, Cast Away, and Falling Down.

The Suspense and the Release

26:46 | #110 | TV-G

Shane Black, Ted Tally, Daniel Petrie, Jr., and Christopher McQuarrie discuss suspenseful storytelling in the films The Usual Suspects, The Silence of the Lambs, The Big Easy, and Lethal Weapon.

On Story

26:46 | #109 | TV-G

Creative freedom within the studio system is discussed by the Texas-based filmmakers behind Office Space, Lonesome Dove, and El Mariachi. Featuring Mike Judge, Bill Wittliff and Robert Rodriguez.

Script to Screen: Danny Boyle, Jason Reitman, & Ed Burns

26:46 | #108 | TV-G

Danny Boyle, Jason Reitman, and Ed Burns discuss the script-to-screen process in Slumdog Millionaire, Up in the Air, and The Brother McMullen.

War on the Big Screen: Oliver Stone & John Milius

26:46 | #107 | TV-G

War in film is discussed by the creative minds behind Red Dawn, Born On The 4th Of July, and Apocalypse Now. Featuring Oliver Stone and John Milius.

Bringing Mad Men and the Wire to Life

26:46 | #106 | TV-G

Historical and modern day relevance in television dramas is discussed by the creative minds behind the shows Mad Men, The Wire, and Treme. Featuring Matthew Weiner and David Simon.

On Story

26:45 | #105 | TV-G

Creating westerns with resonance is discussed by the creative minds behind Unforgiven, A Perfect World, and 3:10 To Yuma. Featuring John Lee Hancock, David Peoples, Michael Brandt, and Derek Haas.

On Story

25:54 | #104 | TV-G

Academy Award-winning films are discussed by the creative minds behind Apollo 13, Schindler's List, and A Beautiful Mind. Featuring Ron Howard and Steve Zaillian.

Bringing Comedy to The Big Screen

27:46 | #103 | TV-G

Comedy in film is discussed by the creative minds behind To Die For, The 40 Year Old Virgin, National Lampoon's Vacation, and The Hangover. Featuring Harold Ramis, Judd Apatow, Buck Henry, and Jon Lucas.

On Story

26:46 | #102 | TV-G

The challenges of creating fantastical world and getting the audience to suspend their disbelief are discussed by the creative minds behind Star Trek, Transformers, El Mariachi, and Watchmen. Featuring David Hayter, Robert Orci, Damon, Lindelof, and Robert Rodriguez.

The Screenwriter's Path

26:46 | #101 | TV-G

Writing to evoke emotion is discussed by the creative minds behind Lethal Weapon, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, and Secretariat. Featuring Shane Black, Randall Wallace, and Lawrence Kasdan.

Creating Memorable Characters

Director Sydney Pollack and David Milch discuss creating classic film and television characters.

Comedy That Resonates

Writer Alec Berg and Director Paul Feig show how they create comedy that resonates with us all.

The Heart of a Film

Academy Award-winning Pixar director John Lasseter and screenwriter Caroline Thompson appear.

Ted Talley: The Silence of the Lambs

Academy Award-winning screenwriter Ted Tally discusses The Silence of the Lambs adaptation.

A Conversation with Buck Henry

Comedic writer, director, and actor Buck Henry recalls his long and storied career in Hollywood.

Creating Complex Characters

Writer/director Rodrigo Garcia discusses the characters in The Godfather, Capote, and more.

The Humor and Heart of Animation

The writers of Kung Fu Panda, King of the Hill, and The Iron Giant discuss comedy and action.

Raising Stakes, Reversals, and Payoffs

Thriller master writer/director Shane Black discusses critical elements of a suspense-filled movie.

Romantic Comedies

The screenwriters behind Never Been Kissed, Safe Haven, Going the Distance, and He's Just Not That Into You contemplate the important balance of relationship, conflict, and originality when creating romantic comedies.

A Conversation with Brian Helgeland

Brian Helgeland, the creative force behind 42, LA Confidential, Mystic River, and more, shares his experience as a screenwriter, director, and producer.

Writing the Fantastical: A Conversation with David Magee

David Magee discusses adapting Finding Neverland and Life Of Pi, and how he approached translating such imaginative worlds for the screen.

Planet of the Apes: Reimagining A Sci-Fi Franchise

The writers of Rise of the Planet of the Apes discuss reimagining the popular sci-fi franchise.

Dead Poets Society: Deconstructing the Acclaimed Classic

Dead Poet's Society writer Tom Schulman deconstructs the story's journey from script to screen.

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